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Outsource Curriculum Development Services

Curriculum Development Services

Some companies are in the business of teaching and training. These companies need curricula developed to expand their offerings. Others need to train their own people. Today, every company - whether small or big - needs its employees to stay abreast of rapidly evolving developments and acquire new skills in order to stay competitive.

The Curriculum Development Process We Follow

Our curriculum development services can be divided into the following stages -

Stage I

  • As a first step, please fill out our inquiry form and our Client Engagement Team will be in touch with you within 24 hours.
  • The team member will discuss your requirements with you.
  • After this, we will present you with a draft proposal that will outline the curriculum to be developed, a tentative schedule, pricing and payment options.

Stage II

Once this is worked out, we move to one of the most important stages of our curriculum development services. Developing any curriculum - outsourced or not - requires a very detailed needs analysis at the organizational level and/or the individual level, depending on your requirements.

An organizational-level analysis of strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement can be carried out in two ways -

  1. An internal, informal evaluation of processes, productivity, documentation; or
  2. An industry-specific assessment methodologies (for example: a CMMI audit for software companies)

An employee-level needs analysis can also be carried out in different ways -

  1. A 360 degree assessment of employees, with focus on their skill sets; or
  2. An audit of the projects they work on

Stage III

Once you carry out your assessments, we can help you draw up a plan based on your needs and priorities. This involves deciding on -

  1. Whether you want a modular or a user-driven system
  2. How long each module must take to learn
  3. Assessment strategies
  4. Grades/benchmarks for success
  5. How to measure return on investment (optional)

Stage IV

Once a decision is made on all of these key areas, our subject matter experts (SMEs) and instructional designers will begin work on the actual curriculum and as per the schedule, present you with drafts and/or completed modules for clearance.

Stage V (optional)

We have the expertise to package the curriculum into an e-Learning solution on CDs or on the internet, implement it and evaluate it for effectiveness. If you choose these options, this stage will comprise -

  1. Alpha release
  2. Beta release
  3. Final release (and your sign off)
  4. Implementation with target groups
  5. Evaluation to identify successful areas and/or areas of improvement

What makes the project go smoothly?

They key factors in making any project go smoothly are open communication and a predetermined set of procedures to be followed on both sides.

On your part, you need to make sure that you -

  1. Give us a clear brief about your requirements and priorities.
  2. Appoint one person each as the liaison to coordinate, monitor and report on the content development, and
  3. Give us feedback at each specified stage so that changes can be carried out during the process, instead of delaying the deliverables at the end.

What are the skills of a good curriculum development team?

Any good team cannot do without -

  1. Subject matter experts (post-graduate level or more)
  2. Prior experience in development of similar courseware
  3. Excellent communication and coordination skills
  4. Commitment to timelines
  5. Ability to anticipate and deal with additional requirements or snags that might crop up along the way

What curriculum development services do you offer that makes the difference between average and excellence?

We realize that the effectiveness of any curriculum can be measured only by the extent to which it encourages the learner to move forward. For an outsourced curriculum to be able to do that is a challenge. We have, however, lived up to and beyond this challenge over and over for several reasons -

  1. The Big Picture - We want to understand the exact role that the course will play in helping you achieve your business goals. Knowing this helps us create linkages in the curriculum to ensure that your learners do not lose sight of these objectives.
  2. The Little Details - We also approach the content from the learner's point of view to ensure that he understands how the course will help him as a professional in order to fulfill his role in achieving the company's business goals.

We can handle almost any subject thanks to our network of writers who are experienced subject matter specialists in a large variety of fields.

How does this partnership we work together?

The proposal of curriculum development services we submit will clearly outline the procedures that we follow. To avoid any confusion or overlap, we appoint one person who coordinates the entire project with you: the progress, the timelines and the deliverables.

In addition, this project coordinator can provide you with clarifications, implement your feedback and ensure the smooth running of the project. We normally provide customers with weekly progress reports but the frequency of this can be altered (before work commences) to suit your schedule.

Almost all communication happens over email and web-based tools like Messenger or PC-to-PC calling.

What is the most difficult part of outsourcing curriculum development services?

Perhaps the most difficulty is faced by companies that haven't outsourced earlier. It is a matter of trusting your business to a company that might be halfway around the world and to people you never met.

For customers who need reassurance, we offer the option of a paid trial program. Consider it your first step towards risk-free outsourcing.

How do we get started?

Please fill out the inquiry form and our Client Engagement Team will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

How do I pay for the curriculum development services?

We charge a small advance for smaller projects. For larger jobs, we work out a pay-as-we-go schedule. We can also create a low risk payment schedule. First-time customers often pay by credit card then migrate to wire transfer.

What can you tell me to give me confidence you can do my work?

If you aren't convinced already, we feel you probably will be once our client engagement team gets in touch with you. If you're still hesitant, you can opt for our trial program as a first step.

And if you're wondering whether you can trust us.don't worry since we're wondering the same about you. Like any relationship we can start small and grow.

Please contact Outsource2india here with your curriculum development services requirements.

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