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Outsourcing Customer Support to India

Outsourcing Customer Support to India

What if you can boost your market potential, increase your customer base, scale up profit returns or win back unsatisfied customers, all at the same time and at a low cost? Your company can get all these advantages simply by investing in call center outsourcing. Outsourcing customer support to India can help you to dramatically reduce operational cost, improve efficiency, scale up operations and manage your workforce more profitably. Partnering with India for customer support can help you find the right balance between, customer satisfaction, cost and profitability.

More than 70% of the world’s call center outsourcing is done from India. India has always been the most preferred outsourcing destination for customer support because of low labor costs, fluency in English, excellent communication skills, 12–hour time zone advantage and impeccable quality. Whether your business is small, medium or large, you can make significant cost savings by outsourcing customer support to India.

Customer support services offered by Indian call centers

Indian call centers are proficient in handling any type of customer support, such as:

Why choose India for customer support?

  • Large resource pool of highly educated and skilled call center professionals who are IT literate and fluent in the English language
  • India’s 12 hour time zone difference with the west has enabled Indian call centers to provide 24/7 customer support to US, West Europe and Asia Pacific companies
  • The Indian government has made India a preferred outsourcing hub, by permitting duty–free imports of capital goods and providing tax exemption on the export of IT–enabled services
  • India has state–of–the–art software technology parks with the very best in IT infrastructure and telecom facilities
  • The privatization of the telecom sector in India has brought about a drastic reduction in the cost of internet, cellular and telecom services, thereby giving India an infrastructural advantage when compared to other outsourcing locations
  • India’s low cost of manpower has made it an attractive call center outsourcing location as you can avail round–the–clock customer support for half of your current operating cost
  • Indian call centers have the most experience and proven capability when it comes to handling customer care. British Airways, General Electric and American Express are some famous companies that are currently outsourcing customer support to India

Why Indian call centers are better than the rest

When compared to other call center outsourcing locations like the Philippines or Indonesia, Indian call centers take measures to ensure the following:

  • Indian call centers are equipped with the latest customer support tools, processes, technology and infrastructure
  • Call centers in India employ Six Sigma processes and methodology to provide cutting–edge customer support
  • Call center professionals are given intensive training in accuracy, courtesy, efficiency, communication and conduct
  • Customized call center solutions are offered according to the company’s unique requirement
  • Structured call center processes that involve steps such as evaluation, migration, transition, operations and reporting are followed
  • Customers are given a dependable method of contact through the communication channel of their choice, be it phone, email or live chat
  • Periodic training and development is provided to Indian call center professionals to ensure that quality customer support is delivered
  • Indian call centers have stringent quality management systems in place to ensure that quality is offered at every step of the customer support process

Call center process training in India

Indian call centers provide their call center agents with intensive training before the commencement of a project. The training involves the following elements:

  1. Basic skills training: Training on verbal English skills, speed typing, internet navigation and basic computer skills
  2. Customer care training: Training on customer care, campaign sessions, sales communication skills, handling customer complaints, increasing customer loyalty, telephone discipline and interaction etiquette
  3. Accent and cultural training: Training on international accent, voice clarity, voice diction and articulation
  4. Customer specific training: Training on the customer’s products/ services, type of industry, goals, KPIs and key attributes
  5. Call center agent training: Training on team building, leadership, tackling difficult situations and maintaining quality.

Benefits of outsourcing customer support to India

  • High quality and quick scalability
  • Reduced per transaction cost
  • Low abandonment rates
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Efficient management of fluctuating volumes of calls
  • Timely resolution for customer issues on a 24 /7 basis

Is your business unable to retain old customers or gain new customers? Is a non–core yet important business operation like customer support robbing you of precious time and effort that could be channelized into your core business? If you are facing such challenges, then what you may need to consider is outsourcing customer support to India, which is the best call center outsourcing location for 24/7 customer support. Get in touch with us to outsource customer support to India.

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