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Outsource Background Replacement Using Photoshop Services

Outsource Background Replacement Using Photoshop Services

Replace unwanted background quickly at cost-effective rates.

Does your photograph include a distracting background? Are you looking for background replacement using Photoshop as a reliable tool to erase unneeded information? If yes, you can get your photographs ready-to-market in no time without owning expensive editing tools or adding editing professionals to your business' payroll. Processing raw images to enhance its aesthetic value is easier if you outsource background replacement using photoshop to experts like us.

At Outsource2india, we have high-caliber editing professionals who are specialists in eliminating unwanted details from photographs for professional and personal consumption. Using the latest version of licensed Photoshop, we can channel mask or erase the background to make it visually appealing. All that at an unbelievable price that you can't refuse.

Background replacement using Photoshop Services We Offer

Background replacement using Photoshop is the quickest way to get rid of unwanted detail from photographs irrespective of the object geometry. Whether it is basic or complex design we can get the job done without stress. The solutions we offer as part of background replacement using Photoshop services include the following -

Simple and Basic Shaped Objects Before
Simple and Basic Shaped Objects After
Slide on the image to see BEFORE / AFTER images.

Simple and Basic Shaped Objects

Images with fewer than 6 anchor points, simple geometry, and single clipping path can be edited to eliminate the background with O2I's background replacement using Photoshop services. Our proficient editors can work with simple-shaped foreground objects such as T-shirts, camera, mobile phones, rings, books, cookware, etc.

Moderately Complex Shaped Objects Before
Moderately Complex Shaped Objects After
Slide on the image to see BEFORE / AFTER images.

Moderately Complex Shaped Objects

Images that have multiple anchor points, moderately complex geometry, and clippings paths may need slightly more advanced background replacement using Photoshop. This requires imtermediate-level skill in background replacement using Photoshop. This service is ideal for replacing the background on objects with embedded transparency such as motor parts, multiple rings, multiple shoes, etc.

Highly Complex Shaped Objects Before
Highly Complex Shaped Objects After
Slide on the image to see BEFORE / AFTER images.

Highly Complex Shaped Objects

This service is applicable to foreground objects with vertical/horizontal curves, complex geometry and multiple embedded transparencies where considerable time is consumed to create a closed path by placing anchor points and clipping paths. Our experts rely on precision tools in Photoshop to make the background transparent. Choosing this service is a must if you have images representing group photo, trees, architecture, fabric, etc.

Ghost Mannequin Effect Before
Ghost Mannequin Effect After
Slide on the image to see BEFORE / AFTER images.

Ghost Mannequin Effect

If you want to process a detailed product photograph we can eliminate the background to give a 3D effect to the foreground object. The Neck Joining process can help you create great photographs to showcase fashion products on e-commerce sites. It helps you to discard the background and create an invisible mannequin effect for enriching your product portfolio.

Object Removal from Photographs Before
Object Removal from Photographs After
Slide on the image to see BEFORE / AFTER images.

Object Removal from Photographs

Get rid of unwanted elements from photographs with object and background replacement using Photoshop. Our editors can enhance the appeal of an otherwise ordinary photograph by swapping or removing one or more objects that are captured in the frame. You can retain objects that are relevant and discard the ones that are a distraction.

Our Portfolio

Have a look at our recent projects and get a preview of the flawless results produced by our experts.

Photoshop Background Replacement Process We Follow

Outsource2india is a leading provider of background replacement services using photoshop in India. Our excellent service levels and unmatched editing skill can deliver the finest results in photo editing services. Here is a snapshot of our transparent workflow to help you understand the process after outsourcing background replacement using photoshop to us -

Requirement Aggregation  

01. Requirement Aggregation

We will work with you to understand what you prefer as end results. Our goal is to perform accurate background replacement for excellent results

Image Evaluation  

02. Image Evaluation

We will analyze the image format, original quality, resolution, shape complexity, and other details to ensure it meets the minimum workable standards for flawless output

Background Removal  

03. Background Removal with Photoshop

We will erase unwanted elements from a target image with channel mask and replace the void with a vibrant background or objects based on your need

Quality Assurance Checks  

04. Quality Assurance Checks

After editing, we will carry out multi-level quality checks to ensure that the finalized output satisfies the client's need

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Why Choose O2I's Photoshop Services for Background Replacement?

Our existing client base is super satisfied with the background replacement using photoshop because we leave no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring quality. We are well-known for offering reliable support that can be counted upon whether you require simple project updates or personalized attention. Here are more reasons why you should offshore background replacement using photoshop to O2I -

  • Certified Provider of Background Replacement using Photoshop Services

    Outsource2india is an ISO 9001:2015 certified image editing company that takes care of background replacement using Photoshop. We are based out of India, having over 19 years of experience and over 15000 happy clients from around the world.

  • Data Security

    When you outsource background replacement using photoshop to us, we aggressively protect your data using various deterrents put in place with one major objective - protecting the confidentiality and integrity of your digital data. This effort has been lauded by ISO and we take pride in becoming ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 certified.

  • High Accuracy and Quality Service

    The background replacement using photoshop is a custom solution crafted for handling imperfections in your image background. We push boundaries of quality management to ensure that the image is ready to use for business or other purposes without further scrutinization.

  • Short Turnaround Time

    When you choose Outsource2india for background replacement using photoshop services you can get the finished project within a stipulated turnaround time. We work at a great pace here at O2I to cope with the tight deadlines so that you can focus on your business rather than worrying about the overdue timeline.

  • Scalability

    If you have requirements that are bound to scale up or down during the project, we have you covered. O2I has the technology and people who can handle a sudden increase or decrease in service requirements. This will allow you to save more money and time consumed by the project.

  • Pocket-friendly Pricing

    We have a flexible pricing structure for background replacement using Photoshop to keep you on the cutting edge of competition. We will help you choose the service package by considering your requirement. Whether you are an independent photographer, advertising business, or a large agency we have the ultimate solution for background replacement using photoshop.

  • Single Point of Contact

    When you join hands with O2I for background replacement using Photoshop you will be assigned an agent who will not be rotated during the project. Since the agent is closely involved with the workflow and the project, you can get real-time updates and support in short TAT.

  • Experienced Team of Image Enhancing Specialists, and Photoshop Editing Specialists

    We have over 500 image editing experts working with specialized software such as Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, and other top-notch editing tools. With hundreds of hours of experience, we can deliver finished results that are a cut above the rest.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    At O2I, we spend generously year after year to keep our infrastructure up-to-date. We have superior security, software, hardware, and physical infrastructure that will ensure that you get the very best service levels from start to finish.

  • Customs Background Replacement Editing Tools

    We have a wide range of image editing tools including photoshop that comes with features such as background erasing tool, pen tool, channel masks, and much more to render images that are ready to be used for marketing.

  • Secure File Sharing

    We make sharing files safer so that your confidential videos do not end up in wrong hands. We use SFTP and VPN that allows secure data transmission.

  • Round-the-clock Availability

    We are accessible on a 24/7/365 basis because our agents are just a ping away. We also provide local time zone support via email, phone call, or web chat to help you get instant access to industry's best minds.

Client Success Stories

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Global Leader in 3D Real Space Visualizing Avails O2I's Image Editing and Video Creation Services

O2I was contacted by a 3D real space visualizing company to edit images as well as create videos. Our team of editors sprung into action and rendered the service in a quick TAT.

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Swimming Coaching Company Outsources Design Manipulation Services to O2I

World's #1 Baby and Toddler Swimming Coaching Company Outsources Design Manipulation Services to O2I

O2I was approached for image manipulation services by a baby and toddler coaching company. Our team efficiently delivered marketable results in fleeting time.

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I used outsource2india.com for some photo retouching. I'm thrilled with the work and time they saved me. The whole process was efficient, and the result was great. I definitely recommend them.

Graphic Designer,
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Outsource Background Replacement using Photoshop Services to Outsource2india - Leader in Mortgage Service

Be it background replacement using photoshop or wedding photo editing services, in general, we have just the solution for you. Our in-house team of photo editing specialists has a profound knowledge of sophisticated image editing tools currently used by top editing houses in the media and entertainment business. We actively innovate and improve our technology infrastructure to make our editing services safe and robust. Our friendly pricing will guarantee higher satisfaction and flawless results without warranting you to own high-tech editing suites or hire full-time professionals. We are specialists in a wide range of editing services and cater solutions such as post-processing of real estate images, image enhancement, image clipping, wedding photo editing and more.

Reach us via your preferred means whether by email, phone call, or web chat and we will respond with the cost and other information within 24 to 48 hours.

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