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Outsource Real Estate Photo Clipping Services

Get rid of ragged edges, create awesome effects, and showcase your real estate properties in the best possible light

Is your organization failing to live up to the expectations of your client when it comes to real estate photo clipping services? Is the quality of the clipped images not up to the mark as expected? Then, the best option would be to outsource real estate photo clipping services to an experienced service provider. The service provider will not only help in reducing operational costs but also give you access to highly skilled photo editors.

Outsource2india is a leading real estate photo clipping service provider who can be your one-stop-shop for all your needs. Our team includes skilled and talented image editors who are trained to cater to any of the client's needs and work on the latest image editing tools and technologies. Outsourcing real estate photo clipping services to us will give your images a professional and natural look and help you increase sales.

Real Estate Photo Clipping Services We Offer

Outsource2india has been catering to the needs of top real estate organizations and agents for almost two decades now and providing them with top quality clipped images. We have a team of highly qualified and trained image editors who understand your business requirements and provide the services accordingly. Some of the ley real estate photo clipping services we offer include -

  • Real Estate Background Removal

    Real Estate Background Removal

    Sometimes the real estate images do not have a suitable background which makes the images look old and dull. Our team of photo editors can provide you with real estate background removal services which will make your real estate photos look attractive and professional.

  • Real Estate Image Masking Services

    Real Estate Image Masking Services

    In some of the real estate images, there might certain unwanted elements and object which make the image look shabby and untidy. Our real estate image editors can remove these unwanted objects by masking them and providing the image a neat and clean look.

  • Real Estate Photo Shadow Services

    Real Estate Photo Shadow Services

    In some cases, when the real estate images are taken in unfavorable conditions such as sunny weather or a dull environment, there might be unnecessary shadows which hamper the look of the real estate images. We can remove these unwanted shadows and enhance the images by getting rid of these dull and unclear parts of the image.

  • Furniture Image Clipping Services

    Furniture Image Clipping Services

    Real estate images of new buildings and office spaces may look incomplete or unattractive as they do not show any furniture or objects in the image. This problem can be solved by performing furniture image clipping by our team. Our photo editors can add or remove the suitable furniture and make the real estate images look bright and complete.

Our Real Estate Photo Clipping Process

Outsource2india, being a leading real estate photo editing company, believe in providing our clients with high-quality services using the latest tools and technologies within a quick time. This is possible by leveraging a streamlined and organized real estate photo clipping process. The key steps involved in our process include -

Receive Images  

01. Receive Images

In the first step, our team of photo editors receives the real estate images from the client via a secure channel or an online storage service

Work Allocation  

02. Work Allocation

Once we have the images, we will assign the tasks to all our image editors depending on the complexity of the task, the work volume, etc.

Real Estate Photo Clipping  

03. Real Estate Photo Clipping

Next, our team of real estate photo editors begin with the real estate image clipping by using the latest image editing tools and technologies

Quality Assurance  

04. Quality Assurance

In the next step, our quality assurance team takes over the project to check for any inconsistencies in the edited images and report them to the editing team


05. Delivery

Once the flaws and inconsistencies in the real estate images are fixed, our team will send back the edited images via an online storage service

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose O2I for Offshore Real Estate Photo Clipping Services?

Outsourcing real estate photo clipping services to an experienced service provider like Outsource2india can provide you with a series of benefits you can advantage of. Some of the key reasons for you to outsource real estate photo clipping services to us include -

  • Flexible Pricing Options

    By outsourcing real estate image clipping services to us, you can save cost, as we customize flexible pricing options as per the client's business needs.

  • Photo Information Security

    We take real estate image data security very seriously. Being an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 ISMS certified organization ensures that O2I provides you with the best data security options which will not allow any unauthorized access to your images.

  • Experienced Real Estate Image Editors

    Our team at Outsource2india comprises of some of the most qualified, talented, and skilled image editors who have been working with major real estate clients for almost two decades. We can cater to any of the client's needs.

  • Easily Scalable

    We at Outsource2india have the required skills, bandwidth, and expertise to easily ramp up the service requirement. As and when the client needs it, we can assign more resources for the image clipping task and get the work done much faster.

  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure

    We understand the importance of having a good infrastructure to provide great image clipping services to our clients. Our team of real estate image editors has access to the best infrastructure in terms of the best tools and technologies and world-class offices.

  • Multiple Centers

    We have multiple centers spread across the globe which are fully operational. This enables us to provide our global clients with image clipping services within a quick time without neglecting the quality.

  • Round the Clock Support

    We have the required setup to provide our clients with round the clock support. All our teams including the call center executives, sales managers, and project associates are available to provide you support at any time via email or support.

  • Single Point of Contact

    When you choose us as your real estate image clipping partner, we will assign a dedicated project manager who will be the single point of contact for all your needs and answer to your queries at any time.

  • High-quality Services

    Being an ISO certified organization and a leading brand in the field of real estate image clipping domain, we provide our clients with the best quality services.

Client Success Stories

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Panorama Stitching for a Portland-based Client

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I am so amazed that you were able to do such quality work so quickly. The image came out perfect, and you got it to me well before my deadline! Thanks so much.

Business Owner,
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Outsource Real Estate Photo Clipping Services to Outsource2india

Outsource2india has been a pioneer in providing quality real estate photo clipping services in India and a series of other image editing services to global clients. Our team of image editors' hails from top design institutes who are trained to work on multiple image editing tools and technologies and provide quality services within a quick time. We have a string data security policy in place which ensures that your image data is kept completely safe and not divulged to any third-party.

Are you looking for a cost-effective and professional real estate photo clipping service provider? Then you have come to the right place. Get in touch with our team today!

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