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India is the World's Preferred Outsourcing Destination

India is the World's Preferred Outsourcing Destination

To stay ahead of competition, control cost, increase quality, reduce time–to–market and offer innovative solutions, your company can consider outsourcing. You can get access to all of the above benefits by outsourcing to India. Over the years, India has made a name for itself in the outsourcing market by providing quality solutions at a low cost. Today, India is one of the ten fastest growing economies in the world.

In a recent survey conducted in the US, 82% of US–based companies have voted for India as their first and most preferred choice for software outsourcing. Though other outsourcing destinations like China or the Philippines also offer low cost services and fast turnaround time, it is only talent–rich India that provides unmatched quality and has the largest number of skilled resources in almost every field.

Gone are the days when only back–end work such as data entry and customer support was outsourced to India. India, with its state–of–the–art technology can now handle complex turnkey projects, such as the maintenance of legacy systems, business intelligence, system integration, business process re–engineering or e–commerce.

The benefits of doing business with India

India's investment friendly policies, forward–thinking reforms, higher disposable incomes and rising middle class have made it an attractive outsourcing destination for foreign investors. When you do business with India, you can be sure to experience these key benefits:

  • You get to work with enthusiastic and career–focused Indians, who constantly upgrade their skills through training and certificate programs
  • You will not face any language or communication barriers as over 350 million people in India are fluent in the English language. India has been successful in the outsourcing industry mainly because of the fluency with which Indians speak English.
  • You get access to a huge talent pool of experienced specialists. The high value placed on education in India has resulted in a highly educated workforce who have experience and knowledge in varied fields
  • You will face fewer cultural challenges when you share new business ideas and endeavors with Indians, as they are always open to new ideas and opportunities
  • You get dedicated employees to work for you, as many Indians work eight hour shifts for six days a week. Indians also willingly work around the clock to compensate for the time difference between India and the US or UK. Only India can give you access to committed employees who are more than willing to work long shifts over odd hours

India's strength lies in its huge talent pool of resources

  • On a yearly basis, 3.1 million students graduate from Indian universities in various fields such as software programming, accounting or law
  • Currently India has 2, 297 engineering colleges that graduate 500, 000 engineering students every year
  • On a yearly basis, India produces 300,000 post–graduates
  • India can give you access to young talent, as more than half of India's population is below the age of 25. Over 60% in Indians are in the age group of 15–59
  • The higher education system in India is the world's third largest, after China and the US
  • Every year in India, 19 million Indian students get enrolled in high schools, while 10 million join pre–graduate degree courses
  • India currently has 100 deemed universities, 215 state universities, 13 national institutions and 20 central universities. There are 16000 colleges spread across India
  • The Indian Institutes of Technology enroll about 8000 students every year
  • The number of private and government medical colleges in India is currently 275, permitting a significant increase in medical outsourcing

India has a stable Government

India is a safe haven for outsourcers as it has a stable government which has taken several initiatives over the years to promote India as an outsourcing destination:

  • The IT sector is one of the top five priorities of the Government of India
  • The Indian Government has implemented the "National IT Task Force" 108 point Action Plan to promote the growth of Information Technology in India
  • India's government has set up a Ministry of Information Technology to quickly approve and implement IT projects and also to streamline the regulatory process in India
  • In May 2000, the Indian Parliament passed an Information Technology Bill, known as the IT Act 2000. This bill doles out severe punishment to cyber criminals and has also brought e–commerce within the purview of the Indian law. India is now one among the 12 nations that has cyber laws
  • To promote software development in India, the Indian Government has permitted and approved 100% foreign equity. The Government of India has also encouraged Indian software technology parks to offer incentives and concessions to foreign investors

Why choose India over other outsourcing destinations?

  • India is the only outsourcing destination that exports software to 95 countries across the world. Software exports from India are growing at a rate of 40–50% every year
  • 15 Indian companies (out of 23 such software companies in the world) have attained the impressive SEI–CMM Level 5 certification
  • Recent research conducted by the NASSCOM (National Association of Software Services Companies) has indicated that India will soon have the world's highest number of ISO–9000 software companies
  • India has been ranked the third–best country in Asia, with excellent investment potential

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