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Financial Outsourcing Trends for 2018 and Beyond

Latest Trends in Financial Outsourcing

The financial services industry is one of the most influential, dynamic, and competitive in the global market, and also one of the most regulated. According to a recent report - 77% of the retail banks now outsource at least one part of their business to a third-party financial service provider. It is estimated that organizations save about 20-40% of their costs when outsourcing, depending on whether the processes are located locally or abroad.

Organizations are constantly under pressure to reduce their overhead costs to increase their revenues. Businesses need to understand the dynamic and ever-changing nature of the financial industry and be updated with the latest developments. They need to tweak their processes according to the new trends in the market which will help them generate better revenues. In this article, we have listed the latest trends in financial services outsourcing which companies need to consider to make a mark in the year ahead.

7 Latest Trends in Financial Outsourcing

The competition in the financial industry has made it mandatory for the companies to stay abreast with the latest developments in the industry. Keeping up with the trends in financial service outsourcing helps clients to serve their customers better and provide them with a new and trendy experience. Some of the latest financial outsourcing predictions are listed here -

  1. Cloud Services and Automation

    In the coming year, it will be seen that more and more companies will shift to cloud-based solutions such as cloud-based finance and accounting software. Companies will continue to use these finance software as an alternate platform in 2018 and beyond. There are no expensive licenses to purchase in case of cloud-based solutions and hence helps organizations to reduce a considerable amount of cost.

  2. Consistent Increase in Demand

    There has been a slow but consistent increase in demand for finance and accounting outsourcing especially in areas like Europe and America. The volumes of the outsourcing contracts too will continue to grow due to the rapid increase in the global demand.

  3. Increased Complexity

    Financial outsourcing industry can expect more complex and multi-function FAO contracts in the year 2018 and beyond. Instead of outsourcing just one or two transactional services, companies today find it convenient to outsource more complex and knowledge-driven services like financial planning, management reporting, risk management, etc.

  4. Variable Cost Structure

    Companies will slowly move away from fixed cost structures towards variable cost structures. The costing will be more on the basis of headcount and even help in saving cost. There is a growing demand for pricing models which allow businesses to reduce back-office costs as and when there is a decline in business volumes.

  5. Customer Process Analysis

    Businesses will leverage customer process analysis in the year 2018 and the coming future. This will help them uncover certain opportunities and create better training programs for their staff which will further help in making their processes better. Better technology will help vendors to deliver products according to the clients' expectations.

  6. Gain Sharing

    Companies will be more open to sharing their profits with the service providers if they provide high-quality services. In the coming years, organizations will be willing to share their gains with the service providers if they help them to reduce overall costs. Service providers will then be motivated to improve their services and transformation programs.

  7. Business Process Utility (BPU)

    BPU, which is a detailed managed service offering will gain considerable momentum in 2018 and the coming years. Business process utility is a good mix of skilled and talented resources, sophisticated technology, and the best-in-class processes. Certain financial services like invoice processing and reconciliation are the best options for BPU.

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