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India or Cebu City - Preferred Outsourcing Destination

Outsourcing Destination: India or Cebu City?

With outsourcing becoming one of the fastest growing industries today, India and Philippines are boasting a steady growth in this sector, with 10% of the global market share. While robust IT-BPO sector and growing talent pool have made India an attractive destination for global investors, Cebu City, Philippines, on the other hand, has emerged as one of the best outsourcing destinations in the world due to its quality of workforce and lower operational costs. Outsourcing interest in these countries has been growing at a constant rate year on year and this is expected to continue this year too.

Along with a buoyant economy, outsourcing providers in India are adopting cost-effective workplace strategies, keeping this country on the radar of numerous multi-national corporates who are planning to expand their operations. Similarly, some of the world's leading companies are also looking towards Philippines as a suitable outsourcing partner due to its rapidly improving infrastructure and investment-friendly environment with lower real estate rates. Let us now take a look at what both of these nations have to offer and discover which one of these make a better outsourcing choice.

What Makes Cebu City a Preferred Outsourcing Destination?

Cebu is currently at position 8 in the top 50 preferred outsourcing destinations of the world. This rank can be termed as phenomenal as the city was nowhere in the picture a few years ago. With several universities in the city churning out enormous employable workforce, there is no dearth of skilled resources here. So, why to outsource to Cebu city? Following are some of the major factors that have attracted foreign investors to outsource to Cebu city -

  • Lower Operational Costs - With lesser office rents and lower labor costs, the cost advantages offered by this city are hard to ignore. Furthermore, the city offers lower cost of electricity, thereby considerably bringing down overall operational costs
  • Booming Infrastructure - The business catalyst culture, consistently evolving infrastructure, booming real estate, and having risk profile index as per the Tholons report, have all drawn enormous foreign investors towards this outsourcing hub
  • Abundance of Skilled English-Speaking Resources - With thousands of skilled, English-speaking resources graduating every year, Cebu city makes a lucrative option for most of the global investors, particularly for voice-based projects
  • Outsourcing-friendly Government Initiatives - With the local government taking every possible step to develop an investment-friendly environment, including sustainable infrastructural growth, huge talent pool, and special economic zones, Cebu city is attracting more businesses than ever

With an exponential growth in the BPO industry in Cebu over the past few years, this city has been an outsourcing hub for the following services -

  • Call centers
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Data Entry Services
  • Graphic Designing
  • Voice Processes
  • Animation Services
  • Web Designing
  • Back office Automation

What Attracts Global Investors to India?

Checking all the necessary boxes, such as robust infrastructure, economic stability, skilled and educated workforce, etc., India is a clear favorite for outsourcing among foreign businesses, ranking at position 2 out of 50 preferred locations. So why to outsource to India? Well the major factors that compel businesses to outsource to India are -

  • Robust Infrastructure - Having a robust infrastructure to cater to different types of outsourcing needs, from call centers to medical billing and coding, India offers uncompromised quality of services
  • Advanced Tools and Technologies - Being a major player in the outsourcing industry, Indian outsourcing companies leverage some of the latest and advanced tools and technologies that successfully cater to the requirements of even the most complex technology projects
  • Skilled and Experienced Resources - With a pool of talented and experienced resources, companies can expect superior performance and higher quality when they offshore their business operations to India
  • Staffing Flexibility - Aimed to address outsourcing demands with uncertainty, staffing flexibility enables businesses to quickly scale up or scale down their projects, based on their requirements
  • Better Risk Mitigation - Investment-friendly laws and multiple delivery centers ensure uninterrupted services with minimal or no risk
  • 24x7 Business Operation - The difference in time zone can be used to run business operations in full throttle even during holiday and off-seasons and get the job done overnight, when your city is asleep

India or Cebu City - What Makes a Better Outsourcing Destination?

Cebu Flag

There is no doubt that Cebu City, as well as the Philippines has grown at a massive rate over the past couple of years. The availability of skilled workforce, stable infrastructure, supportive government, flexible scalability, and efficiency has helped this country to rise to the second spot in the most preferred outsourcing destinations in the world after India.

India Flag

India, however, makes a better choice for technology outsourcing projects, Cebu city makes a great choice for call center outsourcing. Yet again, India outperforms Cebu, when it comes to sales-oriented call center services. Both the nations have their own set of pros and cons when it comes to providing outsourcing services, and it is the duty of the outsourcing company to evaluate these factors and make the decision accordingly.

Partner with us to Get the Best of Both the Nations

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