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Outsource Tax Preparation Services with Intuit’s Lacerte Tax Software

Increasingly tax preparation is being outsourced to offshore tax experts to leverage their experience across a range of industry verticals and to help companies reduce paper work. Outsourcing tax preparation has also become a way out for companies dealing with the pressures of the tax season.

Outsource2india has been providing superior tax preparation and tax filing services to global clients using advanced tax preparation software such as Intuit’s ProSeries and Lacerte tax software. Ultra-Tax, ATX and Drake are some of the other tax software we use. Our proven tax preparation and processing services for individuals and corporates allow our clients to focus on their core business areas as we handle their tax compliance workload and meet their filing deadlines for them. Outsource2india undertakes tax processing, tax preparation and e-filing for -

  • Individuals
  • Corporates
  • Tax consultants
  • Small to medium sized tax practices

Intuit Tax Software: Lacerte

Lacerte tax software manufactured by well-known U.S. firm Intuit is rated #1 by AICPA and is one of the most widely used tax software today. Lacerte tax software has built-in e-Filing capabilities in its Individual, Partnership and Benefit Plan program releases.

Efiling itself has gained a tremendous following since it involves lesser paper work, faster refunds and is now further validated by IRS filing acknowledgement. Additionally Lacerte tax software has a tight integration with QuickBooks accounting software also manufactured by Intuit. This makes it easy to integrate the customer’s entire accounting and tax systems onto Intuit’s accounting and tax software programs.

Benefits of Intuit’s Lacerte Tax Software

  • Intuit offers a highly integrated suite of accounting and tax software
  • Lacerte tax software offers seamless data conversion allowing customers with varying data input formats to transition to Lacerte
  • Lacerte tax software offers excellent support and training
  • Access to online tax resources help customers stay updated on the latest federal tax laws and regulations
  • Lacerte tax software has built in e-filing capabilities

Benefits of Outsourcing Tax Preparation to Outsource2india

Outsource2india makes the entire tax filing process simple and transparent for clients by following clear procedures and workflow modules. The state-of-the-art infrastructure and data security best practices at O2I address any information security concerns that our clients may have.

Outsource2india offers tax preparation services for the following -

  • Form 1040 - For individuals
  • Form 1065 - For Partnerships
  • Form 1120 - For companies and Corporations

We ensure knowledge transfer and sharing of the vast online tax resources that we have access to, ensuring complete transparency in the tax processing methodologies. We insist that our clients understand the tax processing, computation and e-filing methodologies and the tax software in use. Additionally O2I’s team of tax experts is familiar with U.S. tax laws and the latest tax software programs and tools which put our clients at an advantage.

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