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Outsourcing Internet Marketing to India

Outsourcing to India has been growing in waves, starting first with software in the late 80s. The next waves were medical transcription and call centers in the late 90s. From the second half of 2003 we have been seeing higher end professional services being outsourced to India.

Included in this wave are strategic Internet marketing services. We will take a quick look at the a) potential advantage b) kind of projects and c) the possible problems associated with outsourcing these services to India.

Potential Advantage

Generally India is known globally for its technical expertise but there are good marketing companies filled with experienced professionals. The technology ethos of India combined in a marketing company creates a foundation for great Internet Marketing Companies.

In addition the Indian Institutes of Management and other top institutions produce some of finest and most sought-after people on the planet. Therefore outsourcing to an Indian company may mean that your project will be in the hands of as high a qualified person as any in your own country.

It is hardly necessary to mention the potential cost savings. Outsource2india has been providing quality services at huge cost savings for many years now. This is well known.

Services you can Outsource

Internet market services can be more than just optimizing web pages for search engines. These hi-end services can include some of the things listed below. Outsourcing creative design can expand the reach of companies allowing their products and services to penetrate into the offices and homes of potential buyers around the globe, thereby giving any entrepreneur or corporation a big competitive advantage.

  • Web content development
  • Web branding
  • Website Optimization
  • Web Analytics
  • Tutorial creation
  • Pop Flash ads
  • Online advertising games
  • Marketing research
  • Online products to increase web traffic
  • E-Book creation and distribution
  • Linking strategies and deployment
  • E-Newsletter creation and distribution
  • Targeting email marketing
  • Marketing media product development
  • Publishing solutions
  • Creative solutions


Perhaps the biggest problem of outsourcing marketing to India is the lack of a deep understanding of the local market of the customer. This will need to be done by companies who are very close to the market or who can study the market. However globalization is closing this gap.

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