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Indian Service Providers offer Unmatched Outsourcing Services

Indian Service Providers offer Unmatched Outsourcing Services

In a recently conducted survey on outsourcing, 82% of US and European companies voted for India as the most preferred outsourcing destination over China, the Philippines and Malaysia, mainly because of the high quality of services that India offers. Though other outsourcing destinations also offer low cost services and fast turnaround time, it is only talent-rich India that has a track record of providing excellent IT, ITES and BPO solutions over the past 25 years.

When it comes to following international quality standards, using the latest quality assurance systems, or constantly improving on quality levels, there is no other outsourcing destination that can beat India. Indian companies follow CMM Level 5, as compared to Chinese companies, who follow CMM Level 3 quality standards. Though India offers advantages such as low labor costs, excellent communication skills, a 12-hour time zone advantage and fluency in English, it is India's impeccable quality that has made the country a favored outsourcing destination.

How does an Indian service provider define quality?

A typical outsourcing vendor in India will have a dedicated Quality Assurance team that will identify key parameters where high quality is expected. These quality parameters are usually based on the individual customer's requirements and expectations. Apart from these customer-specific parameters, other quality norms such as accuracy, turnaround time and productivity will be taken into consideration. A quality process is then designed to ensure that high quality is achieved in these parameters.

Why are Indian service providers better than other offshore vendors?

Recent surveys and research conducted by NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Service Companies) has shown that Indian service providers follow advanced standards of quality when compared to vendors from other offshoring countries. Here is why you can expect better quality standards from Indian outsourcing vendors:

  • Indian outsourcing companies specifically hire only experienced quality assurance personnel who are either CSQA (Certified Software Quality Analyst) or CSTE (Certified Software Test Engineer) certified by the international Quality Assurance Institute.
  • IT, ITES and BPO companies in India incorporate and adhere to international standards of quality assurance.
  • Over 70% of Indian outsourcing vendors have implemented varied levels of ISO (the International Organization for Standardization), such as ISO 9002, ISO 9001, ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 9001:2015.
  • Over 65% of Indian vendors follow Six Sigma standards and CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration).
  • Most Indian customer support service providers are COPC certified and ensure that quality is maintained even in verbal communication skills, such as accent, grammar and fluency in English.

What are the on-going efforts taken by Indian vendors to improve quality?

Though Indian service providers have always provided high quality services, they have not rested on their laurels, and are taking constant efforts to improve quality levels in outsourced IT, BPO and ITES services.

  • NASSCOM has introduced specific quality certification programs across India, which QA personnel of Indian BPO and IT companies use to sharpen their competencies in quality assurance.
  • Indian service providers are also employing the concept of benchmarking, which is a process of evaluating an organization's level of performance against an acclaimed industry leader. Benchmarking has enabled Indian companies to identify areas that require more quality control.
  • NASSCOM has been taking steps towards guaranteeing high quality among Indian companies by taking initiatives to control copyright infringement and ensuring that data privacy and information security are maintained. NASSCOM has also ensured that Indian service providers conduct on-going internal quality checks and reviews.
  • Indian BPO and IT vendors are constantly upgrading themselves with better quality assurance procedures and getting trained in COPC implementation and support, Six Sigma, customer satisfaction, transaction monitoring and people management.
  • NASSCOM has developed an E-SCM and E-Services Capability Model, which serves as a common yardstick for quality among Indian BPO companies. Companies wishing to outsource to India can now compare the capabilities of different vendors.

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