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Outsource Social Media Marketing Services

Think social media and you can instantly come up with names like Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, Myspace etc. Social media websites and networks have taken over people's digital lives like never before. Social media's biggest beneficiaries were all the businesses who couldn't afford to spend thousands of dollars on marketing and advertising.

Social media marketing (SMM) has opened up a low-cost channel for businesses to improve brand visibility and reach out to customers easily. Through social media advertising and marketing, a prospective client can learn about your company, see how it has helped others and how your company's products/services can solve his problems.

The premise of social marketing is to establish a personal dialogue with customers and prospects alike, and to create a community around your offerings. It only makes sense if you are present in social networks where your customers hang out and you are able to make a personal connection with them. This is highly effective than pesky advertising that your audience doesn't always appreciate. Compared to other traditional forms of marketing, social media marketing is cheaper and is much more effective.

Outsource2india can help you increase brand awareness and generate leads by creating and running a social media marketing program – right from strategy to execution to reporting. Since 2002, we have worked with companies around the world who have needed to solidify customer relationships while also building new customer bases.

Social media marketing services by Outsource2india

Our social media / web 2.0 marketing services include -

  1. Social Media Strategy

    The initial step will be to understand your business goals behind taking up a social media optimization / marketing campaign. Based on the industry vertical that your business operates, we can identify social networks and customer communities that can be targeted. This is followed by an action plan that details activities that will be carried out. A schedule is then drawn and our marketers follow this plan through the end of the project. Along the course of the project you will be apprised of the progress.

  2. Business Blogging – Strategy and Implementation

    Implementing a business blog can help your business develop its own personal voice in reaching out to your audience. It can also help you generate new customer relationships as well as partnership opportunities. Through a definitive strategy we can implement a corporate blogging program for your business combined with a communication plan in the blog. Additionally the blog's RSS feeds can be syndicated across other social platforms to promote the blog.

  3. Social Media Profile Management

    As part of the plan to increase the brand awareness about your brand, we'll setup professional profiles across businesses and personal social networks such as LinkedIn, Viadeo, Ryze, Facebook, Youtube etc. Again, based on your industry vertical we can also create rich profiles in topical social networks. These profiles will act as access points where your customers can reach you as well as spread the word about your brand.

  4. Link Baiting and Social Bookmarking

    Through social bookmarking websites and engaging blog posts, we can create back links that can used to increase the pagerank of your website. Social bookmarking can also be used to announce important events in your company and to promote the communication from your blog.

  5. Rich Media – Video, Podcasting and Photosharing

    With an increase in broadband networks worldwide, people prefer to consume rich media such as videos and podcasts. It has also been shown that even low quality videos with the right message can generate thousands of dollars in revenue. We can implement short term as well as long term strategies for creating videos, photos and podcasts that can be used to connect with customers as well as direct sales pitches. These can be promoted through social sharing sites such as Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr and Photobucket. Incorporating rich media into your website can also help in promoting your site and increasing subscribers.

  6. Monitoring and Reporting

    We combine technology and human insight to provide "buzz" tracking and performance analysis for social media campaigns. Know more about our Social media monitoring services.

Ready to harness the power of web 2.0 for your business? Contact us today.

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Decide in 24 hours whether outsourcing will work for you.

We respect your privacy. Our Policy.

Have specific requirements? Email us at: software.info@outsource2india.com

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