Fashion Portrait Enhancement Services

Fashion Portrait Enhancement Services

Portrait photo enhancement is perhaps one of the most delicate yet important facet in photo editing. Every fashion photographer needs to edit and retouch images once clicked and is important not only to build the fashion portfolio, but to ensure your business is perceived well in the community too. Fashion portrait enhancement is essential if you want to preserve the unique expressions and contours of the model's face, and this requires watchful eyes and an extremely dedicated skillset.

O2I is a leading service provider for fashion portrait enhancement services in India, and our portrait editors have enormous experience when it comes to working with clients from the global fashion industry. With our fashion portrait enhancement services, we leverage the best photo editing tools to add considerable depth to your images, eliminating imperfections and adding a classy look to your entire portfolio with ease.

Our Professional Fashion Portrait Enhancement Services

In the fashion industry, pictures make the loudest impression. At O2I, we have worked with fashion photographers, magazine editors, event coordinators, etc. to transform their valuable model portraits into dazzling works of art. Our adherence to international quality standards ensures all the pictures are delivered without any imperfections and unwanted spots.

Even the most perfect fashion portraits can have imperfections caused due to bad lighting, weather, etc. Our offshore fashion portrait enhancement services ensure all your editing requirements are met under one roof, while removing the tiniest of blemishes. We can perform the following edits on your fashion portraits -

Adjusting Image White Balance Adjusting the Image
White Balance
Portrait Image Color Adjustment Portrait Image Color
Contrast and Shadow Adjustment Contrast and Shadow
Enhanced Skin Profiling Color and Adjustment Enhanced Skin Profiling
and Color Adjustment
Background Editing Background
Portrait Face Sculpting Portrait Face
Portrait Retouching Portrait

Based upon your requirements, we work on your images batch-wise while ensuring all the edits requested are taken care of. Our fashion portrait enhancement services are also defined in such a way and the processes for the same laid out in a manner which ensures 100% feedback conversion. Some of our most sought-after services include -

  • Portrait Skin Smoothing

    Portrait Skin Smoothing

    Our photo editors use in-house developed plug-ins with industry-leading software to smooth the model's skin without giving that plastic "photoshopped" finish that is quite common. We selectively apply our skin smoothing effects, while ensuring the touch-up job for removing blemishes etc. are taken care of separately, giving a complete look to your images.

  • Portrait Face Slimming and Contouring

    Portrait Face Slimming Contouring

    We have a team of selective digital face sculptors who have undergone hours of training in human face aesthetics and can instinctively tune the sculpt of the face based upon the geographical regions you want to target. We can -

    • Widen eyes
    • Correct distortion caused due to wide angle lenses
    • Head tilt and jaw alignment
    • Enhanced facial expressions and smile
  • Lifelike Digital Makeup

    Lifelike Digital Makeup

    Our digital makeup artistry is based upon countless hours of research into real cosmetics. We can create flattering and contemporary digital makeup to enhance the portrait in a variety of different styles. This includes -

    • Enhancement of eyes with false eyelashes, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara
    • Blusher tools to give the portrait a natural glow
    • Highlighter and contouring technology to add character to the face
    • Realistic lipstick textures
    • Dramatic high-fashion styling
  • Eye Retouching

    Eye Retouching

    Adding post-shoot changes to the eyes is extremely important and lends the entire set a character of its own. Our eye retouching services include -

    • Changing the colour of the iris to match the mood/setting/clothes
    • Sharpen, brighten, and whiten eyes
    • Enlarge pupils
    • Addition of catch lights
  • Other Portrait Enhancement Services

    Other Portrait Enhancement Services

    Apart from the above, we also offer the following services -

    • Fashion portrait blemish removal
    • Teeth whitening and adjustment
    • Lip enhancements (differs portrait to portrait)
    • Background removal and studio highlighting
    • Excess hair removal
    • Portrait sharpening

Industries/Vertical We Cater To

We provide our headshots portrait enhancement solutions to a variety of industries and verticals. A few of them are -

Online Apparels Shopping

Apparels Shopping

Online Electronic Stores

Online Electronic

Online Automobile Stores

Online Automobile

Online Sports Accessories

Online Sports

Real Estate Companies

Real Estate

Publishing Houses

Publishing Houses

Portrait Studios

Portrait Studios

Jewelry Brands

Jewelry Brands

Fashion Industry

Fashion Industry

Read more about the industries we serve.

Tools We Leverage for Portrait Enhancement

Our software of choice include -

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Autodesk Pixlr Aviary Photo Editor Camera+ Canva fotor GIMP Image Stitching Software INKSCAPE PIXLR ProCamera 8 HDR SNAPPA Snapseed VSCO CAM

The software we choose for your project depends on your requirements, and specific plugins that we have for multiple use cases. Often, we leverage handy plugins and tools which help in the following -

  • Detecting age and gender using AI
  • Locate highlight features, skin, hair etc. and isolate background areas
  • Fully adjustable manual sliders
  • Highly specialized make-up and face sculpting controls

Other Services you Can Benefit From

Our Team for Offshore Fashion Portrait Enhancement Services

At O2I, we strongly believe that high-quality delivery is directly related to a high-performance team working to the best of its capabilities. Our team of professional editors are experts at photo editing, composition, color and density correction, and bulk editing.

We ensure all our photo editors are creatively challenged with every new project, allowing them to expand their horizons while ensuring better client satisfaction. All our photo editors adhere to the 3 tenets of Outsource2india's offshore portrait enhancement services -

  • On-time Delivery - Once we are onboard for the project, we ensure all the requirements are mentioned clearly in the SOP and the timelines are set accordingly. With the amount of experience at our disposal, we are quick to understand your needs and work towards completing the project within the timelines. Our processes have also been honed over years and streamlined for maximum efficiency.
  • High-quality - At O2I, we believe in completing a task in the best possible manner while maintaining the highest quality standards. Our entire team of visual artists and editors treat your images with the utmost care, upholding similar quality standards whether for one image or for a batch of 1000.
  • Experience - Our team of photo editors have more than 15 years of experience in handling editing requirements from different verticals of the fashion industry and are a major reason behind the trend of outsourcing fashion portrait enhancement services to O2I among large European and American fashion houses and magazines.

Why Outsource Fashion Portrait Enhancement Services to O2I?

We believe that the best pictures to grace cover shots, magazines, articles, and billboards all need that extra bit of magic to really work. Fashion portraiture is a study, and our team of editors ensure your passion clearly shows through in the form of exceptionally high-quality portrait images. By choosing us, you stand to benefit from the following -

  • High-quality Image Processing - We never batch process your photographs with editing software, and every single image is edited by hand while keeping the complexities of the image in mind. This means our edited fashion portraits are consistently beautiful to look at and are technically as accurate as possible.
  • Digital First - Our digital processes ensure you can get the best out of your images, both in terms of clarity and resolution (up to 8k and more, if required). This means speedier delivery of final images without any loss in quality.
  • AI-driven Toolsets - We use software leverage the latest techniques in deep learning, image recognition, and artificial intelligence to truly lend that degree of sophistication which might often miss even a trained eye.
  • Enhanced Safety and Security - With world-class infrastructure and multiple redundancies, we ensure all your images are stored securely and can never be truly lost until the project is complete. Once we sign off the project, the original files are returned back to you and deleted from our servers.
  • Great Communication - We understand that when you partner with a fashion portrait enhancement services provider such as us for the first time, you want to constantly remain on top of the project requirements. A dedicated project manager is assigned to your project to ensure all your queries are answered to the fullest potential.
  • 100% Satisfaction - In the off chance that you feel that your requirements were not met adequately, or there are some last-minute adjustments that you would like to make, we ensure we re-edit the images so they suit your taste and meet the highest quality standards that we set for ourselves internally.
  • Attractive Pricing - Our pricing structure is attuned to the needs of our modern clients, and ensure you never feel like you are paying more for the services rendered. With options for batch work, monthly work, and even for per-image work, our attractive pricing will always meet your budgetary requirements
  • Tertiary Services - Often, clients require more than just portrait image enhancement, and the requirements we often receive include everything from heavy retouching, to image manipulation, etc. Our extensive list of specialized services in such domains ensure you always receive the perfect outcome at O2I, as well cater to all your demands in-house.

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Outsource Fashion Portrait Enhancement Services to O2I


Outsouce2india delivered an outstanding and professional service. Even though my order was a small & first order, they showed professionalism and completed the service quickly and to my utmost satisfaction.

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Armed with an experienced and gifted team of photo editors, we have managed to service clients and build lasting relationships with fashion photographers and media houses the world over. We understand the important role that photo retouching plays in ensuring better success for your business, and all our efforts are focused on delivering the highest quality results that you are happy with every single time.

If you want to partner with us for any kind of photo editing services including highly specialized fashion portrait enhancement, contact us now!

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Fashion Portrait Enhancement Services FAQs

  • What is high-end retouching?

    High-end retouching is a method of retouching photos in which the texture and details of the image are kept intact while ensuring to make the image appear as natural as possible.

  • What is Premium retouching?

    Premium retouching is a method in image editing which involves the removal of blemishes, whitens teeth, removes shadows under the eyes while making the image appear completely natural.