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CPA Accounting Services

Outsource CPA Accounting Services

Our CPA accounting services are designed to help you overcome the problem of recruiting CPAs and stay compliant with finance and taxation needs

CPA accounting services play an important role in assisting businesses achieve efficiency in the field of financial accounting, management accounting, tax accounting, and internal auditing. Besides, they can be of great help in carrying out critical business functions like compliance and external audits. In the face of the rising demand for CPA accountants, CPA firms find it hard to recruit qualified CPAs. To top it all, they also have to grapple with the problem of attrition. As a result, most CPA firms have to put up with slow growth, which affects their business goals. In this scenario, CPA firms can streamline their process and expedite growth by partnering with a CPA service provider - like us.

We have over two decades of experience in providing CPA accounting services to companies in the US. We are driven by a team of qualified and experienced CPA accountants, with high-quality professional and technical standards and compliance with professional ethics. Our CPA accounting solutions are designed to support you with accounting critical services like accounts payable and receivable, taxation, and financial planning. Besides, we also specialize in CPA financial services such as bankruptcy and insolvency, fraud investigations, and business consulting.

CPA Accounting Solutions We Offer

We provide a wide range of comprehensive accounting services for CPA firms. Some of these include -

  1. CPA Tax Services

    CPA Tax Services

    Prepare and file federal, state, and local tax return with great accuracy and stay compliant with taxation rules with tax services for CPA firms.

  2. Audit Services

    Audit Services

    Leverage audit services for CPA firms to get an objective evaluation of your company’s financial position with end-to-end audit services that meets GAAP needs.

  3. Management Services

    Management Services

    Get comprehensive guidance on budgeting, risk and strategic planning, and investment guidance with management services for CPA firms.

  4. Fraud Investigation Services

    Fraud Investigation Services

    With our fraud investigating services for CPA firms, get complete forensic accounting analyses and investigations, transaction analysis, and financial record reconstruction.

  5. Bankruptcy and Insolvency Services

    Bankruptcy and Insolvency Services

    Our comprehensive bankruptcy and insolvency services for CPA firms can help you develop sound, integrated and practical solutions to critical business issues including distressed situations.

Why CPA Accounting Firms Choose Us

When you outsource CPA accounting services to us, you stand to get the following advantages -

  • Experts

    We are driven by a team of certified and expert accounting professionals with considerable experience in assisting CPA firms accomplish their goals.

  • Latest Tools

    We deliver services with the latest accounting tools and technologies and so guarantee smooth and efficient services.

  • Best Practices

    Our accounting services is based on best accounting practices; we follow six-sigma procedures to ensure robust service delivery.

  • Operational Transparency

    Our industry standard process is driven by complete transparency which helps us boost trust and efficiency.

  • Cost Effective

    We offer services with different pricing models, none of our charges come with any hidden costs; and are specifically tailored to meet your needs.

  • 24/7 Availability

    Our experts work from different time zones and are available round the clock to address your immediate needs.

  • Scalable Services

    Our services are highly scalable; you can meet your resource needs during seasonal peaks.

Additional Services You Can Benefits From

Accounting Services

Prepare financial statements, audit financial statements, compute tax liability plan your budget, analyze operational costs with our end-to-end F&A Services.

Bookkeeping Services

Our bookkeepers assist you make entries to business ledger, record complex transactions, process payroll and timesheets and even prepare financial statements and tax assessment.

Accounts Receivable Services

Get incoming cash recorded and reconciled on time and get complete control over Collection Effectiveness, Day Sales Outstanding, and AR Turnover Ratio.

Accounts Payable Services

Ensure efficient management of working capital for improved cash flow and determine areas of cost savings, and mandatory compliance needs.

Tax Preparation Services

Get your tax liability computed accurately, get tax computation validated and prepare your tax returns with our end-to-end taxation services.

Financial Analysis Services

We prepare accurate and easy-to-read financial analysis statements using the best accounting practices for better budget planning.

Payroll Processing Services

Compute pay checks and tax obligations, consolidate HR/Finance inputs, prepare payroll tax reports, calculate wagers compensation and maintain compliance with our payroll services.

Accounting and Finance Software

Get end-to-end assistance in choosing and installing the best accounting software systems for your accounting needs, with additional services like data migration and systems integration.

Customer Success Stories

O2I Provided Equity Research Services

Equity Research Services

Performed backtesting using several investment policies on different sets of counter-cyclical stock to ensure good returns even in a stock market down-trend.

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O2I Delivered Professional and Secure Accounts Receivable Services

Accounts Receivable Services

Provided Accounts Receivable and Claims Management services to small businesses owners, and helped them cut costs significantly.

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Outsource CPA Accounting Services To Us

We help CPA accounting firms navigate the crisis of talent shortage in the CPA world. As a specialized CPA accounting service provider, we have handled operation requirements for several large corporations and big businesses and can leverage their exposure to bring greater efficiency in your process. Partner with us to benefit from -

  • A service provider with over 25 years of experience
  • Certified CPA experts with vast exposure to global CPA accounting needs
  • Highly compliant services with assured TATs

If you are looking for comprehensive CPA financial services, get in touch with us now!

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