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Real Estate Image Correction Services

"A picture speaks a thousand words" is a phrase that is true, especially when it comes to real estate images. In the real estate business, images play a key role in advertising a property and the quality of these images are crucial for real estate marketing. Capturing good quality images requires a good camera and great photo editing skills. Our staff comprises of professional image editors and image correction specialists, who will examine every minute detail so that your real estate images are good to go.

These days even the smallest defect is considered to be incompetence as the commercial world appreciates perfection. Real estate image correction is more important today as opposed to before the advent of the internet, when the buyer had to be physically present at the site to assess what he was purchasing. Although not all photographs are a true representation of the property, this is where real estate image correction services come into use. With thousands of properties available in the market today, having your real estate images enhanced to make them visually appealing is the way to go.

Outsource2india has been in the business for over 24 years and caters to all your image correction needs. From image color corrections and reducing blur on images, to professional cropping and resizing of real estate images, our team can handle it all! Outsource real estate photo correction services to O2I today.

Our Real Estate Image Correction Services

Outsource2india is the pioneer in outsourcing services and caters to the vast requirements of a variety of businesses including real estate. Our services include -

Image Color Corrections Before
Image Color Corrections After
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Image Color Corrections

Our image editing professionals take time to examine your real estate images in detail. After analyzing the pictures, we decide the best possible approach. Under image color corrections, our professionals specialize in -

  • Eliminating unwanted objects and distractions
  • Blur reduction
  • Cropping and resizing appropriately
  • Appropriate color corrections
  • Adjustments in light / contrast
Cleaning Out Unwanted Objects Before
Cleaning Out Unwanted Objects After
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Cleaning Out Unwanted Objects

Cleaning up an image can be a deciding factor that can make or break any real estate deal. Individuals looking to purchase a home look at real estate images before they visit the site. They try to visualize themselves living in that house by looking at these pictures, therefore it is important to make sure all your real estate images are free from any distractions or unwanted objects. The professionals at O2I make sure to precisely check all important aspects of the image, and clean unwanted objects to ensure cleaner photos.

Reducing Blur or Noise from Images Before
Reducing Blur or Noise from Images After
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Reducing Blur or Noise from Images

When it comes to real estate images there's no scope for having blurred images. The images should be as clean and blur-free as possible. Reducing blur will make sure home buyers focus on what's important i.e. the home or property. Reducing noise and blur are essential to make real estate images look truly amazing. Our professionals have the knowledge and are equipped with the best image editing tools to smoothen out that blurred images. Contact our friendly staff at Outsource2india for your image correction requirements.

Cropping & Resizing Before
Cropping & Resizing After
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Professional Cropping and Resizing

Cropping and resizing original photos are important when it comes to real estate images. The size of an image must be appropriate for the platform that it is being used on. Whether it's on a brochure or any other marketing platform, the size of the image should be just right to go with other inclusions like content there. Our professional services include -

  • Editing images and resizing them to match the company's set style
  • Cropping the image to accentuate subjects
  • Finalizing the size and cropping through color correction
Light Contrast Adjustment Before
Light Contrast Adjustment After
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Light and Contrast Adjustment

Use of dull and soft images can be bad for real estate businesses. It is essential to have your real estate images adjusted by a professional for light and contrast. There are times when photos don't come out as planned, and you don't have the experience and time to edit them on your own. The professionals at Outsource2india have a dedicated team which will adjust the images to their best possible quality. There are several benefits to light and contrast adjustment, they include -

  • Enhancement of main subject in the image
  • Light blending
  • Appropriate contrast adjustment

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Real Estate Image Correction Services FAQs

  • What is the best lens to use for real estate photography?

    The best lens that can be used for real estate photography is wide-angle lenses that allow us to capture an entire panoramic image of the real estate.

  • What filter do real estate photographers use?

    The key filters which are used by real estate photographers are the polarizing filter, skylight filter, neutral density filter, graduated neutral density filter, and the variable neutral density filter.

  • What settings should I use for real estate photography?

    Typically, for real estate photography, you can use an aperture between F8 and F11 with F5.6 to F16 being acceptable but not suitable for outside edges of the range.