Body Photo Editing Services

Outsource Body Photo Editing Services

Get natural looking and amazing photographs by availing our body photo editing services provided at prices starting from only $7/hour

Are you looking to retouch the bodies of your models to make them look more appealing? Are you looking to edit photos while still retaining a natural-looking feel? Are you looking to add or decrease muscles or enlarge or decrease any other body part of your models? If so, you are in the right place. Outsourcing body photo editing services to a professional provider might be just the way to go about it.

Outsource2india is a leading body photo editing service provider and can professionally touch-up your photographs to increase the appeal of the models in your photographs. Whether it is enhancing body curves, enlarging body parts, or adding muscles, we do it all, making sure to keep the photographs looking as realistic as possible. We can reshape the bodies of your models in your photographs by applying body contouring techniques, applying plastic surgery effects, making waists thin, making faces skinnier, removing cellulite and double chins, elongating legs, and reducing shadows and blemishes.

Body Photo Editing Services We Offer

Outsource2india is a leading provider of body photo retouching services and provides a complete range of services. Our body photo reshaping services include -

 Body Slimming
 Dodge & Burn
 Body Shape Editing With Liquify Tool
 Color Correction
 Breast Enlargement
 Cellulite Removal
 Clothes Photo Retouching
 Fingers/Nails Correction
 Getting Rid Of Red Eyes
 Airbrush Face Skin
 Pimples, Scars, Face Blemishes Removal
 Crop or Resize Photos
 Color Correction
 Stray Hair Fixing
 Enhancing Basic Backdrop
 Widen One Color Background
 Remove Face Wrinkles
 Small Items Removal
 Light Body Liquefying
 Background Blurring
 Teeth Braces Editing Out
 Pro Beauty Correction
 Removing Items
 Chromatic Aberration/Fixing Color Fringing
 Image Masking
 Eye-glasses Glare Fixing
 Slight Body/Face Imperfections Removal
 Colors Changing For Images Items/Clothes
 High-End Skin Retouching
 Make-Up Retouching
 High-End Body Reshaping
 Boudoir Photos Retouch
 Clipping Path For Simple Objects (Black/White/Transparent Backdrop)

Process Followed by Our Body Photo Editing Experts

We follow a tried and tested process for the delivery of our photo editing services. Our process has the following key steps -


01. Requirements Discovery

We get in touch with you to understand the requirement and the complexity and volume of the work


02. Selection of Appropriate Service

Our project lead will help you select the right service based on your needs


03. Editing Team Selection

The most appropriate team will be selected based on experience and cultural fit


04. Service Implementation

The image editors will perform the body photo editing after which the quality control professionals will take over


05. Quality Testing

Our team of quality control experts will analyze each image to ensure that it meets high-quality standards and all specifications


06. Project Delivery

The final files will be securely delivered to you through a VPN or FTP

Other Services you Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Body Photo Editing Services to Outsource2india?

As a leading body photo editing services company, we can handle any of your body photo editing needs with ease. Some of the main reasons to choose us include -

  • Cost-effective Prices

    Our prices are highly competitive and transparent. We provide you with guaranteed value-for-money.

  • Latest Software Used

    Our team has extensive expertise in using the latest software tools and technologies to provide high-quality body photo editing services to clients across the world.

  • Experienced Editing Team

    Our body photo editing team is highly versatile and is aware of all the latest trends and best practices in the industry, meaning that you will receive cutting-edge services.

  • High-quality

    As a leading provider of body photo editing services in India and abroad, we are committed to delivering the highest quality services as quickly as possible. Our ISO-certification also demonstrates our commitment to upholding the highest standards of quality.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    As a professional body photo editing service providing company, we aim to surpass our competition by providing high-quality photo editing services with rapid turnaround times.

  • Project Security

    We are committed to maintaining and upholding the highest standards of data security. Your sensitive data will only be handled by authorized personnel and securely stored and used.

  • Ease of Scalability

    We are a leading body photo editing service providing company and provide a level of flexibility and scalability that you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Keeping your future needs in mind, we provide the capability to scale up or scale down our services to help you more effectively meet changing business environments.

  • Superb Infrastructure

    As a leading provider of body photo editing services in India and abroad, our team works out of world-class office spaces and makes use of international-level infrastructure facilities, including uninterrupted network connectivity and 200% power backup.

Customer Success Stories

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Outsource2india Helped a South Korean Client with Portrait Restoration Services

The proprietor of a South Korean image restoration business approached us to delegate portrait restoration services. Our expertise proved effective in editing 1400 images per week.

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Case Study on Portrait Restoration Services

Outsource2india Provided an Australian Client with Photo Restoration of 10000 Images

A reputed Australian client with expertise in sales and merchandising needed a trustworthy partner to delegate portrait restoration services. Our team was responsible for the project and brought 100% satisfaction to the client.

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Thank you for the fantastic work you have done for me. The quality was superb, the price excellent, and the turnaround time was quick. 10/10

Professional Photographer,
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Outsource Body Photo Editing Services to Outsource2india

We are a professional body photo editing company based in India and also have multiple delivery centers spread across the world. We can provide you with customized body photo editing solutions that can turn your images into works of art. Our expert team has worked on thousands of images and have built up world-class capability when it comes to photo editing.

If you are looking for an experienced and cost-effective provider of body photo editing services, get in touch with us today!

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