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Indian Embassies across the World

Indian Embassies across the World

You have heard a lot about the advantages of outsourcing and now you want your organization to reap the benefits of outsourcing to India. You have searched online for a few Indian outsourcing companies and you are convinced that outsourcing will be good for your business. However, you wish you could make a business visit to India to meet your vendor in person. You would like to personally check on the infrastructure used, the quality processes followed, the security measures taken, the level of network security and other important factors.

The first step towards making a business visit to India is to get a valid Indian business visa, which is a stamp marked certificate made by Indian immigration authorities on your passport. To get an Indian visa on your passport, you will have to apply for an Indian visa either in person or by post at the nearest Indian embassy or Indian consulate situated in your country.

What are Indian embassies & Indian consulates?

An embassy is a diplomatic building with an ambassador heading it. India has a large diplomatic network with Indian Embassies spread across the world and in neighboring locations to help foreign nationals visit India. Since India is a Commonwealth country, Indian missions situated in the capitals of other Commonwealth countries are referred to as High Commissions and the Indian ambassador who heads these Indian embassies are referred to as High Commissioners. If a country has important cities, you will also find Indian Consulates or Assistant High Commissions with Indian junior Ambassadors heading them.

Services offered at Indian embassies & Indian consulates

The government of India promotes the economic interests of the Indian business community and creates awareness about India through its Indian embassies and Indian consulates. At the nearest Indian consulate or Indian embassy in your country you can avail the following consular services:

  • Visa services
  • PIO services
  • OCI services
  • OCI miscellaneous services
  • Passport services
  • Miscellaneous services

List of Indian embassies & Indian consulates

Here is a complete list of the various Indian embassies situated across the world. Visit the website of your country to find out more details about the address, telephone number, fax number, email address and office timings. All you need to do is to visit the nearest Indian embassy or Indian consulate in your country to get a valid Indian business visa.

  • Afghanistan: http://meakabul.nic.in/
  • Algeria: http://www.indianembassy.dz/
  • Angola
  • Argentina: http://www.indembarg.org.ar/
  • Armenia: http://www.indianembassy.am/
  • Australia: http://www.indembarg.org.ar/
  • Azerbaijan
  • Bahrain: http://www.indianembassybahrain.com/
  • Bangladesh: http://www.hcidhaka.org/
  • Belarus: http://www.indembminsk.org/
  • Belgium: http://www.indembassy.be/
  • Bhutan: http://www.indianembassythimphu.bt/
  • Botswana: http://www.highcommissionofindia.org.bw/
  • Brazil: http://www.indiaconsulate.org.br/
  • Brunei Darussalam: http://www.hcindiabrunei.org.bn/
  • Bulgaria: http://www.indembsofia.org/
  • Cambodia
  • Canada: http://www.hciottawa.ca/
  • Chile: http://www.embajadaindia.cl/
  • China: http://www.indianembassy.org.cn/
  • Colombia: http://www.embajadaindia.org/
  • Congo
  • Costa Rica
  • Cote D'Ivoire: http://www.indemabj.com/
  • Croatia: http://www.indianembassy.hr/
  • Cuba: http://www.indembassyhavana.cu/
  • Cyprus: http://www.hcinicosia.org.cy/
  • Czech Republic: http://www.india.cz/
  • Denmark: http://www.indian-embassy.dk/
  • Ecuador
  • Egypt: http://www.indembcairo.com/
  • Ethiopia: http://www.indianembassy.gov.et/
  • Fiji
  • Finland
  • France: http://www.ambinde.fr/
  • Germany: http://www.indianembassy.de/
  • Ghana: http://www.indiahc-ghana.com/
  • Greece: http://www.indianembassy.gr/
  • Guyana
  • Hungary: http://www.indianembassy.hu/
  • Indonesia: http://www.congendiamedan.or.id/
  • Iran: http://www.indianembassy-tehran.com/
  • Iraq
  • Ireland
  • Israel
  • Italy: http://www.indianembassy.it/
  • Jamaica: http://www.hcikingston.com/
  • Japan: http://www.embassyofindiajapan.org/
  • Jordan: http://www.indembassy.org.jo/
  • Kazakhstan: http://www.indembassy.kz/
  • Kenya: http://www.hcinairobi.co.ke/
  • Korea: http://www.indembassy.or.kr/
  • Kuwait: http://www.indembkwt.org/
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Lao People's Republic: http://www.indemblao.nic.in/
  • Lebanon
  • Liberia: http://www.indembtrip.org/
  • Madagascar
  • Malaysia: http://www.indianhighcommission.com.my/
  • Maldives
  • Malta
  • Mauritius: http://indiahighcom.intnet.mu/
  • Mexico: http://www.indembassy.org/
  • Mongolia: http://www.indianembassy.mn/
  • Morocco: http://www.indianembassyrabat.com/
  • Mozambique: http://www.hicomind-maputo.org/
  • Myanmar: http://www.indiaembassy.net.mm/
  • Namibia: http://www.highcommissionofindia.web.na/
  • Nepal: http://www.indianembassy.org.np/
  • Netherlands: http://www.indianembassy.nl/
  • New Zealand: http://www.hicomind.org.nz/
  • Nigeria: http://www.indianhcabuja.com/
  • Norway: http://www.indemb.no/
  • Oman: http://www.indemb-oman.org/
  • Pakistan
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Peru: http://www.indembassy.org.pe/
  • Philippines: http://www.embindia.org.ph/
  • Poland: http://www.indianembassy.pl/
  • Portugal: http://www.indembassy-lisbon.org/
  • Qatar: http://www.indianembassyqatar.org/
  • Republic of Panama: http://www.indempan.org/
  • Republic of Yemen: http://www.eoisanaa.com.ye/
  • Romania: http://www.embassyofindia.ro/
  • Russia: http://www.indianembassy.ru/
  • Saudi Arabia: http://www.indianembassy.org.sa/
  • Senegal: http://www.ambassadeinde.sn/
  • Serbia: http://www.embassyofindiabelgrade.org/
  • Seychelles: http://www.seychelles.net/hicomind
  • Singapore: http://www.hcisingapore.com/
  • Slovak Republic: http://www.indianembassy.sk/
  • South Africa: http://www.indiainsouthafrica.com/
  • Spain: http://www.embassyindia.es/
  • Sri Lanka: http://www.hcicolombo.org/
  • Sudan: http://www.indembsdn.com/
  • Suriname: http://www.indembassysuriname.com/
  • Sweden: http://www.indianembassy.se/
  • Switzerland: http://www.indembassybern.ch/
  • Syrian Arab Republic
  • Tajikistan: http://www.indianembassy.tj/
  • Tanzania: http://www.hcindiatz.org/
  • Thailand: http://www.indianembassy.gov.in/bangkok
  • Tunisia
  • Turkey: http://www.cgiistanbul.org/
  • Turkmenistan: http://www.indianembassy-tm.org/
  • Uganda
  • Ukraine: http://www.indianembassy.org.ua/
  • United Arab Emirates: http://www.indembassyuae.org/
  • United Kingdom: http://hcilondon.in/
  • United States of America: http://www.indianembassy.org/
  • Uzbekistan: http://www.indembassy.uz/
  • Venezuela: http://www.embindia.org/
  • Vietnam
  • Zambia: http://www.hcizambia.com/
  • Zimbabwe

Please visit http://india.gov.in/overseas/embassy_detail.php?alpha=all&type=IE to find out more details about the various Indian missions across the world.

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