Outsource Image Tracing Services

Image Tracing Services

Whenever photographers click product photos, it is expected that only the object in question remains highlighted and nothing else. But since certain situations are not always suitable for taking good quality photos which might look blown-up in certain conditions, a certain amount of image tracing is therefore needed to focus on the object under consideration. This is especially true for marketing materials which need to be free of all distracting backgrounds and other surrounding objects.

We at Outsource2india understand this requirement very well and provide excellent image tracing services to clients from different verticals and domains. Our team of photo editors specializes in providing neat and clean image tracing services. We create raster graphics of almost any kind of file format using our image tracing methods, while ensuring speedy delivery and high-quality finished images.

Outsource2india's Image Tracing Services

Outsource2india provides industry-best low cost image tracing services and helps companies improve their product marketing and promotions. We remove your products from the busiest of backgrounds and present them as transparent layers. Some of the common image tracing services we offer include -

  • Product Photo Tracing
  • Jewelry Image Tracing
  • Food Photo Tracing
  • Real Estate Image Tracing
  • Furniture Image Tracing
  • Fashion Photo Tracing
  • Automobile Image Tracing
  • e-commerce Image Tracing

Why Do You Need Image Tracing?

While uploading objects and product images on your website, you expect them to look professional with proper cropping around the edges and even highlights all around. Irrespective of the image or objects in the photograph, the image needs to be cropped with accuracy and be appealing to the viewers.

Hand cropping can be difficult at times and there are chances that important details are lost while performing hand cropping of photographs. As a result, image tracing always works best for such endeavors. We at Outsource2india use some of the latest tools and technologies to perform our quality image tracing services. The traced images are then placed on the relevant background of your choice.

We use the latest licensed software to carry out the required image tracing, the end product of which are flawless images which can then be used on your branding or marketing material.

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Why Choose O2I for Image Tracing Services?

Outsource2india has been providing quality image tracing services to clients around the world including professional and amateur photographers. Outsource image tracing services to us and benefit from the following -

  • Our team of photo editors is trained to work with the latest image tracing tools and provide quality services
  • We have access to state-of-the-art infrastructure and latest image tracing tools and technologies
  • Our services come at reasonable rates and we provide further discounts for bulk orders
  • All our processes are ISO compliant and we perform regular audits to maintain the quality of our services
  • Our services ensure that your images get a professional look and can be used for marketing purposes
  • The images you share with us are securely stored and maintain complete confidentiality about the photographs

Outsource Image Tracing Services to Us

Outsource2india has been an image tracing provider and has been providing a range of other photo editing services to clients around the globe for over 24 years now. Our experience of having worked with clients from different backgrounds and domains helps us understand businesses and their business models and provide the required services accordingly. Our cost-effective solutions have helped companies to reduce in-house image tracing costs and hence increase revenues.

If you have any kind of image tracing service requirement, feel free to get in touch with us or talk to one of our representatives, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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