Outsource Photoshop Photo Compositing Services

Photoshop Photo Compositing Services

Are you still fumbling with photoshop image compositing? Are you inundated with the backlog caused by acute staff shortage for short-term projects? If yes, leave your concerns to Photoshop specialists like us. With the editing burden off your shoulder, you can focus on customer experience and other core business functions. Photoshop photo compositing services are executed by digital image editing experts who understand limitations in actual photographs to combine image elements without overdoing the effect.

At Outsource2india, you can find the best Photoshop photo compositing services rendered by experts who have a broad knowledge of the process and the latest version of Adobe Photoshop. This gives our team an edge to combine visual elements from different sources to recompose the photographic scenes just the way you envisioned.

What is Included in the Photoshop Photo Compositing Services Offered by O2I?

Image composition using Photoshop is a high-skill task that takes many hours of rigorous editing in the hands of unskilled editors. The process of fusing multiple images to create a natural looking photograph requires skill and a keen eye for detail. All of which you can avail at fraction of the cost and time from Outsource2india. The Photoshop photo compositing services offered by us includes -

  1. Image Collection

    The addition of dramatic effects is made into reality by finding the image that is ideal for the photo compositing. We will independently gather high-quality images appropriate for the context, or you can furnish the exact image you like to see in the project. We will plan the sequence in which the image can be arranged before the commencement of the project. Be it placing the object against a contrasting background or simple overlapping of selected images we can do it with ease.

  2. Adding Central Element

    Using layer mask and brush tools we can place central element extracted from gathered photos. Using selection tools in Photoshop we will extract the required image elements to create a composite. The concept will be enhanced by adding a central element as a prominent image. This will be followed by tonal adjustment so that the image blends with the composition of the background image.

  3. Adding Scene Depth

    We will enhance the artistic appearance of elements to make the composite more surreal. We will take exceptional care to prevent exaggeration of details so that the results can stand out. By using interlacing and blending technique we will enhance the perspective in the scene so that white background is eliminated.

  4. Image Coloring

    We will use layer blending tools and layer fills to ensure that the composite is complete with fantasy-like results. We will manipulate the contrast, light, and color to give your photos a pleasing appeal.

What is Photo Compositing?

Sometimes to ensure that a photograph conveys a dramatic message, simple editing won't suffice. This is where photo compositing comes in. In this process, visual elements of one or more photographs are combined to create a bespoke composition that turns your ordinary photo into a valuable one. Photo compositing can be simple or complex depending on how you need the finished results.

From changing the sky to completely transforming the context with image extracts from many photos can be done with Photo compositing. At O2I, our approach is to break down the composition of your original image to determine the best way to blend visual elements from two or more image sources. In this way, a single photographic frame that includes immersive detail can be artistically created without looking artificial.

What is a Composite Image in Photoshop?

Using layer masks, the editors will blend multiple images on Photoshop to completely transform the original one by altering smart objects in the frame. For instance, to add a colorful sky to an image that was shot without a detailed sky, the editors will fuse the visual elements together to form a composite image. This can be easily achieved with Photoshop. Processing an image without making it look artificial is a skill that exceptional editors glean through many years of experience.

Verticals/Industries We Cater To

We cater Photoshop photo compositing services to several clients across multiple industry verticals. These include -

Online Retailers

Online Retailers

Portrait Studios

Portrait Studios

Real Estate Owners

Real Estate Owners

Individual Clients

Individual Clients

Professional Photographers


Wedding Photographers


Event Management Companies

Event Management

What is the Process of Photoshop Photo Compositing?

Offshore Photoshop photo compositing services are provided by carefully understanding your requirements. Through a steady exchange of communication we will discover your preference to customize the service accordingly. Our process is simple and straightforward. Therefore, giving you the ability to trust us. The professional Photoshop photo compositing services are implemented as follows -

Image Sourcing  

01. Image Sourcing

You can securely upload image files that require editing on the Cloud so that it can be downloaded by our team. Alternatively, you can speedily send files via VPN or SFTP

Photoshop Photo Compositing  

02. Photoshop Photo Compositing

With years of experience, our Photoshop experts will perform Photoshop photo compositing within the stipulated time

Quality Assurance Checks  

03. Quality Assurance Checks

We will run QC checks on the edited images to ensure they meet our quality standards and clients' requirement

Project Delivery  

04. Project Delivery

The processed images will be released to the client within the committed time

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Should you Outsource Photoshop Photo Compositing Services to Outsource2india?

At Outsource2india, we have the competence and experience to fulfill your needs to bring you 100% satisfaction. Our Photoshop skills are top-notch and reliable while at the same time gives the best price-performance advantage. The merits of preferring O2I as your Photoshop photo compositing service provider include -

  • Certified Photoshop Photo Compositing Company

    We are proud to have become ISO 9001:2015 accredited. O2I is also GDPR compliant Photoshop editing company that has consistently provided reliable editing services to clients.

  • Secure Data Management

    Managing your data in a safe manner is a mission we are obligated to perform in the sincerest form. Our ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified Photoshop photo compositing services can give you unparalleled security to boost your confidence in us.

  • Accuracy and Quality

    Get 100% quality satisfaction by outsourcing Photoshop photo compositing services. Our service levels are a cut above the rest and you will be blown by our attention towards quality and accuracy to create flawless results.

  • Quick Turnaround

    We have earned recognition for delivering finished image in a reasonable time committed by our team during the project finalization. We can also expedite the Photoshop compositing services to deliver your finished image in quick turnaround time.

  • Scalability

    Experience the flexibility to scale up or down by joining hands with us for Photoshop photo compositing services. Our services can be scaled effortlessly should your requirements vary midway.

  • Flexible Pricing Options

    We can provide budget-friendly options to customize Photoshop photo compositing services without stretching your budget. Our Photoshop services can be availed whether your requirement is small, medium or jumbo.

  • Single Point of Contact

    We will appoint a fixed project manager who will work in tandem with editors to bring you freshest updates and will be highly available to handle your queries.

  • Photo Compositing using Photoshop Software

    At Outsource2india, we use the latest version of Photoshop and several other editing software to create the exact effect desired by the clients. The range of software that is accessible to our editors can help to shorten the time between outsourcing the task and accepting the delivery of finished images.

  • Skilled Team of Photoshop Photo Compositing Experts

    We have a large pool of image editing experts. Our editors have 10+ years of experience and can perform photo compositing with precision and care.

  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure

    At the heart of our business is a strong infrastructure that facilitates professional Photoshop photo compositing services. Our software, security, and hardware infrastructure is robust and reliable.

  • Secure Data Transfer

    We use a proven data sharing system where file movement is risk-free from external elements. Our VPN and SFTP systems are routinely scanned to ensure minimal risk to transmission and reception of digital files.

  • 24/7 Availability

    We offer excellent time zone support no matter where you are. We can be reached via email, phone call, and web chat support at blazing speeds 24/7/365.

Client Success Stories

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Outsource2india Provided Image Enhancement and Photo Editing for a UK Photo Studio

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O2I Provided Image Processing Services to Norway-based Client

Outsource2india Provided Image Processing Services to Norway-based Client

Outsource2india provided image processing and enhancement solution to a Norway client to shorten their delivery cycle, solved human resource needs, and improve sales performance.

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The team at "Outsource2india" was outstanding. From their swift delivery of work to their excellent communication across the project, they really made an impression on me, so I know that with my future projects, I can always expect quality and fast reliable services which are key values I try to maintain with my own clients.

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Outsource Photoshop Photo Compositing Services to O2I - Expert Photo Editing Company

Backed by 24 years of experience in image editing services, we have successfully built traction with over 5000 clients globally. Our service levels combined with superior quality will leave you mesmerized because we leave no stone unturned when it comes to quality assurance. With a sharp eye for detail, we can make your photos stand out with Photoshop magic. We are in the leading edge of the competition because our team is empowered with a robust and effective infrastructure. By considering O2I for image editing you are partnering with an ISO certified provider of Photoshop Photo Compositing services in India.

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