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VAT Return Services

Outsource VAT Return Services

Get access to cost-effective and professional VAT return services that can cater to all your organization's requirements. Prices start at $35 per return

Outsource to O2I and free your organization from the worry of VAT returns. At O2I, we provide cost-effective and professional VAT return services that can cater to all your organization’s requirements. Value added tax (VAT) is a very overwhelming task for an organization to handle, requiring skilled manpower. Outsourcing VAT return services to India can help you save on cost, time, money, effort and at the same time benefit from professional and cost-effective services.

Outsource VAT returns to O2I and we will send you the completed VAT returns within a fast turnaround time. Just send us the source documents to help us get started on completing your VAT returns. We have a professional and proficient finance and accounting services team who are experts at using Sage Line 50 to process your VAT returns, or we could quick learn any other software that you are using.

O2I’s Value Added Tax Services

With our years of experiencing in performing VAT returns for global customers, we can provide services that are proficient and efficient. We also have competence in the area of VAT calculations.

At O2I, we can also provide sound advice and professional VAT return consulting services. Our skilled finance and accounting services team is well trained in all areas related to VAT returns processing.

VAT Returns Process at O2I

  1. Our VAT returns customer sends us all the income related documents through our secure FTP
  2. The income related documents are scanned into images
  3. We will then process the payments, receipts, purchases and sales for the entire VAT period
  4. We will then ensure that fuel scale charges are included wherever relevant and necessary. Our team is proficient in standard and cash accounting. We can employ either of them according to your requirements
  5. We will then prepare VAT returns for particular schemes
  6. We will then send you the updated information in the format that you require. We can also directly update the data on your finance and accounting software

VAT Returns Software

At O2I, our team of VAT return experts is proficient at using Sage, Viztopia, Tally, Pro Fit and other such VAT return software. We can also quickly adapt ourselves to any of the software that you are already using. We can work on any of the VAT return software that you suggest.

Our Finance and Accounting Portfolio

Outsource VAT Return Services

At O2I, our proficient finance and accounting services team will first compare the output and the input of the VAT returns to earlier quarters. We will then perform effective analysis and review procedures to make certain that the completed transactions are well recorded. Apart form this, our competent finance and accounting services team can also handle explicit VAT schemes specifically related to certain professions.

Outsource VAT return services to O2I and benefit from professional and competent services at a cost-effective price. Our skilled finance and accounting services team can provide you with the expert VAT return services. With our years of experience and knowledge in providing VAT return services, we can provide you with expert assistance in solving all your VAT return problems. Outsource to O2I and benefit from our efficient VAT return services.

Please contact us for further information about O2I’s VAT Return services and pricing details.

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