Family Portrait Enhancement Services

Family Portrait Enhancement Services

Cherish your memorable family moments life-long, with artistically retouched, enhanced, & airbrushed family portraits

Family photo albums and portraits are perhaps some of the most important objects for us, but still, we take them for granted. Whether it is to relive good memories or reminisce forgotten people, family portraits are some of the most emotional items in one's life, and are part of the family legacy, handed down generations.

As a family portrait photographer, your job is to capture important family moments, whether it is to document growth, capture milestones, or simply everlasting memories. But it is the editing and overall family portrait enhancement which will ensure how well it is received by your clients. At O2I, we understand your requirements, and how you would like family portraits to look like. Editing such portraits can take a long time, making it tougher to maintain quality output. With our help, you can get back to doing what's best, shooting portraits, while we ensure all the photos are enhanced and edited in a way which suits your style.

Our Family Portrait Enhancement Services

When you outsource family portrait enhancement services to O2I, we ensure we remove all imperfections and unwanted spots while ensuring the color grading suits the look that you want in the photo. Usually, due to many unwanted or unpredictable scenarios such as bad weather, poor lighting or windy conditions, etc. your pictures might have small defects which hamper the overall presentation. In such a scenario, you need the trained eyes of our portrait enhancement team who can correct all the flaws in your portraits and present it in an elegant manner.

When you offshore family portrait enhancement services to us, we perform the following tasks -

Adjusting Portrait Brightness and Contrast Adjusting Portrait Brightness and Contrast
Tweaking Exposure Levels Tweaking Exposure Levels
De-noising the Photograph and Removing All Artifacts De-noising the Photograph and Removing All Artifacts
Addition of Gradients, Lens Filters, and Specific Color Modes Addition of Gradients, Lens Filters, and Specific Color Modes
Adding Vignettes and Other Diffusions Adding Vignettes and Other Diffusions
Retouching Dark Spots and Blemishes Retouching Dark Spots and Blemishes
Skin Retouching Such as Suntans, Complexion Manipulation Skin Retouching Such as Suntans, Complexion Manipulation, etc.
Color Tone Conversion Color Tone Conversion
Red-eye Correction Red-eye Correction
Leveling Highlights, Shadows, Hues, and Saturation Leveling Highlights, Shadows, Hues, and Saturation

As a family portrait enhancement services provider, we ensure our experts correctly enhance and bring out the natural colors in your family portrait photographs with the help of proprietary image tools. We go through each picture with a fine comb, ensuring proper lighting, correct white balance, accurate brightness and contrast, darker shadows and radiant highlights, among others. We do not use automated scripts to enhance photos batch-wise but are able to provide care and attention to each picture individually.

Our professional family portrait enhancement services consist of -

Baby Portraits Enhancement Baby Portraits
Black and White Portrait Enhancement Black and White Portrait
Canvas Portrait Editing Canvas Portrait
Couple Portraits Enhancement Couple Portraits
Family Portraits Enhancement Family Portraits
Parent and Child Portraits Enhancement Parent and Child
Portraits Enhancement
Pregnancy Portraits Enhancement Pregnancy Portraits
Sepia Portrait Enhancement Sepia Portrait
Vignette Portrait Editing Vignette
Portrait Editing

Key Features of Our Family Portrait Enhancement Services

O2I is one of the few offshore family portrait enhancement services companies which possess a talented team of photo editors who understand the nature of the photography business. With our help, you can spend more time consolidating your business and ensure better client satisfaction. Working with us assures that all your photos undergo a systematic process which include the following features -

  • Lighting Adjustment - Every photographer knows how important lighting is for taking exceptional family portraits. But there are many times a sudden change in weather conditions can result in a change of lighting. Our photo editors can help you ensure these worries do not affect your photographers, adjusting everything from saturation to shadow darkening, lighting adjustment, and general photo color correction.
  • Background Cleaning - Often times, you and the family will choose a beautiful location for a shoot, only to realize that place is crowded with people at a particular time thereby affecting your photographs. We can remove this clutter easily and make your background flawless.
  • Better Framing - Photo composition is essential for any photo, but ask any photographer and they will tell you how difficult it is to keep composition in mind when dealing with uneasy toddlers and perfectly catching fleeting glimpses of them in action. Our enhancement services can ensure better composition in post-editing, leveraging moderate cropping to ensure your subject always remains the focus of the portrait.
  • Color Cast Removal - When photos are taken under fluorescent lighting conditions or fading light they can create color casts which look unruly in the final image. Our experts help to remove such aberrations and restore the photos without any casts, thereby resulting in a better image.

Industries/Vertical We Cater To

Our services are catered to a wide range of global audience, which includes (but is not limited to) -

Online Apparels Shopping

Apparels Shopping

Online Electronic Stores

Online Electronic

Online Automobile Stores

Online Automobile

Online Sports Accessories

Online Sports

Publishing Houses


Portrait Studios


Real Estate Companies

Real Estate

Jewelry Brands


Fashion Industry


Read more about the industries we serve.

Outsourcing Family Portrait Enhancement Services - Our Process Flow

With over 15 years of experience under our belt, we have managed to streamline our processes and fine-tune them to the point of ensuring that all your requirements are met efficiently and without any delay.

Our process consists of the following steps -

Initial Briefing  

01. Initial Briefing

We receive the briefing from and client and create an SOP based on their requirements to ensure everything is captured properly on paper and the team knows exactly what they need to work on

Image Upload  

02. Image Upload

We provide access to the clients to upload their high-resolution images in the form of secure FTP portals or file sharing websites of their own choice

Resource Assignment  

03. Resource Assignment

Different clients have different requirements which require differently skilled resources assigned to them. Once we have selected a team to work on your project, we assign a dedicated project manager to ensure better stability and working order

Family Portrait Enhancement  

04. Family Portrait Enhancement

Our image editors carry out the entire process and retouch your photos based on provided specifications. During any time, if we have any doubts we get back to our clients for clarification, further ensuring all requirements are met with 100% capability.

Quality Check  

05. Quality Check

A team of dedicated QA and QC people checks random photos for accuracy and correctness, ensuring 99% SLA adherence.

Output Delivery  

06. Output Delivery

The final output is shared with the client through the same FTP portal or the client's preferred file sharing website.

Tools We Leverage for Portrait Enhancement

Our software of choice include -

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Autodesk Pixlr Aviary Photo Editor Camera+ Canva fotor GIMP Image Stitching Software INKSCAPE PIXLR ProCamera 8 HDR SNAPPA Snapseed VSCO CAM

Other Services you Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Family Portrait Enhancement Services to O2I?

At Outsource2india, we take pride in ensuring our family portrait enhancement services have helped thousands of clients achieve success & create successful customer relationships. Our competitive advantages include the following -

  • Initial Test Phase - Most of our clients want a sample of what we offer, and therefore we allow you to test our service quality completely free of cost to understand whether we meet your requirements or not.
  • Multiple Delivery Centers - We have delivery centers around the globe, and you can select which team works out of which location and coordinate with fluent English-speaking project managers.
  • Enhanced Security - We sign iron-clad Non-disclosure Agreements (NDAs) with our clients and use secure infrastructure with multiple redundancies to ensure complete peace of mind. We also comply with the new General Data Privacy Regulations (GDPR).
  • Exceptional Turnaround Times - Most of our projects are delivered within 24 - 36 hours but the work also depends upon project complexity and volume.
  • Best Image Enhancement Tools - We leverage software such as Photomatix, Adobe CC, and proprietary tools and plugins to ensure all the images carry an exceptionally polished look and feel.
  • Better Quality - With the help of our talented team of individuals we ensure 99 percent SLA adherence and stick to our ISO certified process guidelines.
  • Support and Continuous Service - We offer 24/7 support and 2 rounds of revisions free of cost.
  • Affordable Pricing - We have designed a flexible pricing structure, and allow clients to pay based on per image, per batch, monthly, or long-term FTE requirements.

Customer Success Stories

O2I Provided Image Enhancement and Photo Editing For a UK-Based Photo Studio

O2I Provided Image Enhancement and Photo Editing For a UK-Based Photo Studio

O2I provided image enhancement services to a UK based client and processed around 200 to 400 high-end images per week.

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O2I Provided Sports and Outdoor Photography Services to a Swedish Company

O2I Provided Sports and Outdoor Photography Services to a Swedish Company

O2I helped a Swedish client reduce their operating costs by delivering affordable photography services on time.

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Choose O2I to Outsource Family Portrait Enhancement Services in India


Outsouce2india delivered an outstanding and professional service. Even though my order was a small & first order, they showed professionalism and completed the service quickly and to my utmost satisfaction.

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Over the years, we have facilitated professional photographers and photography businesses to spend time consolidating their business while letting us focus on delivering high-quality family portraits. Quality and on-time delivery are our highlight features, and we always ensure all your requirements are met with seasoned intelligence and professionalism.

If you are looking for a company which offers Portrait Enhancement Services in India, look no further. Take advantage of our extraordinary skills, and our ability to deliver cost-effective family portrait enhancement services within swift turnaround times!

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Family Portrait Enhancement Services FAQs

  • What is image enhancement?

    It's the process of adjusting the metadata setting of an image to an optimal range to enhance the depth, detail, color, sharpness, contrast, and much more.

  • How much do digital portraits cost?

    It usually costs upwards of $250 per image. But if you choose outsource2india as your digital portrait partner, you get the service starting at $7 per hour.