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Fixed Asset Management Services

Outsource Fixed Asset Management Services

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Fixed asset tracking and management can be one of the key concerns for business owners. When businesses grow and evolve, given the dynamic nature of businesses irrespective of the industry, it is very crucial to track and manage fixed assets. When fixed assets are managed properly, they can yield better returns. However, this requires proper planning, skills, and active management to make sure you have a track of all your fixed assets. Fixed asset management can get more complex when your business grows consistently. This is when working with a fixed asset management service providing company can help ease the burden for you. Fixed asset management operations like monitoring the procedures and controls, calculation of depreciation for the fixed assets, and making required reviews and updates require specialized knowledge and skills.

You can benefit from all these specialized operations when you outsource fixed asset management services to a reliable company like Outsource2india. We work with a team of fixed asset managers and other accounting professionals to provide you with complete fixed asset management solutions.

Fixed Asset Management Services We Offer

Outsource2india offers a range of fixed asset management services that can help you track and maintain your fixed assets with complete professional assistance from experts. With our fixed asset management services, you can get acquainted with best business practices that improve your ROI and lead to significant cost savings while you focus on your core competencies, leaving the rest to us. Following are the fixed management services that we offer -

  1. Asset Audit

    Asset Audit

    Asset auditing allows you to understand your fixed assets better. With the right fixed asset auditing team in place, we help you in effectively managing your fixed assets while recommending approaches that help in cleansing and strengthening your assets. Auditing is aimed at analyzing the fixed assets and reviewing them to eliminate the risk of non-compliance with financial policies and regulations.

  2. Asset Verification and Tagging

    Asset Verification and Tagging

    Our team makes a physical check to assess your fixed assets and tag them using RFID and barcodes for asset tracking. While tagging your fixed assets, we ensure that the tags used to comply with the regulations about asset tagging as per various authorities depending on your industry type and location.

  3. Asset Tracking

    Asset Tracking

    Asset tracking is the process of identifying the real-time location of the fixed assets. This is one of the crucial operations that are a part of the fixed management process. We help our clients in tracking their fixed assets using the latest systems so that the assets can be organized properly. There are a variety of ways in which asset tracking can be done. Some of the asset tracking solutions we offer are barcode and RFID among others.

  4. Comprehensive Asset Management Systems

    Comprehensive Asset Management Systems

    We fulfill our comprehensive fixed asset management services with the help of systems and software like QuickBooks that helps in efficiently tracking and managing fixed assets as well as inventories. While fixed assets are object possessions, inventories are generally raw materials and consumables, which is why fixed assets and inventories are managed separately.

  5. Inventory Management

    Inventory Management

    Efficient inventory management is very important if you want to hit your profit targets. When it comes to inventory, decisions have to make on-time to ensure that they don't spoil and, as a result, lead to a loss. We help in managing inventory by creating balance sheets enlisting inventories, their value, and how long they can be retained. This can help you sell or use the inventory for production well before they are damaged, spoiled, or become obsolete as you keep them stored for too long.

  6. RFID and Barcode

    RFID and Barcode

    RFID is a technology that helps in auto-identifying different objects. It uses the advanced technology of radiofrequency. We can help tag your fixed assets like office objects, cubicles, etc. with RFID. Once it is tagged, it can be tracked and identified using the RFID reader. We can also tag your fixed assets using barcodes. Using all these means can help you in tracking, locating, and grouping your fixed assets based on location.

Our Finance and Accounting Portfolio

Our Fixed Asset Management Process

Our talented team of fixed asset managers works diligently to ensure that our fixed asset management services are flawless and help you have complete control over your assets. We do so by streamlining our fixed asset management process. Following are the steps that we follow to offer you the best-fixed asset management services -


01. Requirement Discovery

Our process of fixed asset management starts with first identifying your requirement when you get in touch with us via any of the various channels of communication. We come up with the scope of the project which involves cost estimates, allocation of resources, etc. Upon your approval, we proceed further.


02. Requirement Analysis

We assess and analyze your fixed assets. You can provide us with any data or files relevant to your fixed assets that we can analyze.


03. Fixed Asset Management Strategy

After analyzing your fixed assets, we come up with a strategy that includes all the operations and fixed asset management services that you opt for. We ensure that the strategy is inclusive of your business requirements.


04. Fixed Asset Management Services

This step involves materializing the fixed asset management strategy right from asset verification to making needed recommendations and reports that consist of asset tracking information and suggested changes.


05. Reporting

We send you the report that we create based on our fixed asset management process via a secure FTP channel for your perusal.

Other Services You May Benefit From

Why Choose Outsource2india For Fixed Asset Management Services?

Outsourcing fixed asset management services are the best decision that you can make for your business for a range of reasons. We have the experience, expertise, manpower, and technological edge over our competitors, which makes us the most reliable fixed asset management partner. Following are the benefits of working with Outsource2india -

  • ISO Certification

    Outsource2india is an ISO:9001:2013 certified company that prioritizes the quality of services to offer maximum benefit to clients at budget-friendly prices.

  • Data Security

    Any business data and information that you share with us stays completely confidential with us. Our team of experts signs a non-disclosure agreement with us. You can be completely confident that we maintain 100 percent data security with proper regulations in place.

  • Affordable Fixed Asset Management Services

    Outsourcing fixed asset management services give you the benefit of saving costs involved in hiring full-time experts without compromising on the quality of services. What makes our services stand out is that we offer flexible prices as you only have to pay for the services that you opt for.

  • Quick Turnaround Times

    We have a long-standing reputation for delivering projects on time to every client that we have worked with so far. We do everything to ensure that our services come with quick turnaround times so that clients with a tight deadline find it highly convenient and comfortable to work with us.

  • Single Point of Contact

    We assign a project manager to your project to make sure that you have a single point of contact for all your queries. The project manager will also update you from time to time. Having a single point of contact helps eliminate the confusion that comes from reaching a different manager every time.

  • Round-the-clock Assistance

    Our customer support service professionals are available 24/7 to help you understand our services and answer your questions. You can reach us via calls, emails, or any of our social media profiles. We promise to get back to you in a short while to address your queries and provide you the information you look for.

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Outsource Fixed Asset Management Services To Outsource2india

Owning a quickly growing business is a blessing that comes with a variety of challenges, one of them being handling fixed assets. Keeping an accurate account of fixed assets and managing them can be time-taking and confusing. However, when you outsource fixed asset management services to Outsource2india, you can be completely relieved of the confusion while we do the hard work for you. We offer fixed asset management services in India and overseas to businesses of all sizes at incredibly affordable rates, which is the best thing about outsourcing fixed asset management services to companies in India.

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