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Outsource Color Cast Removal Services

Outsource2india provides valuable outsourcing services for removing color casts from your real estate photographs. Our team of digital artists is adept at techniques of toning down or eliminated color casts from images. We employ Photoshop techniques to successfully remove color casts from your real estate images so that you may be able to make use of existing photos, thereby eliminating the costs and other resources involved in expensive photo shoots.

When an image has colors that are not true to life, it is said to have a color cast. Photographs that have a predominant blue, red or yellow tint are said to have a color cast. Poor white balance is one of the most common causes of color casts. Overcast skies, bright morning light, incandescent / fluorescent and other artificial lighting can render a beautiful picture with an undesirable color cast. This may appear on the whole or part of a picture.

Correcting this needs an eye to be first able to identify where the color in an image has gone wrong making it unrealistic. For an average person it is impossible to perceive minor color cast that might be making the picture less realistic but the analytical and interactive tools employed by our digital artists help us determine where a color cast exists. Our color cast removal outsourcing services enable us to skillfully achieve color balance, which is the accuracy with which the colors of the photo match those of the original scene. We identify, measure and correct these color casts.

Benefits of Outsourcing Color Cast Removal Services to Outsource2india

  • You get more realistic and true to life real estate photographs.
  • You can make effective use of existing images and save costs on expensive photo shoots.
  • You benefit from our expertise and experience in handling similar projects successfully.
  • The quality of your pictures does not deteriorate.
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