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In the midst of the Covid pandemic affecting the whole world, Flatworld team has rallied around minimizing service disruptions for our customers, while ensuring the safety and security of our employees and the community.

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Data Science Software Development Services

Outsource Data Science Software Development Services

Outsource data science software development to O2I to build intuitive, advanced, and smart software that harnesses the power of AI and ML

Are you looking for data science software development services to optimize your business process? Are you ready to migrate from a traditional business model to one that utilizes AI and ML? if so, outsource data science software development to Outsource2india and we will bring our development expertise to build scalable solutions for your business. We build robust software for image recognition, recommending products, filtering offensive content, and detecting fraud. Our specialty in artificial intelligence and deep learning will enable you to meet your goals in no time.

Outsource2india is a leading data science software development company that has 21 years of experience in various software development projects. Building bug-free software to handle your business functions has been our forte. A combination of our development expertise is the success of several Fortune 500 companies in realizing their goals.

Data Science Software Development Services We Offer

If you have complex business processes that can’t be managed by traditional methods, take a leaner and smarter step by outsourcing data science software development. Our development team will work with you to understand what your business needs and how we can empower you to harness AI and ML technologies to improve decision making, service experience, and reduce the business turnaround time. Our data science software development services include -

  • Artificial Intelligence Services

    Artificial Intelligence Services

    If you are ready to evolve your business by adopting Artificial Intelligence, it is ideal to outsource artificial intelligence services to experts like us. We will analyze and determine what is best for your business to develop custom solutions based on AI and ML. We provide technical expertise in AI to help you create engineering designs, develop smart apps, perform predictive analysis and general AI consulting.

  • Blockchain Development

    Blockchain Development Services

    With two decades of experience in booming technologies, we harness existing technologies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to build a crypto wallet, Hyperledger, decentralized application, smart contract, and private blockchain. Our vast knowledge of the blockchain technologies enables you to build and market a system that can scale with ease. We can build rich custom features that let you take your Blockchain products to the right user.

  • Offensive Image & Video Recognition Software Development

    Offensive Image & Video Recognition Software Development

    If you have a social website where users upload the image and video content, we help you monitor and if necessary, remove offensive content without hampering the user experience. We build custom software based on AI and ML to intelligently recognize offensive image and video in real-time. Once the content is flagged for suspected violations, it will be analyzed by the offensive image and video recognition using deep learning to enhance the performance of recognition software.

  • Recommender System Development

    Recommender System Development

    If you have an eCommerce business, it might do wonders by recommending products and services that are relevant to users. This is where we come in. O2I has the expertise and bandwidth to build a scalable recommender system fully customized for your eCommerce portal. Our recommender system development aims to build a system that tracks and learns the shopper’s behavior. This data will be processed by AI and ML to provide individualized recommendations to drive more sales.

  • Video Analytics Software Development Using Deep Learning

    Video Analytics Software Development Using Deep Learning

    We can develop a highly intuitive video analytics software that learns patterns from live steam or recorded videos. We can develop intelligent algorithms that harness Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to enhance store operation, home safety, awareness of autonomous vehicles, functions of smart cities, and digital media. We build mission-critical video analysis software that can redefine everything from simple surveillance to automation of automobiles.

  • Image Recognition Software Development Using Deep Learning

    Image Recognition Software Development Using Deep Learning

    Outsource2india builds image recognition software using deep learning to recognize and classify images. We can help you intelligently classify a large volume of unorganized images by developing custom software based on machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, and neural network technologies.

  • Fraud Detection Software Development

    Fraud Detection Software Development

    If you want to improve the security of your digital transactions, we can develop multitasking fraud detection software that is powered by Artificial Intelligence. As part of fraud detection software development, we can build rule-based engines, KYC portal, data encryption protocols, compliance verification, and payment authorization systems. Our development will encompass the latest practices to plug vulnerabilities in your system that can otherwise increase the risk of fraud.

Data Science Software Development Process We Follow

We have played the role of a reliable data science software development company for many clients, small and big. Outsourcing your needs to us is easier than you think. From inception to completion we make our process observable with timely reports to give you clear insights on the progress. As a responsible data science software development services provider, we take the following approach while offering our services -


01. Requirement Discovery

We will understand your business requirements by aggregating insights on your business challenge. We will understand the process you need to deal with the challenge


02. Solution Design

We will design the software architecture by considering the user design and construction methodologies. We will implement a prototype with the required specification


03. Software Implementation

Once we have your approval we will commence implementation of the software according to the planned architecture. We will adhere to agile methods to ensure a people-centric viewpoint


04. Build Verification

In various stages of software development, we will verify if the methods align with the planned architecture. Multi-tier tests are conducted to ensure the outcome is free from bugs and errors


05. Data Science Software Maintenance

We will provide consistent support to ensure that the software remains in an optimal state in the run-time environment. After the project is made live, we will release updates as routine maintenance and upkeep


06. Actionable Reporting

We will provide continuous reports to keep you informed about the progress. Our reports come with multiple views for various stakeholders and are highly actionable

Industries We Serve

 Retail Management
 e-commerce Sites
 Data Centers
 Customer Analytics

Why Outsource Data Science Software Development Services to Outsource2india?

Outsourcing data science software development services to O2I is ideal for businesses that work under demanding conditions and have fewer resources to deal with development activities. Our process transparency and accountability makes sure that you have selected the best service provider to outsource data science software development. Here are more reasons how our expertise can make a difference to your business -

  • ISO Certifed Data Science Software Development Company

    Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified data science software development company we are backed by 21 years of experience in serving clients with data science software development. We have experience in fraud detection software development, recommender system development, artificial intelligence services, image recognition software using deep learning, and more.

  • 100% Data Security

    Our data management policy is fully compliant with the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 governance code. We ensure to assign the data science software development tasks to people who have signed the non-disclosure agreement. In this way, you can have peace of mind knowing your data and project is 100 % secure.

  • High-quality Services

    We have a team of quality analysts who thoroughly check the quality of data science software development practices. The software codes developed by our team will be evaluated using testing suites to flag bugs and errors so that they do not make it to the client’s run-time environment.

  • Scalable Data Science Software Development Services

    If you need scalable data science software development services, your search ends with us. Be it offensive images and video recognition using deep learning or video analytics software development using deep learning, we provide flexibility to scale services so that you can get the best by getting other concerns out of the way.

  • Affordable Solution

    When you outsource data science software development services to o2I, our team will take care to understand your needs and recommend a relevant solution that is within your budget. In this way, you need not overspend on service that does not meet your requirements.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    Data science software development services can be delivered to fulfill your needs within reasonable turnaround time. We work with the agility to deliver projects within the stipulated timeline. In this way, you need not reschedule your business plans.

  • SPOC

    Get a dedicated project leader to respond to your queries on priority. Our SPOC will be highly available and informed about the project updates. The information can be shared on-demand or at planned intervals to ensure transparency and accountability.

  • Full-time Data Science Software Developers

    We have a team of 1000+ developers who have 15 years of experience in data science software development services. They have dealt with more AI and ML technologies than conventional data science software development companies. Our team has what it takes to build a robust software plush with features and the agility to get the tasks done with maximum efficiency.

  • High-quality Infrastructure

    When it comes to technology adoption we are second to none. Our infrastructure is complete with the best AI, ML, and deep learning technologies. We select the development kit based on your requirement and have a robust hardware and security systems to ensure the best service levels.

  • Round-the-clock Support

    We have contact centers across the world with people who can speak many languages and have the expertise to deal with nearly all challenges during or after the project development. You can reach through your preferred means and get personalize support to resolve your challenges.

Client Success Stories

Case Study on Document Processing Automation Platform Development

Developed a Big Data Platform for Document Processing Automation

We designed a Big Data Platform for a well-known banking client. Our solution enabled the automation of document processing. This helped the client to score business opportunities and focus on priorities.

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Case Study on Data Storage Creation and Processing Infrastructure

Created a Data Storage and Processing Infrastructure for a Banking Group

A centralized data processing system was designed and developed for a well-known bank in India. We implemented the system in spec with the client’s requirement and the client was delighted.

Read more

Outsource Data Science Software Development Services to Outsource2india

If you require data reliable data science services we can ensure that you receive the best. Our solutions are popular in over 4 continents and we continue to expand into many global regions. In just 21 years we have emerged as a leader in data science software development services and have become the go-to partner for several Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies worldwide. We also assist startups that are keen to focus on innovation. Our development services will save them big on cost and effort in hiring and training full-time developers.

Get in touch with us if you have data science software development needs and we will help you customize the service to bring you the results that you always needed.

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Decide in 24 hours whether outsourcing will work for you.

We respect your privacy. Our Policy.

Have specific requirements? Email us at: datascience.info@outsource2india.com

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