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McKinsey Trends Report indicates that people will be searching globally for talent. And the report also indicates a major change in the way people work. They suggest that technology is creating a fast, global, networked, outsourced world. The outsourcing of content writing to India fits this trend. Those who do not move in the direction of this trend will be left behind. Here is a clip from the Report -

"The battlefield for talent will shift. Ongoing shifts in labor and talent will be far more profound than the widely observed migration of jobs to low-wage countries. The shift to knowledge-intensive industries highlights the importance and scarcity of well-trained talent. The increasing integration of global labor markets, however, is opening up vast new talent sources."

What companies outsource this type of writing to O2I?

Our customers include companies from all over the English-speaking world. We have done work for a host of customers across diverse fields.

The following list gives an indication of companies, which can seek our support -

Medical Writing -

  • Health publications, Research institutions, Pharmaceutical companies, NGOs
  • Independent researchers, Universities
  • Biotechnology firms, Clinical research organizations, Insurance companies

Legal Writing -

  • Law firms, Attorneys, SMEs

Technical Writing -

  • Software companies, Manufacturers, Research Institutions

Scientific Writing -

  • Research and Development Institutions, Manufacturers, Laboratories

What are some examples of this writing?

Legal Writing Services -

  • Legal briefs, pleadings, motions, appeals and deposition summaries;
  • Legal correspondence;
  • Case studies;
  • Legal documents for businesses and individuals, including wills and IPR material.

Technical Writing -

  • Project Manuals;
  • Product Testing Documents;
  • Proposals;
  • User Guides;
  • Technical Abstract & references;
  • On-line Help Systems;
  • Business Process Re-engineering Documents;

Scientific Writing -

  • Proposal Writing
  • Report Abstracts
  • Study Protocols
  • Articles for journals/websites
  • Clinical Study Reports
  • Writing, Editing & Formatting manuscripts
  • PowerPoint/ Flash presentations and posters
  • Literature reviews
  • Regulatory documentations

Medical Writing Projects from O2I

We have written medical articles for the web. Our writers have worked with university professors to prepare research manuscripts, posters, presentations and literature reviews. We have also worked on fine-tuning proposals and are involved in ghostwriting medical books.

What is the process that Outsource2india follows?

We work as a team with our customers. To start with, you can fill out our inquiry form and our Client Engagement Team will be in touch with you within 24 hours with further details.

The O2I process can be divided into two stages -

Stage 1: Requirement capturing, suggesting systems, quotation -

  • As a first step, please complete our inquiry form and our Client Engagement Team will be in touch with you within 24 hours;
  • The team representative will discuss your requirements with you;
  • Then, we will present you with a draft proposal that will outline the content to be developed, a tentative schedule, pricing and the payment options;
  • We will appoint a project coordinator who will function as a liaison between you and the writers. To avoid any confusion, all communication will be routed through the coordinator.

Stage 2: Implementation:

Once this is worked out and you commission us, then we move to the most important stage, that of developing the content.

  • Our subject matter experts (SMEs) and writers will begin research and draft an outline to be cleared by you;
  • Research can include both online and offline research. We can also enable online interviews, if you require it;
  • Outlines will be expanded and a draft submitted to you for clearance;
  • The final document will be submitted for your clearance.

Do you have experienced writers in each of the areas?

We do have in-house experts in some fields. These experts provide guidance and monitor progress. But our real strength lies in our network of writers who are academically well qualified and many of who come with industry experience of 10 years or more in their respective fields.

Most of the writers in our database, of over 500 highly qualified and tested writers, possess at least a Masters degree and have work experience. Their excellent writing and editing skills is what gets them into our database in the first place! We also have on board MBAs, MDs, Law graduates and PhDs.

What content products can you develop?

We develop content for a wide range of documents and material - anything from executive summaries to highly technical scientific document. Drop us a line and most likely, we will be able to work something out for you.

We can develop -

  • White Papers
  • Reviews, Executive Summaries & Abstracts
  • e-Learning content including books, workbooks, training modules and computer-based training

This list is indicative and not exhaustive. Read our full list to see how best we can help you.

Outsource2india can also add value to the content by doing typesetting, graphic design, and PowerPoint development. Read more about our Design & Presentation Services.

What is the next step?

Please complete the inquiry form and our Client Engagement Team will be in touch with you within 24 hours. We can start with a trial program. This paid sample and a proof of concept will help you in assessing our capabilities and will aid us in determining a fair rate and learn what is involved. Once this is over, we can move on to a long-term engagement on tested grounds.

What are some potential problems?

Our resource people might need additional support when some material is very specific to another country, especially when country-specific regulations are involved. In this case, the client is often asked to provide additional sources of information on regulations etc. In other areas, there may be security issues involved. However, if we anticipate potential problems, we will discuss these with you and resolve them before any contract is signed.

How does India stack up globally for this kind of writing?

Apart from the clear cost advantage, India 's biggest advantage is its vast pool of qualified and experienced English-speaking professionals.

The Indian education system has produced not only a large number of technically competent software professionals but also technical writers, scientific writers and other professionals, all possessing superior English writing and editing skills.

The outlook of Indian professionals is very global. Combine this with the advantage they have gained from dealing with global customers during this current outsourcing boom and the result is that Indians can easily adapt, create and write from a global perspective.

Americans do need to be prepared from some minor differences in grammar, spelling and style. However, this is changing rapidly thanks to the influence of the Internet and the American TV. What's more, as the content outsourcing industry in India matures, these minor problems are also fading away rapidly.

In order to ensure that you get exactly what you want, we advise that you prepare some writing guidelines at the outset and request any modification in style at the draft stage.

What sets you apart?

Our management systems and our writers set us apart from the crowd. The subject matter expertise and the excellent writing and editing skills that we have on offer ensure that our customers keep coming back. We could offer you a long list of reasons why we would be the right choice. But we would simply like to say that as content development companies are mushrooming, it is important to walk that extra mile to ensure client satisfaction and we, with the backing of our writer network, will do just that.

Who can I contact for specialized writing of the kind you are talking about?

Just fill in our inquiry form and you are on your way towards reaching your goal! Outsource2india’s Client Engagement Team will contact you with in 24 hours.

How do I pay?

You have a choice of paying online with a credit card, through a secure payment gateway, or through wire transfer. We will facilitate this once the order is finalized. But we work only against an advance and delivery is always against payment. For larger assignment, we work out a pay-as-we-go schedule.

Can you give me references of customers?

Sure we can provide a list of references upon request. We are also confident that once you work with us, your name will be on this list too!

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