Outsource Apparel Photo Editing Services

Apparel Photo Editing Services

Bright, colorful, & professionally clipped apparel images with interesting backgrounds can significantly increase the sales of your online apparels and boost your marketing efforts. If you want to transform your regular looking apparel photos and make them suitable for e-com sites, apparel photo editing is what you need.

Whether you are an ecommerce store, online business, garment manufacturer, fashion designer, or a stylist, we provide customized apparel photo editing services for business of all kinds and shapes at the most cost-effective rates. When you outsource commercial photo editing to Outsource2india, you can be certain of getting the most competitive price, value, quality, and turnaround time, making us the perfect photo editing service provider.

Apparel Photo Editing Services We Offer

Online clothing stores are one of the fastest growing organizations in the retail industry today. There are many online stores that sell products to their potential audiences. Here, the merchant trusts the expertise and brand value of the businesses to sell their items. Thus, as an online business/store, you have to earn the trust of your merchant/vendors and customers. It is only possible through the display of quality images that will entice the customers to buy from you.

Some of our apparel photo editing services that can help you in your endeavor are -

 Change/Replace Image Color
 Collars & Neck Joint Replacement
 Apparel Photo Editing
 Crease Fix
 Addition of White Backgrounds
 Scratch & Crease Erase
 Black & White Effects Inclusion
 Image Straightening
 Front & Back Clothing Combination
 Stain Removal
 Iron Wrinkles Removal
 Contrast and Brightness Adjustment
 Contrast and Brightness Adjustment

Industries/Vertical We Cater To

We provide our clients with offshore apparel photo editing services to many industries and verticals. The following is a list of the industries/verticals in which we have risen as a leading provider of apparel photo editing services in India -

Online Apparels Shopping

Online Apparels

Online Electronic Store

Online Electronic

Online Automobile Store

Online Automobile

Online Sports Accessories

Online Sports

Real Estate Companies

Real Estate

Publishing Houses

Publishing Houses

Portrait Studios

Portrait Studios

Jewelry Brands

Jewelry Brands

Fashion Industry


Apparel Photo Editing Tools We Use

Our expertise in being the prominent provider of apparel image editing services in India has made us accomplished in the latest apparel photo editing tools. Those tools are -

Benefits of Outsourcing Apparel Photo Editing Services to O2I

With 24 years of experience in apparel photo editing industry, Outsource2india has become one of the most prominent apparel photo editing services provider. We have amalgamated the best mixture of expertise, technologies, and dedication to providing you with a wide range of apparel photo editing solutions to ensure high quality. With our services, you can avail the following benefits -

  • Flexible Pricing Options

    Every business needs a solution that would enable their business with solutions that is affordable even on a small business budget and that does not restrict their future options. That is why we have flexible pricing option for our apparel photo editing services that will allow you to choose the type and scope (duration) of the services you need.

  • 100% information security

    As an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified partner, we focus inwards and build processes and teams' metrics to boost the security and privacy of your data. With our international standards of data security, we offer a substantial edge over the competitors and in no way, your data will be leaked or published without your prior permission.

  • Ultramodern infrastructure

    In O2I, our apparel photo editing experts use modern photo editing tools and systems to complete the projects within the scheduled time. They also have access to ultramodern infrastructure in terms of continuous network supplies, Telco-grade data center, power backups, robust CRM, etc.

  • High quality

    If you decide to outsource apparel photo editing services, you can rely on us to get high-quality images that will help increase your return on investment and increase growth.

  • Short Turnaround Time

    If you choose us as your apparel photo editing services provider, we can provide a lesser turnaround time in the amount of 50%. Our team is dedicated to working effectively at every step of apparel photo editing.

  • Data Security

    When you collaborate with is for any of your apparel photo editing needs, you can rest assure that all the files will be received or sent only in encoded format and via FTP. Also, none of your images will be printed or distributed without your consent.

  • Experienced team

    We have a broad team of 200 experts with approximately 100 years of management experience. As the leading provider of apparel photo editing solutions, we use only the best apparel photo editing tools and have a team of around 100 dedicated employees.

  • 24/7 availability

    Our contact center team is available 24/7. With extensive industry knowledge and immediate response, they can solve your issues/queries at once.

  • Options to scale up

    We have the required number of resources, both in terms of expert photo editors, graphic designers, and infrastructure facilities to scale up the apparel photo editing services when your business demands increase.

Customer Success Stories

O2I Provided 0.31 Km Long Photo Stitching for a Photography Company

O2I Provided 0.31 Km Long Photo Stitching for a Norway Based Photography Company

O2I worked on a photo stitching project that included stitching of an image which consisted of about 300 individual images.

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O2I Provided Image Enhancement and Photo Editing to a UK Photo Studio

Outsource2india Provided Image Enhancement and Photo Editing to a UK Photo Studio

O2I's image enhancement services helped a UK-based client clear their backlog in a short turnaround time at a cost-effective rate.

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Outsource Apparel Photo Editing Services to O2I


Excellent work and bang on time! I am quite happy with the quality of the stitching and HDR. We will be working more in future.

Marketing Company, USA
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Outsource2india has been providing world-class apparel photo editing services and other photo editing services to its global clients for 24 years. Our experience in providing services to clients in a wide range of industries helps us recognize their business model and enables us to craft our apparel photo editing solutions in a way to meet their needs. Our team is highly trained and efficient to provide quality service and have a comprehensive knowledge for all modern image editing tools.

If you have any apparel photo editing requirements, and want to get ahead of your competitors, get in touch with us. We will be happy to help.

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Apparel Photo Editing Services FAQs

  • How do you take pictures without mannequin clothes?

    Pictures of clothes without a mannequin can be taken by the conventional flat lay methods, shaping the outlines, and keeping it together by using sticks, tapes, clasps, etc.

  • What is the best color to wear in pictures?

    The best color clothes to wear in photos are usually bright colors that stand out in a picture. Black and whites can offer too much contrast while mid-tone or vibrant colors can be flattering in an image.

  • What is Ghost mannequin?

    The ghost mannequin effect is an effect that allows you to take multiple photos of the product on the mannequin and then remove the model or mannequin in the post-production process.