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Bookkeeping & Accountancy Services for UK Firms

If you are a company or a Chartered Accountant Firm in the United Kingdom looking for quality accounting services at a low cost, you have come to the right place. By outsourcing your accounting functions to us, you can gain significant cost savings, get a dedicated team to work for you and see an increase in revenue.


Apart from low costs, you can be assured of quality. Each and every accounting task that you outsource to us will be completed by a certified bookkeeper within a fast turnaround time. When it comes to the confidentiality of data, you need not have any worries, as we have taken stringent measures to ensure the security of data.

UK accounting services from Outsource2india

  1. Bookkeeping

    Are you or your staff spending valuable time on bookkeeping? Outsourcing your mundane bookkeeping tasks to O2I can help you cut down on salaries and review processes. Moreover, you can also see an increase in your profits by 50%. While you concentrate on handling your core business functions, you can get your bookkeeping completed at a fraction of the cost that you are currently spending on bookkeeping.

  2. Monthly Management Accounts

    As your business keeps growing, you will have to make key business decisions when it comes to ordering more stock, hiring a new staff member, considering a new line of business or finding out if a project is bringing in profit or loss. A close look at your accounts can help you find answers to these questions.

    We can prepare your monthly management accounts for you at a low cost. Get up to date financial key performance indicators that can enable you to make the right financial decisions about your business.

  3. Accounts Payables & Accounts Receivables

    With O2I as your accounts payable partner, your invoices will be paid before the due date. You can easily access your monthly, quarterly or annual reports at any time and also see co-relations between the cheques issued and the invoices that have received payment.

  4. Payroll Processing

    Payroll processing is an accounting function that is best outsourced as with administrative responsibilities out of your hands, you can concentrate more on growing your business and at the same time cut down on operating costs by 40%.

    Whether it is payroll reports, cheque processing and delivery, payroll tax returns or employee insurance deductions, our team of payroll experts can handle any payroll requirement. You could also outsource your payroll when there is a seasonal increase in your work load.

  5. Departmental Accounting

    Do you require accounts to be maintained for each department of your company? We can handle this tedious accounting requirement for you at a low operating cost. Our team of certified accountants can maintain ledgers for each department. We will also provide you with trial balance statements and profit and loss statements. You can easily compare the profit/loss contributions of each department within your company and make informed business decisions.

  6. Project Accounting

    Keep a track on the financial progress of your project with project accounting or job cost accounting. Since a project may last from a few weeks to many years, your budget may also get revised. We can create financial reports for your projects that can help you in project management.

    Our project accounting services can help you compare your current budget with your previous budgets. We can calculate funding advances and actual-to-budget cost variances. With us maintaining your project accounting requirements, you can get feedback on the important decisions that you have made.

  7. Self-Assessment Tax Returns

    Whether you are an individual, employee, employer or corporation, we can help you with self-assessment tax returns. All you have to do is give us a few of your details and we will file your self-assessment tax returns before the deadline.

  8. VAT Returns

    Once the tax period is over, you will have to deal with VAT returns. Handling VAT returns in-house can be both tedious and time consuming. Make huge savings on cost and effort by outsourcing VAT returns to O2I. We can correct VAT return forms and ensure minimal VAT returns. Our expert accountants can also handle VAT calculations, VAT return consulting and VAT administration. All you have to do is send us your income related documents through our secure FTP and leave the rest to us.

  9. Corporation Tax

    Do you need help with your corporation tax? We have experience in handling the corporation tax requirements of several companies in the UK. Get rid of your corporate tax headaches by simply outsourcing your services to O2I.

  10. Construction Industry Schemes (CIS)

    Are you a contractor or an organization that has a high annual spend on construction? If yes, you will have to follow the rules set by the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) on how payments to subcontractors for construction work must be handled. We can check if CIS applies to you and help you get started with CIS. Our team can maintain monthly returns and records under CIS. Leave all your CIS worries to us and concentrate on your core business functions.

  11. Stock Accounting

    Keeping a control on your stocks is critical to the well-being of your business. If you have too little, you might face production problems. If you have too much, you will have unnecessarily tied up money. The team of certified accounts at O2I can handle all your stock accounting functions, so that you can exercise stock control.

  12. Credit Control

    Are you facing problems when it comes to collecting money from your customers? We can help you address your credit management problems, with our expertise in cash flow management. With us as your partner, you can be sure to see an increase in your cash flow.

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Don’t look any further for UK accounting or London accounting. Instead of conducting accounting in London or bookkeeping in Manchester, you can simply outsource your accountancy services to O2I. Our professional accountancy UK and accountancy London services can give your business a competitive edge.

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