Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Services

If you wish to deploy email marketing to generate quality leads to support your online marketing initiatives and improve client relationships, outsource email marketing to O2I starting at just $15/hour

Email marketing helps reach the targeted audience in a very personalized manner and is undoubtedly one of the oldest yet most efficient ways of online marketing. With effective email marketing, companies can build stronger client relationships which help in retaining clients and grow their business. However, email marketing works best when you have adequate skills to engage your clients through emails. If you’re lacking the required skills or time for email marketing, you can consider working with experts. When you work with an experienced email marketing service providing company, your professional relationship with your clients will improve exponentially while also building trust and loyalty.

Outsource2india is a reliable email marketing service provider that offers a variety of digital marketing solutions to companies that strive to perform better on digital platforms. We have been offering email marketing services for the past 24 years, and what adds a greater level of expertise to our services is the fact that we have been deploying email marketing to expand our business and understand the nuances of crafting personalized email campaigns that influence customers. In addition to this, we have been assisting numerous big and small companies with unique needs in developing the right email marketing strategy.

Email Marketing Services We Offer

Outsource2india is a one-stop-solution for all your email marketing requirements. We do everything right from understanding your business and email requirements to coming up with the ideal email campaign that fits your needs to bring the best outcomes. We also utilize email service tools and email automation to make the whole process a lot smoother. Here are the email marketing services that we offer -

  1. Email Marketing Automation

    Email Marketing Automation

    Email marketing automation is a useful service that lets you reach a greater number of customers without having to go about it manually. The biggest advantage of automated emails is that it helps save time and effort. We automate emails so that new customers receive a welcome email while also ensuring that the existing customers get timely emails about offers, discounts, newsletters, etc. based on your business requirement. We also identify customers who do not open the email to send them reminder emails to prompt them to read the missed email.

  2. Email Drafting and Editing

    Email Drafting and Editing

    With 24 years of experience, we have developed and worked with innumerable templates to offer email drafting services. However, our expert email editors understand the unique email needs of a client to ensure that the email templates can be worked upon to offer customized solutions when needed. Doing so, we can cater to our clients such that they can build a loyal client base as well as retain them.

  3. Leveraging Email Marketing Tools

    Leveraging Email Marketing Tools

    We offer a range of email service tools that can help you improve your email marketing strategy. The email service tools that we offer can help you find a greater number of customers who would be interested in your services or products and keep them engaged. With this, you can turn your potential customers into loyal clients.

  4. Drafting Personalized Emails

    Drafting Personalized Emails

    With an increasing number of spam emails that people find in their inbox, it is very important to draft emails such that they make complete sense to the customers and are received and opened. Personalized emails help by increasing the chances of the emails being opened and read by customers. We offer personalized email services that are crafted with complete attention to details and nuances for each customer so that your customers feel connected to your business, thereby increasing the number of clicks to your business.

  5. Automated Email & Workflow Management

    Automated Email & Workflow Management

    When you are dealing with a long list of recipients or plan to grow your email marketing strategy, it can be painstaking to do everything manually. When you opt for our automated email marketing management services, you can automate important functions like updating the list of subscribers and recipients when people unsubscribe or subscribe, importing contacts more efficiently and conveniently, and removing inactive emails from the database automatically.

  6. Result Tracking and Analytics

    Result Tracking and Analytics

    With our result tracking and analytics service, you can track how your email marketing strategy performs instantly without having to wait to witness the success of it. With the help of active tracking and analysis, we help you in identifying the loopholes in the strategy, ways in which your email marketing can be made better, and planning the next step.

Features Of Our Email Marketing Strategies

Both big and small companies have their struggles in managing and growing their business. With so much to handle, outsourcing email marketing services to a trusted service provider like us helps you focus on your core operations while we take care of reaching potential customers for you. We make use of the best features, email marketing tools, and software to offer top-notch email marketing services. With that said, here’s what we utilize in coming up with the best email marketing strategy for you -


We use professionally designed customized templates when the existing templates need to be modified to suit the requirements of the client


Our content is conversion-oriented and has social media sharing features, for platforms like Twitter and Facebook


We leverage latest, advanced email marketing tracking and analytics tools and report regularly


We segment email contacts to sort out a specific bunch of contacts that is suitable for email blasts and keep updating the list to ensure whether email blast marketing is suitable for the specific recipients

Our 4-Step Email Marketing Process

All our email marketing programs go through a structured process that is tied to your business goals. Here's how you can jumpstart your email campaign -


01. Strategic Planning

The first step involves gathering high-level goals and creating a plan to achieve them. We can help you by identifying your audience, planning the right message, and identifying the tools necessary to reach them. The plan also includes a structured schedule so that you are aware of how things progress all the time.


02. Email Design & Communication Planning

Emails need to immediately capture the attention of the reader and engage them in taking action. With so much spam that people receive these days, your audience is no different. With over a decade of experience, we can design the most effective email with the message that prompts a prospect to respond to you.


03. Email Distribution

Once the email design and message is ready, we use advanced email distribution tools to distribute them to your target market. You can reach a massive list running into thousands or send emails to a small group. You will also know whether the email has reached the audience, what was the bounce rate as well as the facility to track clicks in the email.


04. Reporting

Many email marketing solutions leave you in the dark once emails are sent. Knowing the overall results of an email marketing program is as important as the campaign itself. We present you with descriptive reports of the campaigns which can be used in future marketing campaigns.

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Why Choose Outsource2india for Email Marketing Services?

Outsource2india is a reliable email marketing service providing company that offers many benefits to businesses that opt for the services. We have a team of experienced digital marketing experts who update their skills from time to time to offer the most effective email marketing services that have the best outcomes. In addition to quality services, there are several reasons why you should outsource email marketing services to us, which are as follows -

  • Affordable Services

    Our services come at highly affordable rates so that all kinds of businesses from small to big can have access to our email marketing services. Furthermore, you only pay for the services that you opt for.

  • Customization

    We communicate with you and understand your business and goals to come up with the most effective email marketing strategy. Our services are customized based on your requirements, and we take your inputs in developing the best strategy.

  • ISO Certification

    We are an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company, which means we strictly adhere to the international quality standards when offering various services. This, along with our robust experience in the field of digital marketing makes our services one of the best email marketing services in India.

  • Single Point of Contact

    We understand that having a single point of contact can make it less confusing for the clients when they need to reach us in case of queries. This is why, we assign a project manager to each of our clients so that they can easily contact the project manager for receiving project updates, progress, and status of the project.

  • Round-the-Clock Assistance

    Our customer care assistants are available around the clock for people who reach us via emails, calls, or other channels with questions concerning our services. We reach back swiftly irrespective of the time zone or the location and help you by providing you the required information.


We thank Outsource2india for the wonderful job in helping us develop our program. Everyone was professional, excellent, and hard working. Thanks to them, we were able to achieve our goal on time, and we look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

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Today, email blasting or sending bulk emails to all kinds of subscribers, recipients, and clients do not count as an effective means of email marketing. To make sure that people read emails that can drive more sales and profit to your business, outsourcing email marketing services is the best alternative. When experts who have years of experience and the required technical knowledge handle your business emails to benefit your company, you can relax and focus on other operations. Outsourcing email marketing services is also more beneficial when compared to hiring a full-time digital marketer as it helps significantly in cutting down costs. Outsource2india meets every criterion that you would have for outsourcing your requirements, especially when growth is your ultimate aspiration.

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