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Outsource Focus Stacking Services

Our focus stacking services start at $7 per hour to enhance the depth of field of objects shot at different focuses by stacking individual images

If you are a photographer who mainly shoots landscapes and macros, you are likely to have multiple shots of objects at different depths of fields (DoF). So to get all of them in focus at once, focus stacking is way ahead. However, it demands exceptional skill so it's obvious a normal editing professional may be underskilled to perform focus stacking with precision. This is where outsourcing focus stacking becomes an apparent choice. What you get when you outsource focus stacking services to experts like is scalability, affordability, and quality results that come as part of standard SLA.

Outsource2india is a top focus stacking services providing company with rich experience in complex focus stacking in Photoshop. Our services are sought after because we guarantee reliability by assisting clients with world-class image editing services at reasonable rates.

Focus Stacking Services We Offer

O2I has grown to become the best provider of focus stacking services in India. We do not take corner-cutting measures while focus stacking because it demands precision to achieve quality results. You'll surely be surprised with before and after comparison. Our focus stacking services include -

  • Focus Stacking for Still Life Images

    Focus Stacking for Still Life Images

    We perform focus stacking on still images of food, real estate, furniture, gardening accessories, with precision masking and blending techniques. Our focus stacking approach will lead to a larger depth of field and a life-like image.

  • Focus Stacking for Product Images

    Focus Stacking for Product Images

    We perform focus stacking for consumer products like fashion accessories, jewelry, electronics, automobiles, and many more domains. We download multiple shots and stack each image by perfectly aligning them to enhance visual information.

  • Focus Stacking for Landscapes

    Focus Stacking for Landscapes

    We perform focus stacking on landscapes to enhance DoF and create breath-taking scenes. Whether it is complex water bodies, forest, desert, or wildlife we'll get your images focus stacked to create consistent color and quality.

  • Focus Stacking for Real Estate Images

    Focus Stacking for Real Estate Images

    Focus stacking man-made architectures demand a slightly different approach and we'll enhance the detail by improving the focus of exterior and interior elements. Outsourcing focus stacking services helps you showcase high-quality real estate photos to prospective buyers. We use a combination of manual and automatic focus stacking approach for creating fabulous results.

  • Focus Stacking for Portraits

    Focus Stacking for Portraits

    If you have portraits with multiple focus points we'll merge them by focus stacking shots to add details to both foreground and background. We enhance the quality of portraits without overshooting your budget.

Focus Stacking Process We Follow

Our focus stacking approach is straightforward and transparent. The methodology adopted by us for focus stacking is as follows -


01. Acquiring of the Image

We will acquire the client's business needs and the target images


02. Discussion with our Team

We will coordinate a focus stacking strategy that doesn't harm the original composition and propose the client with our plan


03. Price Reveal

We also disclose the estimates like cost and turnaround time


04. Restoration Procedure

Our focus stacking experts will sign the NDA and the project will commence as per the schedule


05. Quality Checks

We perform quality checks on the implementation to make sure the output is as desired by the client

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Focus Stacking Services to Outsource2india?

Choosing our premier focus stacking services provides you the following advantages -

  • State-of-art Technology

    At our facility, we are housed with the best focus stacking tools to make the task of our team effortless.

  • High-quality Restoration

    When you outsource focus stacking services to us, you are leaving your concerns to experts who understand your requirement and the importance of quality.

  • Confidentiality

    We ensure the confidentiality of your data and take measures to prevent unauthorized access and misuse of data.

  • Value-for-money

    You get the best value for money by choosing us as your focus stacking services provider because our services are customizable to your budget.

  • High-priority/ Swift Services

    Our focus stacking services are lightning-fast and efficient so if you have priority needs you needn't look past us.

  • Experienced Team

    We have a team of focus stacking experts who are well versed in complex image editing techniques and know-how of operating advanced editing tools to create breath-taking results.

  • Scalable Services

    We are a leading focus stacking services company because our solutions are scalable if you encounter a sudden need for large scale operation.

  • All-round Support

    We have global contact centers that service customers from nearshore and offshore destinations. Our customer care team support in the language of your choice.

Client Success Stories

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Outsource2india Helped a South Korean Client with Portrait Restoration Services

The business owner of a top South Korean photo restoration business delegated portrait restoration services to us. We restored 1400 images per week with 100% quality.

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Case Study on Portrait Restoration Services

Outsource2india Provided an Australian Client with Photo Restoration of 10000 Images

A top Australian business specializing in sales and merchandising offshored portrait restoration services to us. They were delighted with the results.

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Outsource Focus Stacking Services to Outsource2india


I used Outsource2india.com for some photo retouching. I'm thrilled with the work and time they saved me. The whole process was efficient and the result was great. I recommend them.

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Outsource your focus stacking services to Outsource2india to enhance the focus and quality of your photos. We specialize in all types of image manipulation and focus stacking services for business and personal use. Our services are fast and scalable. We also help you afford our services because all of it is designed to accelerate the outcome and relieve you from the stress of managing it in-house. Our skilled staff ensures that every edited image meets or exceeds the quality standards.

Get in touch with Outsource2india today, your trusted focus stacking service provider. We'll be glad to provide you a free quote for the project in 24 hours.

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