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Data Scraping Services

Outsource Data Scraping Services

Leverage sophisticated, proven, and compliant techniques to extract and organize data from multiple sources with our data scraping services

Relevant and updated data fuels significant business decisions. However, extracting and collating useful, unique, valuable, and time-sensitive data from various sources can be challenging. This is exactly where businesses like yours should consider custom data scraping services.

We are a data scraping service provider with 25 years of experience in delivering exceptional services to global clients. Our team uses hybrid methodologies and sophisticated crawlers that are reliable and compliant. We automate scraping procedures to advance your workflows. The data gathered is processed and categorized based on your requirements.

Scrap high-quality data from hard-to-reach sources and transform it into a business advantage with our services.

Data Scrapping Solutions We Offer

We offer a wide array of scraping services that target everything from sources as simple as one-page landings and social media platforms to complex mobile apps and enterprise-grade web applications. Some of the top services we offer include the following -

 Screen Scraping Services
 Restaurant Data Scraping
 Ecommerce Data Scraping
 Financial Data Scraping
 Social Media Scrapping
 Product Data Scraping
 Leads Data Scraping

Data Scraping Steps We Follow

We follow a multi-step approach to capture valuable data that helps you make informed decisions, which involves -


01. Requirement Analysis

We analyze your project needs and predict the extent of scraping required for your project.


02. Schedule the Crawlers

We automate regular data extraction - daily, weekly, or monthly - by scheduling the right crawlers.


03. Filter the Data

We filter the scraped data, organize it based on your needs, and convert it into specific formats.


04. Data Delivery

The formatted and updated data is shared across secure FTP servers or transferred to the client's cloud storage.

Why Should You Choose Our Data Scraping Company?

Go beyond basic data extraction and implement measures to automatically gather data even when the content gets updated on the source platforms. Our tech-enabled approach assures flawless data sets that are carefully organized. Some of the significant benefits of partnering with us are -

  • Guaranteed Data Quality

    We get the target data for you and clean it to make it more accurate and relevant. So, when you choose us, you get data on a platter to hit the road running.

  • Project Security

    Besides signing NDAs and confidentiality agreements, we have stringent data security measures that ensure only authorized personnel can access your confidential data.

  • Swift Project Turnaround

    Due to time-zone advantage, we follow a dusk-to-dawn approach and deliver accurate data sets quickly.

  • Customized Scraping Tools

    Sometimes a custom tool may assist you in meeting your data extraction needs better than a standard tool. We have the expertise to code a specific scraping tool and blend the right techniques to extract the exact data you want.

  • Flexible Pricing

    We offer a flexible pricing structure that ensures you only pay for what you use. Every client is billed based on the project's complexity and the tools involved.

Additional Services

Data Extraction Services

With our quick and efficient data extraction solutions, get the most accurate data at your fingertips to make vital business decisions.

Data Virtualization Services

Connect disparate data sources and integrate them into a single interface with our customized data virtualization services.

Data Mining Services

Leverage our trained resources with technical know-how to extract valuable information from various data sets.

Data Standardization Services

Create standardized data banks that are devoid of irregularities and inconsistencies with our professional data standardization services.

Customer Success Stories

O2I Provided Accurate Data Extraction to a Consulting Company

O2I Provided Accurate Data Extraction to a Consulting Company

A leading NZ-based consulting firm received highly reliable and accurate data extraction services within a quick turnaround time.

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O2I Helped a US-based Medical Communications Firm with Data Extraction Services

Outsource2india Helped a US-based Medical Communications Firm with Data Extraction Services

Learn how our professionals provided high-quality data extraction solutions cost-effectively and completed the project well before the deadline.

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Outsource Data Scraping Services


They have been able to learn our procedures quicker than I ever thought possible

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We provide top-quality scraping services to clients across various industry sectors, such as travel and tourism, real estate, finance, mortgage, eCommerce, and more. As a specialized data scraping service provider, we have catered to specific sub-sections of these industries, such as marketing, sales, finance, and IT. So, we understand the best ways to scrap data that can benefit your business. Our data engineers address data warehousing challenges and develop tailor-made scraping solutions.

Parse data sources of any scale and extract clean, lean, and relevant data with our data scraping services.

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