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Taxpayer Bill of Rights While Dealing with IRS

Taxpayer Bill of Rights While Dealing with IRS

The Taxpayer Bill of Rights is a set of rights adopted by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which was proposed by the taxpayer advocate service. It applies to the taxpayers while dealing with the IRS and it is important that all taxpayers are aware of these rights. This will help them in understanding the system in depth and get all the doubts cleared about the tax reforms and regulations laid down by the Internal Revenue Service.

The Taxpayer Bill of Rights categorizes the existing rights and rules in the tax code into a set of ten fundamental rights, which are understandable, clear, and easily accessible to the taxpayers. In this article, we have listed the fundamental bill of rights to make the people aware of their basic taxpayer rights while dealing with the IRS.

10 Fundamental Taxpayer Bill Of Rights

The main reason for the Taxpayer Bill of Rights coming into being was to ensure that the taxpayer does not experience any kind of unfair treatment and develop trust in the system. These fundamental rights make taxpayers aware of all the different procedures and forms, including IRS forms for taxpayers, international taxpayers' forms, and various other forms and publications for taxpayers. The 10 fundamental taxpayer rights are listed below -

1. The Right to be Informed

The taxpayers have all the right to be aware of everything they are supposed to comply with the existing tax laws. They have the right to stay updated with the decisions made by IRS about their existing tax accounts and also seek clear explanations for the procedures and laws for different types of tax forms, notices, and publications.

2. The Right to Pay No More than the Correct Amount of Tax

The taxpayers have the right to pay only the exact amount of tax that is due and have the Internal Revenue Service apply for all tax payments in the correct form.

3. The Right to Appeal an IRS Decision in an Independent Forum

All taxpayers hold the right to appeal against an IRS decision and receive an impartial trial on any independent forum. They have the right to take their cases to court and receive a response in written.

4. The Right to Privacy

The taxpayers have the right to expect that any kind of IRS inquiry, enforcement action, or examination will be carried out under the law, and will respect the privacy and all the due process rights.

5. The Right to Retain Representation

The taxpayers have the right to assign an authorized representative to represent them on their behalf for all dealings with the IRS. They also have the right to be informed about any scheme for assistance if they are not able to hire a representative.

6. The Right to Confidentiality

Taxpayers can expect all the information they share with the IRS to be kept confidential, unless it is authorized by the law or the taxpayer. They also have the right to expect that IRS will take stern decisions against their employees if they are found disclosing any of the taxpayer's information.

7. The Right to Challenge the IRS's Position and be Heard

Taxpayers have the right to raise any kind of objections against any of the IRS decisions or actions. They have the right to expect that IRS will consider their objections and documentations in a completely fair manner.

8. The Right to a Fair and Just Tax System

A taxpayer has the right to expect tax system to consider all the circumstances and facts, which might affect the taxpayer's underlying liabilities, ability to provide information, or ability to pay timely. Taxpayers also have the right to get help from Taxpayer Advocate Service, in case of any financial difficulties.

9. The Right to Quality Service

The taxpayers have the right to receive a courteous response when they are dealing with the Internal Revenue Service. They have the right to expect communication from the officials, which is easy to understand and also have an option to file complaints, if any.

10. The Right to Finality

Taxpayers can know the maximum time they are left with to challenge the position of IRS and the maximum time required by the IRS to collect tax debt or audit a financial tax year. Furthermore, they should also be updated once the IRS has completed the audit.

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