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Global Firms Outsourcing Visual Communications to India

Foreign firms are outsourcing all kinds of visual content to India: Basic PowerPoint presentations to special effects of the kind you see in the movies, and everything in between.

The dazzling 'liquid gold' visuals used throughout the 2004 Academy Awards ceremony have come in for some worldwide praise. The graphics were conceptualized by the famous Kyle Cooper of the Los Angeles-based Prologue Films but it was Indian company Tata Elxi's Visual Computing Labs (VCL) that actually executed the work. All this while Cooper stayed in LA and the VCL team worked from India.

Global consultancy giant McKinsey has also decided to outsource all multimedia presentations for business pitching from the Chennai-based Visual Graphics India. McKinsey officials went on record saying that the productivity of its consultants had risen ever since they stopped spending a lot of time creating presentations and other important visuals.

Those are just two high-profile contracts that Indian companies have snapped up in the last couple of years. Hundreds more are wrapped up in strict non-disclosure agreements. With the big boys flying in regularly, it is a clear sign that India is fast becoming a preferred destination for outsourcing of visual communication material.

A few years back, the Indian market was nascent and visual communication here was just finding its feet. Today, it is growing at a mind boggling 200%. This is still just a sliver from the $ 50-70 billion global pie that year. It should come as no surprise that companies like MGM, Warner Bros, Fox and Time Warner are looking to cut costs in the animation department and India stands a more-than-fair chance of grabbing such production and post-production work.

Across the country, international-standard studios like Ramoji Film City, Pentamedia Graphics, Jadoo Works, Mukta Arts, Noida Film City, Escotoonz, Animation India and UTV's Toonz Animation are grabbing contracts to create high-end visual content for American and European customers. There are also dozens of medium and small companies that are happy doing even plain vanilla visual content.

Today, foreign firms are outsourcing all kinds of visual content to India: basic PowerPoint presentations to special effects of the kind you see in the movies, and everything in between. That covers 2D and 3D modeling and animation, CAD work, website design and development, product demonstrations - both online and offline, illustrated science, e-learning material and even your garden variety data entry and data conversion work.

They are doing it for the same reason that Prologue and McKinsey came and other biggies like Disney are looking at India: the costs are a fraction of those back home, there is a ready pool of high-quality creative and technical talent, besides high-end software and facilities required to produce such content. Outsourcing such tasks also frees up personnel at the home office to concentrate on the work they were meant to do in the first place.

Communication is Power. Find out more about Visual Communication Services to India, what capabilities Indian professionals have, and the benefits of outsourcing this work to India.

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