Clipping Path Service

Clipping Path Services

Give your images a one-of-a-kind appeal that outperforms your competition and brings shoppers under your fold with our professional clipping path services

Clipping path is a powerful tool that helps you eliminate a product or item from its background by removing or cutting it out when other methods fail to be effective for the task. However, the real challenge for businesses who need the most perfect product images is finding a professional clipping path service provider who can ensure the task is accomplished to perfection, making the image look natural, with no scope for errors. Hiring a photo editor for the task may not be a cost-effective solution. Therefore, outsourcing clipping path work helps you save costs while getting the opportunity to work with professionals who use cutting-edge tools.

We offer reliable clipping path services to provide you with high-quality images that instantly appeal to shoppers. Our team of photo editors are well-versed in drawing precise clipping paths around the photograph so that the background is effectively removed from your images. When you choose us as your clipping path service provider, quality, delivery with short turnaround time, and cost-saving is guaranteed.

Clipping Path Solutions We Offer

Using Adobe Photoshop InDesign and other software, we offer the following professional clipping path services:

  • Clipping Path Services - Simple and Complex

    Clipping Path Services

    You can have access to clipping path services without having to own expensive tools when you opt for clipping path outsourcing. We are adept at clipping paths of complex images with several overlapping objects and contrasting backgrounds alike, assuring prefect outcome.

  • Clipping Path InDesign

    Clipping Path InDesign

    Using the InDesign tool, we extract the object withing the dotted paths after creating a shape through the clipping path. Our clipping path services also come in handy for hiding certain parts of the image per your requirements.

  • Clipping Path Over-Shadow and Reflections

    Clipping Path Over-Shadow and Reflections

    You can showcase your products with a realistic touch with our clipping path services, which include over-shadow and reflections. This will help you integrate reflections and shadows to create an impression that the product has been photographed on a reflective surface.

  • Image Retouching Services

    Image Retouching Services

    As an experienced clipping path service company, we also have the expertise to retouch your images to make them look cleaner without any distracting elements. Whether blemishes, unwanted shadows, or bad exposure in certain areas, consider them removed to transform your images.

  • Image Manipulation Enhancements

    Image Manipulation Enhancements

    Our online clipping path services can help you with image enhancements through cropping, cutting, contrast correction, and color adjustments to ensure the images look visually appealing.

  • Color Adjustments and Conversions

    Color Adjustments and Conversions

    If you want to change the mood or vibe of your image, our team of experts with in-depth knowledge of colors will adjust the colors to suit your requirements. We also convert images into any format of your choice without impacting the quality.

  • Picture Resize

    Picture Resize

    As a part of our clipping path solutions, you can opt for resizing of your images to make certain areas appear larger or smaller per your custom needs. We ensure resizing without impacting the quality or the overall appeal of the images.

Our Process

As a premier provider or photo and image editing services to a global clientele, we follow a robust process to deliver our solutions. Our steps include:


Requirement Gathering and Analysis


Determining the Right Approach and Solution


Pre-processing Of Images


Performing the Image Clipping


Delivery and Feedback


Further Processing of Feedback


Final Delivery

Why Outsource Clipping Path Services to Us?

We are a leading professional photo clipping path service company which has been the first choice for over 6000 happy clients. Outsource clipping path services to us to attain the following benefits:

  • Expertise in Clipping Path Services

    We have in place an experienced team of skilled photo editors who are adept at using clipping path Adobe Photoshop and InDesign for clipping path, background removal, and image masking.

  • High-quality Clipping Path Services

    Our professionals can help you with image clipping of transparent and delicate photos with thin or uneven borders. The best thing about working with us is that we don’t have any restrictions on specific background textures, image formats, or image resolutions.

  • 100% Data Privacy & Security

    Being an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliant clipping path company, we are committed to protect your confidential data from falling into wrong hands. We have the latest fail-safe data protection systems and strategies in place.

  • Fast Turnaround Time

    Even though it takes many hours to clip an image, if you choose us as your service partner, you can leverage the double advantage of perfectly clipped images delivered within a quick turnaround time.

  • Affordable Pricing Options

    Our multiple clipping path services come at very affordable price ranges and can be customized to suit your image clipping requirements with perfection.

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Customer Success Stories

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We provided high-quality hair masking and background changing services to a Netherlands-based client. We edited 700 images and sent them to the client within 2 days.

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Thank you for the excellent work you have done for me. The quality was very high, the price excellent and the turnaround time was very fast. 10/10.

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When you outsource clipping path services to us, you can be significantly benefited through our extensive experience along with rich insights from having a diverse clientele. Our online clipping services, along with other photo editing solutions, can take care of all your image editing requirements, thus making us your one-stop-solution for all your editing needs. Choosing us as your clipping path service provider can be beneficial as we are:

  • An ISO-certified clipping path company that complies with industry standards
  • 100% transparent about our processes and pricing models
  • Committed to providing quality solutions that enrich your brand and customer experience

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