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Outsourcing Market Research to India

India is the Right Outsourcing Destination for Market Research

Do you know what your customers really want from your services/ products? Deciphering consumer behavior can be challenging without the use of market research. By gaining insight into customer behavior, competitors, economic trends, market structure and the demand–supply scenario, you can be sure to meet customer demands. Market research can provide you with a better understanding of your business environment, thereby helping you with branding and product positioning.

However, market research is a niche field and requires the expertise of highly skilled and trained research professionals. India is the most preferred outsourcing destination for market research, as it has a huge talent pool of qualified researchers that can provide your company with expert market research, data processing, analysis or reporting, at a very affordable cost.

What can research do for my business?

When you outsource market research to India, you can find out in-depth information about consumer behavior, branding, pricing, trends, products comparison and popular perceptions amongst others. Outsourcing market research to India can help your business to:

  • Understand and use business influencing factors, such as, purchase, popularity, consumer behavior and preferences.
  • Analyze the target audience and market segments where the product/service will be well received.
  • Identification of areas where the service/product can be sold and niche consumer bases where acceptance would be high.
  • Understanding existing and emerging markets and how these influence consumer behavior.

Market research services offered in India

  • Data analysis
  • Verbatim analysis
  • Web survey analysis
  • Multivariate/bivariate analysis
  • Data monitoring, reporting and processing
  • Primary/ secondary market research
  • Quantitative/qualitative market research
  • Business market research
  • International market research
  • Online research
  • Media research
  • Market research surveys

India’s talented & experienced researchers are the best

  • Indian researchers have master/ doctorate degrees from premium institutes along with extensive experience in marketing research, brand personality, customer satisfaction, general management, mass communications, business research, marketing communication, investment banking and medical writing support amongst others.
  • Market researchers from India have formidable industry experience in catering to the research needs of various industries, such as, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Automotives, Telecom, Writing and Publishing, IT/ITES, Retail, BFSI, Pharmaceuticals, FMCG and Real Estate.
  • Indian research companies only hire multi–faceted researchers who have experience in teaching, authoring textbooks, editing journals, publishing research papers, presenting lectures or developing course material.
  • Indian research organizations only hire researchers, analysts and statisticians with a minimum of 5 years of experience. They are then given extensive training on research concepts, types, models and methodologies before working on a project.
  • Indian research professionals have experience in conducting statistical analyses such as Cluster Analysis, Correspondence Analysis, Multiple Regression, ARIMA and Factor Analysis.
  • Indian research professionals have expertise in using standard research tools like SPSS, SAS and MS Excel for data analytics, data processing, tabulations and coding. They are also adept in conducting any type of research be it web based research, desk research or secondary research.
  • Indian researchers have the most scientific, technical and analytical domain expertise along with high–end research and analytical skill sets.

Why choose India for market research?

Outsourcing market research to India can help your company gain a holistic understanding of marketing programs, consumers and market niches. You can use India’s research expertise in making business critical decisions. Here’s why you must choose India for research services:

  • India has skilled and experienced research professionals who are adept at handling any type of research project.
  • Indian market research experts work with the latest Six Sigma research tools, methodologies and models.
  • You can be sure about the integrity and security of your data as Indian research companies follow stringent quality control, security and compliance processes.
  • India offers the most competitive and affordable pricing models for market research.
  • You can be sure of expert reports as Indian researchers have an extensive understanding of the research domain, expertise across varied multiple research platforms and rich research experience.
  • Indian research companies can provide you with tailor–made research solutions and flexible business delivery models to suit your unique business needs.

Outsourcing market research to India can help you can cut down on costs by 40–60% and get access to cutting–edge and accurate research as and when you need it. Get in touch with us to race ahead of competitors and meet customer demands with market research services from India.

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