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Image Recognition Software Development Using Deep Learning

Images speak a thousand words. Looking at images to perceive their meaning comes naturally to human beings. How about teaching these skills to computers using deep learning?


Are you looking for a software which will be able to recognize images, categorize them, and make relevant decisions based on the results? Wouldn't it be nice if a software could recognize faces in an image and provide intelligent input? Facial recognition has been in use for a while now and Facebook has achieved a high level of expertise in tagging faces at an everyday level, but there are many more interesting and innovative areas where image recognition can be leveraged.

O2I offers highly intuitive image recognition software development in India. We leverage machine learning, artificial intelligence, neural networks, and deep learning technologies to deliver customized solutions to our global clientele.

O2I's Image Recognition Software Development Services

We are witnessing that a significant chunk of the total AI investments made by businesses is going towards image and pattern recognition. The applications of image recognition vary from industry to industry, and new and innovative uses are coming up every day as the technology gets more advanced. Our services are also evolving and keeping pace with the changing market requirements.

We utilize deep learning to develop intuitive image recognition software which can perform the following services -

Image DetectionImage detection
Optical Character RecognitionOptical character recognition
 Image AnalysisImage analysis
Image CategorizationImage categorization
Facial RecognitionFacial recognition
Emotion AnalysisEmotion analysis
Defect/deviation Recognition and AnalysisDefect/deviation recognition & analysis
Medical Scans and Photographs AnalysisMedical scans/photograph analysis
Satellite Image AnalysisSatellite image analysis
Video AnalysisVideo analysis
Pattern Gradient MatchingPattern & gradient matching
Object recognitionObject recognition
Barcode QR Code RecognitionBarcode / QR code recognition

We not only create the image recognition software but also make sure that the insights are presented to you in a practical and usable way. The new findings are continuously pumped back into the deep learning solution so that with every new image analyzed, the system becomes even more powerful and accurate.

Image Recognition Software Development Projects We Have Undertaken

Over the past few years, we have helped clients from a variety of industries leverage image recognition to their advantage by creating intuitive software for -

Medical/Healthcare Image Recognition AnalysisMedical/healthcare image recognition & analysis
Social Media Image AnalysisSocial media image analysis
Media Entertainment Industry Image AnalysisMedia & entertainment industry image analysis
Retail e-Commerce Image Categorization AnalysisRetail & eCommerce image categorization & analysis
Fraud Prevention through Facial RecognitionFraud prevention through facial recognition
Education and e-learning Image AnalysisEducation and e-learning image analysis
Object RecognitionObject recognition
Handwriting AnalysisHandwriting analysis
Forensics Image RecognitionForensics image recognition
Surveillance and Security Image or Video AnalysisSurveillance and security image or video analysis
Industrial Inspection for Image Recognition AnalysisIndustrial inspection image recognition and analysis
Recognizing Product IrregularitiesRecognizing product irregularities
Identifying Operational Problems in FactoriesIdentifying operational problems in factories through image recognition
Categorizing and Analyzing Photographs for Insurance CompaniesCategorizing and analyzing photographs for insurance companies
Image Recognition Services for Government OrganizationsImage recognition services for government organizations
Image Recognition Analysis for AgricultureImage recognition and analysis for agriculture, fishery, forestry, or meteorological departments

Our Image Recognition Software Development process

Although there are tools available for image recognition in the market, we often get clients who have very specific requirements. Outsource2india offers completely customized solutions for your image recognition needs. Our process includes -

Need Analysis  

01. Need Analysis

In the first step, we analyze the requirements of the client and the existing systems to get an idea of what solutions needs to be developed

Tool and Technology Selection  

02. Tool and Technology Selection

After analyzing the requirements of the client, our team of expert software developers will select the tools and technologies that will be used for the software development

Deep Learning Algorithm Development  

03. Deep Learning Algorithm Development

In the next step, our team of highly experienced software developers will develop the deep learning algorithm for image recognition and customize it based on the client's requirement

Image Recognition Software Development  

04. Image Recognition Software Development

Our team of software developers with the help of our data science team will develop the image recognition software which leverages deep learning for enhanced accuracy

Leverage Existing Image Pools  

05. Leverage Existing Image Pools

We make use of several image pools and image processing software to test our solution thoroughly and enhance its performance

Develop the Complete Solution  

06. Develop the Complete Solution

After the system is thoroughly tested, our team develops the complete solution which is incorporated with all the feedback

Key Benefits of Outsource2india's Image Recognition Software Development Services

With the advent of deep learning technologies, we can achieve higher accuracy and reliable results for our clients. By outsourcing image recognition software development to O2I, you will get access to the following benefits -

  • Easy access to experts in the field of data sciences and deep learning
  • Cost-effective and powerful solutions that will take care of all your image and video analysis challenges
  • Advanced image recognition algorithms that can categorize your images to the deepest level
  • Image processing as a preliminary step to ensure better results
  • Resources to undertake any size of the project
  • An intelligent and smart image recognition solution that becomes better with time
  • A complete analysis of images as per your business needs
  • We are an ISO-certified organization and you can be assured to receive high-quality services
  • Our executives and project managers are available at all times through email or phone

Our Technology Expertise

We have expertise in using a wide range of technologies to solve your image recognition challenges. Some of the technologies we leverage for software development for image recognition include (but are not limited to) -

Outsource Image Recognition Software Development Using Deep Learning to O2I

If you are looking for image recognition software development in India, then you have come to the right place. Outsource2india has the technology and the resources to process millions of images with the deepest level of accuracy. Our clients usually come to us with extremely specific needs that require skill-sets of the highest order. Deep learning and neural networks are the future of computer vision technologies and O2I always keeps pace with the newest developments in these domains. By outsourcing to us, you can be sure that you get the best image recognition services within your budget.

We also offer a complete range of other data science and analytics services geared to take any type of image recognition challenge. Read about our AI-powered recommender system development at O2I.

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