Outsource Photoshop Color Correction Services

Outsource Photoshop Color Correction Services

Restore your photographs' original look and feel with O2I's Photoshop color correction & make your dull, underexposed images look brilliant and consistent.

A picture speaks a thousand words. But sometimes, poor tonal quality, inappropriate levels of exposure, and insufficient amount of light can disrupt the overall look and feel of your photographs, making them look dull and lifeless. Are you unhappy with the overall look and feel of your photographs? Do your pictures looked washed out and their colors inconsistent? Have your old photos become yellow and discolored with time? Color can be enhanced to make your photographs stand out and draw more eyeballs. You can restore the original glory of your images with our efficient and affordable Photoshop color correction services.

At Outsource2india, we offer comprehensive Photoshop editing services to help you improve the look and feel of your images. We apply various color correction techniques to refurbish the look of your damaged photographs, improve their color strength, and enhance their overall photographic environment.

Photoshop Color Correction Services We Offer

With a team of professional photo editors who have years of experience in removing inconsistencies and flaws from images, we provide the best offshore Photoshop color correction services to our clients. Our editors leverage various photo editing tools and techniques to correct, upgrade, enhance, modify, and sharpen the color and exposure of your photographs for a consistent look and professional results. At O2I, we offer a spectrum of color correction services to our clients and our list of services include -

Exposure Adjustment Before
Exposure Adjustment After
Slide on the image to see BEFORE / AFTER images.

Exposure Adjustment

Exposure equilibration helps make your photos brighter or darker. It is one of the most important aspects of color correction. By adjusting the exposure of your images, we bring about a frisking effect on your images to enhance their brightness and contrast.

Vibrancy Adjustment Before
Vibrancy Adjustment After
Slide on the image to see BEFORE / AFTER images.

Vibrancy Adjustment

Make your images look vibrant and attractive with O2I's Photoshop color correction techniques. Our experts use various saturation and vibrancy adjustment methods to intensify the color palate and enhance your photographs' overall appearance.

Color or Hue Saturation Before
Color or Hue Saturation After
Slide on the image to see BEFORE / AFTER images.

Color or Hue Saturation

We utilize various hue saturation tools to optimize the color of your photographs and make your dull images look naturally vibrant and beautiful.

Color Tone Adjustment Before
Color Tone Adjustment After
Slide on the image to see BEFORE / AFTER images.

Color Tone Adjustment

For a perfect portrait, skin color tone must be accurate everywhere. Though it is a tricky and resource-intensive, experts at O2I have gained complete proficiency in skin retouching techniques and can help you bring the skin color and tone of your images to the balanced range.

Color Temperature Adjustment Before
Color Temperature Adjustment After
Slide on the image to see BEFORE / AFTER images.

Color Temperature Adjustment

While bright colors look more vibrant, sometimes natural colors are required to bring a calm and natural look to photographs. We use Color Temperature Adjustment techniques to make your photographs look naturally youthful.

Clarity Adjustment Before
Clarity Adjustment After
Slide on the image to see BEFORE / AFTER images.

Clarity Adjustment

Enhance the clarity and sharpness of your images to make them look crisp and attractive. Our experts use high-grade clarity adjustment techniques to soften their look and make them look naturally appealing to the eyes.

Highlight and Shadow Compensation Before
Highlight and Shadow Compensation After
Slide on the image to see BEFORE / AFTER images.

Highlight and Shadow Compensation

We provide state-of-the-art photo retouching service to highlight important areas in a photograph and shadow the ones that need to be hidden. Our highlight and shadow compensation techniques can help make your portraits attractive.

Sharpness Correction Before
Sharpness Correction After
Slide on the image to see BEFORE / AFTER images.

Sharpness Correction

Used as a part of commercial photo editing, sharpness correction can help to make your images look more attractive and professional. Our sharpness correction techniques can help you grab instant customer attention for maximum benefits.

Contrast Correction Before
Contrast Correction After
Slide on the image to see BEFORE / AFTER images.

Contrast Correction

Make your images more appealing to your audience by adjusting their range of lightness and darkness. It can help give your image an enhanced appearance and clarity.

Density Correction Before
Density Correction After
Slide on the image to see BEFORE / AFTER images.

Density Correction

Density Correction is a widely used procedure in Photoshop color correction to balance the color and tone of your image. It also helps in raising the quality of your image.

BandW to Color Image Conversion Before
BandW to Color Image Conversion After
Slide on the image to see BEFORE / AFTER images.

B&W to Color Image Conversion

Give your black and white images a new look and feel with our B&W to Color Image Conversion service. Outsource Photoshop color correction service to us and watch your images revive in full hues of colors.

Color to BandW Image Conversion Before
Color to BandW Image Conversion After
Slide on the image to see BEFORE / AFTER images.

Color to B&W Image Conversion

We can even help you convert your colored photographs to black and white to let your images speak their true self. At O2I, we are leaders in Photoshop color correction and can seamlessly make your Black and White photos look stunning.

Verticals / Industries We Cater To

At outsource2india, we provide our professional Photoshop color correction and color change services to various clients across multiple industry verticals. These include -

Online Store Owners

Online Store

e-commerce companies


Professional Photographers


Wedding Photographers


Photo Editing Companies

Photo Editing Companies

Portrait Studios


Real estate Owners

Real Estate

Individual Clients


Event Management Companies

Event Management

Photoshop Color Correction Process at O2I

Outsourcing Photoshop color correction services to us can bring you high-quality results and timely insights to know the progress. Our 6 stages of a simplified and transparent workflow are as follows -

Image Sourcing  

01. Image Sourcing

When you outsource Photoshop color correction services, we will obtain undone images from you and scrutinize the quality to understand if it meets the workable criteria

Denoising and Artefact Removal  

02. Denoising and Artefact Removal

We will perform unwanted artifact removal as well as denoising so that the image is free from distracting elements

Color Calibration and Filter Application  

03. Color Calibration and Filter Application

Color balancing by adjusting the saturation, white balance, and tweaking the whites/mids/blacks will be done with precision

Color Grading and Resizing  

04. Color Grading and Resizing

Additionally, gradients, lens filter, and diffusions will be added based on the requirement

Quality Control  

05. Quality Control

Our team of quality analysts will evaluate the work to determine if the editing is done without missing rough spots

File Delivery  

06. File Delivery

The finished images are uploaded on the Cloud storage and protected with a password. You can download the files by entering the right credentials

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Should You Choose Outsource2india for Photoshop Color Correction Services?

We are backed by a strong team of Photoshop specialists who have more than 24 years of experience in the industry. Our experts take every Photoshop color correction project with complete dexterity and ensure impeccable service and best quality results for complete customer satisfaction. Having served thousands of happy customers in different industry verticals, we are the number one choice for the following reasons -

  • Certified Photoshop Retouching Company

    Outsource2india is duly compliant with the GDPR regulations. We are also an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. We sincerely adhere to the industry standards to deliver quality images that are edited using photoshop color correction services.

  • Secure Data Management

    Outsource2india is an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified for following stringent data security practices throughout the service. Our strategy to prevent your confidential information and files from reaching the wrong hands is unrivaled and we further guarantee quality by approving editors who are signatories of the Non-disclosure agreement to handle the project.

  • Accuracy and Quality

    We maintain the quality of work by individually analyzing every image to ensure the consistency in editing. We sign off the work only after your requirements are met with 100% quality.

  • Quick Turnaround

    The perks of outsourcing photoshop color correction to O2I is that you can get finished images delivered in quick TAT. Our agility and marksmanship in editing are proven with 24 years of experience.

  • Scalability

    Our services are quickly and efficiently scalable up or down depending on your needs. We can accommodate variable requirements during the project to deliver the project within a reasonable timeline.

  • Flexible Pricing Options

    The Photoshop color correction is a budget-friendly service that offers nothing short of superior quality. You can customize the service to match your capacity.

  • Single Point of Contact

    Your project status, updates, and other reports will be brought to you by our fixed representative who will personally assist you so that you can be informed and prepared for the next step in business. Your queries (if any) will also be professionally handled by the dedicated point of contact.

  • Retouching with Photoshop Software

    We are never short of the right editing software to present flawless editing. We have the latest version of the proprietary editing software that includes Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. With expert knowledge of the software, we can perform color correction with precision.

  • Skilled Team of Photoshop Retouching Editors

    Our team of 500+ image editing professionals comprises of handpicked Photoshop editing specialists who possess 10+ years of experience. With shrewd awareness of the process and technology, we deliver on promises without exception.

  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure

    We have an advanced infrastructure that includes security, software, and hardware to provide our editors with best of resources to ensure completion of the editing in a quick TAT.

  • Secure Data Transfer

    We use secure FTP and VPN to allow transmission of data without risk. Our systems are routinely inspected to ensure that security lapses (if any) are addressed right from the moment it is detected.

  • 24/7 Availability

    Our contact center specialists can be reached through your preferred channel whether it is a phone call, email, or web chat. We work 24/7/365 basis to ensure that you have the necessary help within arm's reach.

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The team at "Outsource2india" was outstanding. From their swift delivery of work to their excellent communication across the project, they really made an impression on me, so I know that with my future projects, I can always expect quality and fast reliable services which are key values I try to maintain with my own clients.

Web Design & Development Company
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Outsource Professional Photoshop Color Correction Services to O2I - Professional Photo Editing Company

With a perfect blend of skills, experience, dedication, and commitment, we strive to provide the best quality Photoshop color correction services at affordable rates. At Outsource2india, we have 24 years of experience in photo editing services and have successfully edited over 6000 images a day. With a large team and friendly support, we have gone a step ahead of other providers to bring immense satisfaction to over 5000 clients. If you want images edited with professionalism and dedication, your search ends with us. We'll make your photographs reflect your brand's unique style and identity. We also offer other services such as image enhancement, Post Processing Real Estate Image, image manipulation, image clipping, and much more.

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