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Outsource RAW Image Conversion Services

Every professional wedding photographer will agree that it’s a daunting task to capture those priceless moments in a fleeting second before its lost for ever. The post processing challenge for portrait photographers to convert the raw files with all its flaws into a breathtaking shot is equally big. Digital photography has been the greatest revolution in the history of photography as it changed the way we interact with photos from capturing, storing and sharing them. With it also came accompanying technology and editing software with various formats like .jpg, .gif, .bmp, each satisfying a particular need. Today there is a constant need for image conversion to various formats for professionals and layman.

The biggest concern for professionals while outsourcing photo conversion is quality and quick turnaround. Outsource2india has a team of professionals who have worked with many customers for their image and photo editing needs to understand this concern. We have invested into technology, software and people to ensure you get high quality, distortion and noise free images on time.

Why take images in the RAW format?

Better image quality Better image quality
Uncompressed / lossy compression Uncompressed / lossy compression
Finer control on parameters Finer control on parameters
12-14 bits of intensity information 12-14 bits of intensity information
color space can be set color space can be set
Demosaicing algorithms can be used Demosaicing algorithms can be used

Why use raw images

Digital cameras have been evolving rapidly along with the conversion software accompanying them. The whole process of image sharpening, color correction and raw image conversion is efficiently handled by the software. The bundled software has enough capabilities and more than enough options for an amateur photographer but professional photographers prefer having control and getting their hands dirty with the raw photo files. They use specialized picture conversion software like DXO optics and Photoshop cs to tide over the limitations of software bundled with cameras. Working with raw images allows professionals to use powerful hardware and software, correct image distortions and control sharpening and compression.

Our experience working with serious photographers has helped us understand their jargons, technology and attention to detail when it comes to high definition images. Outsource2india’s team with its robust transition, delivery and quality processes will work as your extended team capturing all your image conversion needs and deliver superior quality.

Contact Outsource2india for your image format conversion needs.

The Conversion Process

The raw image also called sensor images are a collection of individual pixels created by the image sensors of a digital camera and has no meaning to the human eye. Each sensor has a filter for three colors namely red, blue and green called the Color Filter Array and is used to create the final human viewable image in a RGB format. The processor in the camera has to use various algorithms and the most difficult called Demosaicing on the raw image to produce a picture file. Traditional raw image conversion techniques have been plagued by a number of problems which render digital images grainy, with poor colors and looking less natural. The challenges of raw conversion:

  • Moire Pattern - Overlapping of patterns forming a silky effect
  • Stair stepping - Irregular lines replacing straight ones
  • False Colors - The filters have more green pixels as it is easily viewable to a human eye than red or blue. This leads to aliasing in red and blue and leading to false colors.

The DXO advantage

DXO Labs with its superior Demosaicing technology has overcome these shortcomings to achieve the perfect "fix" while raw image conversion. DXO converts raw images to high quality sharp RGB format by revolutionizing image reconstruction technology. Instead of a "near" approach to reconstructing with neighboring pixels the engine looks far to reconstruct detail. DXO engine enables corrections in 16-bits thus providing ultimate quality of rendering while retaining the ability to "touch up" the images.

At Outsource2india we constantly strive to keep up with the latest software and cutting edge technology and scale our capabilities to batch convert images. Read this detailed article to know more about raw image conversion benefits. Go ahead and gain the advantage of O2I's expertise in software tools and technology, for all your image conversion needs.

Outsource your Wedding Photo Editing to O2I. Send us your wedding photographs in RAW format and receive edited, retouched and ready-to-go jpegs.

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