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Outsource Web Enabling your Legacy Applications to O2I

Web Enabling Legacy Applications

Most organizations today are converting legacy applications to web-interface applications in order to make it easy to use for customers, vendors and partners. Any organization would have its own set of applications developed over the years when different communication needs came up. And the need to web-enable these legacy applications is more in the recent times, when customers are moving to the web like never before.

If you have tried it once, you would know how difficult it is, to make all the offline options online. Defining modules, take care of access permissions, automating bulk-discounts, personalizing the application for long-term customers and vendors, all this could make it very complicated to move a legacy application you are using to online.

This is where Outsource2india can help. We can help your organization migrate legacy applications to the web in a smooth transition and help you reap the benefits of employing the latest technologies. Our skilled software team can enable desktop applications, client-server applications and large applications amongst others. Our IT services team can web enable your legacy applications to help you take advantage of the web. At O2I, we can also adapt your current applications to work with the latest technologies.

With our experience and expertise in web enabling legacy applications for global customers, we can provide you with effective services that are efficient and highly productive. Outsource web enabling your legacy applications to Outsource2india and experience greater performance. At Outsource2india, we have a proficient and highly skilled team of professionals who can help your organization upgrade your applications and at the same time deploy the use of the latest technologies available in the market. With our extensive experience web enabling your legacy applications, we can efficiently develop proficient web enabled legacy applications.

What are the benefits of using web enabling legacy applications?

Converting your legacy applications to web enabled applications can be very beneficial for your organization. It can provide global access to your data and systems, enhancing communication with your customers, partners or even your employees - making it faster, simplifying the flow of your data and making the experience more seamless. By web enabling your legacy applications, you can discard the requirements involving multifaceted deployment.

Converting legacy applications to web enabled applications can increase the availability and the accessibility of your applications. More of your customers, business partners and users can easily access your web enabled application. Converting an old application would also prove to be more cost-effective than building a new application.

What is the conversion process that you follow at O2I?

At Outsource2india, we have the skills, expertise, experience and knowledge to effectively convert your legacy applications to web-enabled applications. While in the process of converting your legacy application, there would be no loss of data and none of your organization's activities would be hindered. Outsource2india has proficient project managers who would constantly and closely monitor the transition process. The following are the steps that we follow.

  • Our software development team would first conduct a detailed study of your organization's existing legacy application.
  • After analyzing and studying your legacy application, we would learn about applicable business processes.
  • We would then analyze the functionality of these business processes
  • Once this is done, we decide on the technology requirements and the optimal migration needed for the legacy application. We also take the risks into account.
  • We select the most efficient and the best re-engineering tools.
  • Finally, we constantly monitor each step in the process to ensure that the migration is smooth, seamless and effective.

Why outsource web enabling your legacy applications to O2I?

  • Cost-effective and high-quality services
  • Save on time, effort, and manpower
  • Save on investing in the latest technologies
  • Skilled and experienced professionals
  • Increased availability and accessibility of your application
  • Increased customer satisfaction

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