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Outsource Outsourcing Business Incorporation Services to India

The processes and documentation involved in Business Incorporation Service, also known as Business Formation, offer ample scope for the service to be outsourced. As part of the formation process, various forms need to be filed with the state and federal authorities depending on the type of business entity that is being formed such as Corporations, Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), or Non-Profit Corporations. In addition to the forms that are filed with the Secretary of State and the Internal Revenue Service, businesses are required to maintain corporate records such as Organizational Minutes, Bylaws/Operating Agreements, etc. The various forms and documents that are an integral part of the Business Incorporation Service can easily be outsourced to a country like India for quick turnaround and high quality work.

Outsource only as much as you need to

Business Incorporation Service providers have the option of outsourcing to India different sections of the formation process or the process in its entirety. For example, you can outsource just the drafting of one out of many ‘articles of incorporation’ of a California corporation where the end result will be a document ready to be filed with the California Secretary of State.

You can also choose to outsource the entire set of documents and forms that need to be created on behalf of a corporation. For example, you can have an outsourcing firm in India handle the whole process of forming a Non-Profit Corporation. In this case, the work will involve creation of the articles of incorporation, preparation of the EIN application (IRS Form SS-4), drafting of the corporation's Bylaws, and preparation of the Tax-Exempt application (IRS Form 1023 together with the attachment).

India - The ideal choice

India has a large workforce that is accustomed to using English for day-to-day business interaction. A large number of them have educational backgrounds in commerce or management and therefore are ideally suited for the documentation work involved in the formation of businesses. Outsource service providers today have made significant investments in technologies that facilitate real time communications with the companies that outsource work. They also ensure that right candidates are chosen and adequately trained to produce quality work in the shortest possible time.

Outsource to get a competitive advantage

Indian outsourcing companies are also in a position to offer end-to-end outsourcing solutions that involve call centers for customer acquisition and customer support through email or chat. The competitive environment in which US business incorporation service companies operate require them to be highly cost efficient and extremely fast in responding to their customer's requirements. In this scenario, outsourcing work to a competent partner can help companies create a definitive competitive advantage.

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