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Sales Tax Return Services

Outsource Sales Tax Return Services

Hire experienced accountants and financial experts to file your sales tax returns with the highest possible accuracy and confidentiality at prices starting at just $35 per return

When it's time to prepare and file sales tax returns, it inherently becomes a complicated task. If you are a CPA firm you'll know that handling a large number of sales and tax returns is time-consuming as it is labor-intensive. Hiring additional staff during the peak tax season is an expensive affair. Fortunately, a cheaper way to manage your tax preparation tasks while saving cost is outsourcing sales tax return services to an experienced and skilled service provider.

Outsource2india is one such sales tax return service providing a company that can be your one-stop-shop for all your needs with ease. We have some of the most qualified and skilled financial experts who can take care of all your requirements. We leverage some of the best and the latest tools and technologies while delivering top-notch services.

Why Outsource Sales Tax Returns and Filing Services?

Outsourcing, a leading sales tax processing service provider, has eased how businesses indulge in tax preparation and filing of sales and use tax returns. Outsourcing saves you the cost of hiring additional staff as well as giving you reductions of low labor costs available offshore. The greatest advantage that outsourcing gives firms is relieving them of low-end duties such as tax preparations and return filing and allows them to focus on strategic issues like growing customers and financial analysis.

Outsource2india has realized this need and has been providing tax return and preparation services to companies and CPA firms. By a strong combination of the latest tax software and trained professionals helped by an easy process, we can help companies offload their sales and use tax returns needs to us, saving them time and money.

Sales Tax Return Services We Offer

Having been in the industry for over 25 years now, we understand each client's unique sales tax returns requirement and provide them with the required services within a quick turnaround time. Some of the key sales tax outsourcing solutions we provide include -

  1. Tax Registration

    Tax Registration

    Our team of financial experts can help clients with all their tax registration requirements. This helps clients to keep track of their sales tax returns in a highly efficient manner.

  2. Tax Assessment

    Tax Assessment

    Our financial experts leverage the best and the latest financial tools and technologies to ensure that we deliver the best quality tax assessment services to clients.

  3. Tax Preparation and Filing of Periodical Returns

    Tax Preparation and Filing of Periodical Returns

    This is one of the most important aspects of sales tax return services. Our team can help clients with tax preparation and also the filing of periodical returns from time to time.

  4. Issue of Necessary Forms

    Issue of Necessary Forms

    There is a lot of documentation when it comes to sales tax returns and it can get cumbersome for the clients. We can help you with all kinds of documentation and issue the necessary forms which will ensure that the entire process runs in a highly streamlined manner.

  5. Sales Tax Appeals

    Sales Tax Appeals

    We have a skilled and experienced team of sales tax experts who specialize in sales tax appeals. We can help clients with sales tax appeals and also aid them while resolving any kind of issue during the process.

Sales Tax Returns Software We Leverage

We have had sufficient experience in dealing with tax preparation and returns of individuals and sales tax filing for businesses alike, particularly in the US market. We also use tax software such as the following -

UltraTax CS Intuit ProSeries ATX Drake Software IRIS ProSystem GoSystem TaxWise

Our Finance and Accounting Portfolio

Sales Tax Return Process We Follow

Being a leading sales tax return service provider, we believe in providing top-notch services to clients within a short turnaround time. This is only possible by leveraging a streamlined and systematic process. Some of the key steps involved in our process are -


01. Receive the Documents

You send us the scanned tax documents through email or you can upload them to an FTP server. You can also fax them to us


02. Data Entry

Once the documents are received by us, our personnel at the tax services team will enter the data in the tax return software that you choose


03. Data Verification

The tax return from the software is audited thoroughly and doubly checked to see that all information is correct and has been accounted for


04. Client Review

The completed returns are sent to you via fax or FTP for your review. You can then append your comments and questions


05. Final Filing

Once your comments and amendments are made the return is finalized and a copy sent to you for filing

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Outsource2india for Sales Tax Return Services?

Outsourcing sales tax return services to us can provide you with a plethora of benefits that you can take advantage of. Some of the key reasons for you to choose us for sales tax filing services include -

  • Savings of up to 50% in tax preparation and filing costs.
  • We are an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 ISMS certified organization that ensures that all your information is kept safe and accessed by authorized personnel only.
  • We will assign a dedicated project manager who will be the single point of contact for all your needs and resolve any kind of issues that you may have.
  • We can easily ramp up the service requirements and increase the number of resources on the project as and when the client needs it.
  • We have some of the most skilled, qualified, and experienced financial experts on board who can take care of all your requirements with ease.
  • We ensure that, through stringent quality measures along with the software and a qualified team, there will be few or no defects with fast turnaround time.
  • Significant experience in tax services and other allied services in financial outsourcing.
  • We work with multiple tax software - gives you the flexibility to choose the software that you prefer.
  • Periodic training and upgrading of employee skills on the software front as well as the tax front.

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Outsource Sales Tax Return Services to Outsource2india

Outsource2india has been a pioneer in providing quality sales tax return services in India and a series of other tax preparation outsourcing services to clients around the world. We leverage some of the best and the latest sales tax return tools and technologies while delivering the best quality services to our clients. We have some of the most qualified and experienced financial experts on board who can take care of any of your requirements with ease.

If you are looking for a professional and cost-effective sales tax return service provider, then get in touch with us today!

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