Are you weighing options to use cinemagraphs as part of your visual storytelling? Is your team of in-house experts lacking the expertise to create photos disguised as motion clips? An affordable solution is just a few clicks away. At Outsource2india, we have the talents and technology that when combined can lead to high-quality cinemagraph creation. We will help you get mindblowing cinemagraphs that are designed using Adobe After Effects.

O2I's cinemagraph creation services will make your photographs come alive by intuitively incorporating subtle motions that captivate viewers' attention in a snap. Our cinemagraph creations services are preferred by marketers, photographers, and businesses to convey a brand message that is sometimes difficult to express through words. Reach us today and get a free trial of cinemagraph creation services.

Cinemagrapgh Creation Services We Offer

At O2I, we provide extremely creative cinemagraphs by appropriately looping photographs taken in sequence, which distinguishes your visual content portfolio from the rest. The cinemagraph creation process requires extensive detailing and expert knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and other related tools, something which all our team members are proficient in. Our services include -

  • Cinemagraph Creation

    Cinemagraph Creation

    Our expert imaging professionals work on your files as per your requirement, while adding unique visual flairs to animate particular elements within the picture. These elements could be as small as a tiny object in the background such as flying birds or comprise the entire background, such as a day-to-night sky timelapse. Throughout the entire process, we ensure that the masking, cutting, and editing process leaves no detectable marks in the image, thereby giving an air of authenticity to it. Our custom-designed cinemagraphs precisely cater to your digital campaigning requirements.

  • Cinemagraph Editing

    Cinemegraph Editing

    Our professional cinemagraph creators do not just animate your photos, but they make sure that the entire image is edited to perfection. A typical editing process usually contains masking, exposure correction, and blemish removal to create a high-quality end product. We also check all the frames within the image and make sure just the right numbers of frames are used to make the images load faster on any type of network connectivity.

  • Cinemagraph Trimming

    Cinemagraph Trimming

    A rule of thumb we follow at O2I is to check the overall load times of your images once the entire editing process is complete. We understand that most people have short attention spans, and if a cinemagraph is too long, it could often fail to load quickly and you could lose potential views. Trimming a cinemagraph is also helpful in removing repetitive scenes, which do not add value to the file except making it larger.

  • Cinemagraph Looping

    Cinemagraph Looping

    Arguably the most important step in our cinemagraph creation services is proper looping of the video make it look magical when compared to static images. There are usually two different ways we decide to loop a video - "Bounce" and "Repeat". Although most looping cinemagraphs are the repeat types, bounce animations are perfect for images with non-directional movement or where the direction of movement is not important to the overall presentation.

Cinemagraph Creation Process We Follow

Being a top cinemagraph service providing company we take great care to ensure that your images are edited with precision to make smooth looping photos that are just great enough to garner people's attention to your business. Our cinemagraph creation process is efficient in every way possible. Our method is as follows -


Our project manager will work with you to gather information on your requirement, quality expectations, and other information about your requirement


Our project team will convene a meeting to discuss the requirement, existing complexities, and other challenges before planning a project roadmap


Once the planning is complete we will provide you an estimation of the cost, turnaround time, scalable limits, and much more


The project manager will explain the process and the expected outcome


You can request for a trial to make an assessment of our services


Once approved, the project lead will cut out the task to qualified cinemagraph creation professionals selectively chosen based on cultural fit with your organization


After cinemagraph creation, the image will be evaluated by our quality control professionals to ensure compliance with the SLA


After QC check the image will be sent via a secure channel to be safely received from your end

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Benefits of Our Cinemagraph Creation Services

Many businesses confuse cinemagraphs for GIFs, and while the latter is quite effective nowadays, the innate ability of cinemagraphs to capture viewer attention remains unmatched. This is because a cinemagraph isolates movement only within a particular section of the image, while the rest of the image remains stationary, as compared to a GIF, which is made up of multiple image frames set in motion. That is why we, at O2I, always recommend using cinemagraphs for your social media campaigns. By outsourcing cinemagraph creation services to us, you stand to gain from the following -

  • Observe a massive increase in your total CTR (Click Through Rate), as well as overall likes, shares, comments, and mentions
  • Lower Cost per Click as compared to traditional static images, thereby allowing you to budget your campaigns more effectively
  • Higher relevance scores as compared to static images
  • Better Unique Open Rates eventually leading to better conversions

Software We Use

At Outsource2india, we make use of latest and advanced software and other tools to create world-class cinemagraphs. Some of the cinemagraph software we leverage includes -

FlickGraph chograph CINEMAGRAM Flixel fotodanz gifzign iCinegraph KINOTOPIC photofocus PICTOREO

Why Outsource Cinemagraph Creation Services to Outsoource2india

Having worked with numerous global clients, we can have the required expertise to make your digital marketing campaign stand apart from the rest. Some of the many ways in which we are able to differentiate ourselves from other competitors include -

  • ISO Certifed Cinemagraph Creation Services Provider

    Outsource2india is an ISO 9001:2015 certified provider of Cinemagraph creation services in India. We are unmatched in terms of service quality and have a capable team to deal with nearly all challenges that come in our way.

  • Complete Project Security

    In our efforts to make outsourcing business more secure, we have strict and comprehensive data security policies in place, which ensures complete protection of sensitive information at all times.

  • Uncompromised Quality

    Committed to providing all our clients with clear and consistent results, we adhere to quality assurance standards and carry out quality checks at various stages to ensure high-quality cinemagraphs.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    Our professionals strictly ensure that all the scheduled deliverables are provided on time and the project calendars remain fixed.

  • Cost-effective Services

    Having worked with global clients, we totally understand varied image editing needs and the budgetary constraints associated with different projects. Hence, we offer top-quality services at highly cost-effective rates.

  • Team of Photo Editing Specialists

    We have a specialized team of professionals who are adept at Adobe and various other sophisticated tools to create world-class cinemagraphs.

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  • Advanced Image-editing Software

    We make use of latest and advanced image-editing software to provide quality cinemagraphs within a quick turnaround time.

  • Scalable Cinemagrapgh Creation Services

    If your requirements evolve we have the bandwidth to keep up with the demand. Our scalable service will lessen the burden and make you ready to increase the image processing capacity.

  • SPOC

    You can get a full-time manager to bring you an instant response from the editing team. The SPOC will also provide timely updates and important insights to keep you informed at all times.

  • Round-the-clock Support

    We provide 24/7 Support to our clients so that they are just a call or email away from getting in touch with a friendly agent.

  • Customized Services

    We offer customized solutions, which precisely cater to all your digital marketing needs. Our cinemagraph creation services have helped clients design everything, including digital billboards, catchy social media posts, etc.

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided Real Estate Drone Video Editing for European Client

Provided Real Estate Drone Video Editing for European Client

Drone videos were edited for a real estate client with 98% accuracy. Audio and text content was added to the video and unwanted details were removed at reasonable rates.

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O2I Provided 360-degree Virtual Tour Creation by Stitching Drone Footage

Provided 360-degree Virtual Tour Creation by Stitching Drone Footage

PTGui and Autopano Giga were used for image stitching and 360-degree panorama creation. Our client was happy with our service and experienced 100% satisfaction.

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These are the pictures of my grandfather when he returned from the Korean War. These are priceless to my family as we have all served in the U.S. military. He has only recently given us his pictures so getting these cleaned up has been a high priority. Outsource2india has made the pics awesome and clearer as the originals are from the 1950s.

Portrait Photographer,
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Outsource Cinemagraph Creation to Outsource2india

At O2I, we have over 24 years of experience in providing exceptional photo editing services to clients across the globe. This rich experience equips us to cater to any kind of cinemagraph creation needs. Having multiple delivery centers spread across the globe, we ensure that all the projects we undertake get completed on time every time. Our project transparency enables our clients to stay updated with the changes made at every stage of the project. We have skilled photo editors who ensure that you achieve tangible results in your marketing and advertising efforts.

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