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Outsource Fashion/Glamor Image Editing

Fashion/Glamor Image Editing Services

At Outsource2india, we focus on a wide range of fashion image editing projects, including shoes, handbags, clothing/apparels, etc., for non-human photos. Also, we can provide glamor image editing services to enhance skin tone & texture, reshape lips, change eye color, remove stains, brighten teeth, alter body fats, remove facial hair, fix hair, etc. for models. We provide expert fashion image editing solutions that will take your fashion pictures to another level and help you enhance your brand value.

O2I is the leading fashion/glamor image editing services provider with 24 years of fashion image editing experience. Our service can cater to all your glamor image editing needs. Our experienced photo editing team is always tuned towards working according to the customer's preferences until they are satisfied with our fashion photo editing services.

Fashion/Glamor Image Editing Services We Offer

As a leading provider of fashion/glamor image editing services in India, Outsource2india' talented team of graphic designers and editors can provide 360-degree fashion photo editing services that include -

Portrait/Image Retouch Portrait/Image Retouch
Beauty Pageant Photo Retouch Beauty Pageant Photo Retouch
Reshape Body/Face Reshape Body/Face
Image Adjustment/Crop Image Adjustment/Crop
Contrast Correction Contrast Correction
Teeth Whitening Teeth
Color Correction Color
Color Saturation Color
Fixing Stray Hair Fixing
Stray Hair
Blur Background Editing Blur Background Editing
Facial Skin Airbrushing Facial Skin Airbrushing
Background Retouch/Alter Background Retouch/Alter
Image (Two) Merging Image (Two) Merging
Glare Fixing Glare
Skin Blemishes, Moles, Acne, Scar Removal Skin Blemishes, Moles, Acne, Scar Removal
Solid Color Background Extension Solid Color Background Extension
Adjustment of Photo Light and Shadow Area Adjustment of Photo Light and Shadow Area
Clipping Path (Black and White/Transparent Background) Clipping Path (Black and White/Transparent Background)
Complex Background Extension/Change Complex Background Extension/Change, and Many More
Skin Retouch, Including Skin Rejuvenation and Background Enhancement Skin Retouch, Including Skin Rejuvenation and Background Enhancement

Industries/Vertical We Cater To

We provide professional fashion photo editing services to multiple industries/verticals. Here is a list of industries who avail our expert glamor image editing services -

Online Apparels Shopping

Online Apparels

Online Electronic Store

Online Electronic

Online Automobile Store

Online Automobile

Online Sports Accessories

Online Sports

Publishing Houses

Publishing Houses

Portrait Studios

Portrait Studios

Real Estate Companies

Real Estate Companies

Jewelry Brands

Jewelry Brands

Fashion Industry

Fashion Industry

Modeling Agencies

Modeling Agencies

Read more about the industries we serve.

Fashion/Glamor Image Editing Tools We Use

As a leading provider of fashion/glamor photo editing services in India, our professionals have gained extensive experience in many image editing tools. Some of them are -

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Benefits of Outsourcing Fashion/Glamor Image Editing Services to O2I

With more than 24 years of industry experience in providing glamor image editing services to a wide range of industries, Outsource2india outperforms its competitors in terms of expertise, value, and uptime. If you decide to outsource fashion image editing services to us, you can take advantage of -

  • Flexible Pricing Options

    Do not worry if your budget is tight and lack adequate resources or time to get fast results. Based on turnaround time, project, photo volume, etc., we have developed flexible pricing models for various professional fashion photo editing services.

  • 100% information security

    Outsource2india has been accredited with ISO / IEC 27001:2013 certification. This means we will do our best to protect your records/photos. Moreover, our workspaces, systems and global deployment centers are fully secure and can avert all types of vulnerabilities.

  • Ultramodern infrastructure

    At O2I, our fashion image editing experts use the most advanced photo editing tools and systems to finish your projects by the deadline

  • High quality

    If you choose our fashion photo editing service, you can rely on our team of glamor image editing experts to get high-quality photos that will enhance your brand value and return on investment.

  • Short Turnaround Time

    Our team is capable and experienced to work at every stage of fashion image editing. If you decide on outsourcing fashion/glamor photo editing services to us, we can reduce the turnover rate by 40% to 50%.

  • Data Security

    We take privacy very seriously and have left no stone unturned to make our database more secure. To send and receive photos, we rely on encryption protocols and FTP. Also, we will not post or imitate a photo or image without your consent.

  • Experienced team

    We provide outstanding offshore fashion photo editing services to clients around the world. We have nearly 200 passionate employees and the best management team with 100+ man-years of service experience.

  • 24/7 availability

    Our contact center support team is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also call or send a message/email to our delivery center. They will provide an instant resolution to all your issues.

  • Option to scale up

    We have an ample number of resources and state-of-the-art infrastructure to scale up our fashion photo editing services at any time. This way, you can expand or reduce your business needs without worrying about employing new resources.

Customer Success Stories

O2I Provided Sports And Outdoor Photography Editing Services For A Swedish Company

O2I Provided Sports and Outdoor Photography Editing Services for a Swedish Company

O2I took the challenging task of delivering affordable time-bound image editing solution to its Swedish client that helped them reduce the operating cost.

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O2I Provided Image Enhancement and Photo Editing to a UK Photo Studio

Outsource2india Provided Image Enhancement and Photo Editing to a UK Photo Studio

O2I's image enhancement services helped a UK-based client clear their backlog in a short turnaround time at a cost-effective rate.

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Outsource Fashion/Glamor Image Editing Services to O2I


Thank you very much for your time, and for the excellent work from your team. It's very professional, and the communication has been very easy.

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For 24 years, Outsource2india has been providing fashion photo editing services and quite a few other photo editing services to customers around the world at a reasonable price, with the industry's top turnaround time. Our experience in providing glamor image editing service across a wide range of industries assists us in understanding their business requirements and tailor our fashion image editing solutions accordingly.

Our team has acquired a wealth of knowledge on the modern photo editing tools and can imitate your personal style, so you can be sure that you will be satisfied with the outcome of our glamor image editing.

We deliver customized support to each customer. If you have a fashion image editing requirement, get in touch with us. We are happy to help.

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