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FAQs on Outsourcing: Transition Stage

FAQs on outsourcing: Transition

How do I transition my work to a different set of people who might not understand my business?

O2I employs special transition managers who work directly with the clients, right from the initial inquiry stage. The transition managers have domain expertise in technology, processes, and human resources. The transition managers ensure that the offshore team understands your requirements to the dot. We have a structured 8-step transition management process that enables smooth handover of part/complete operations of our clients in a timely manner, with minimal disruption to the business operations, and maximum quality.

How will I understand the rules and regulations of the place I am outsourcing to?

O2I has global locations which are secure and registered under the local laws. Specifically due to India's stable government and friendly policies, the outsourcing organizations do not have much to worry about. During the initial contact, O2I will help you understand the terms and policies, tax regulations and legal aspects pertaining to the outsourced activity and nature of the project.

How will I communicate with and train the team?

O2I has people who are fluent in English language, so that you do not face any language barrier. Communication must take place in any convenient way – phone/email/chat/video conference through high-bandwidth lines. At O2I, we invite clients to visit our offshore center, if needed, to train the team personally. Our transition manager ensures that all the training documentation and recordings are maintained so that additional staff can be smoothly brought in when required.

How do I handle the culture and language differences?

There might not be a 100% match with your need in this area as offshore teams usually come from varied backgrounds. This problem can be resolved by being totally transparent in your communication and informing your offshore team about even simplest of your expectations. Teams at O2I get trained frequently on the general inter-cultural issues and how they can understand and serve the clients better.

My data is confidential; how will the vendor ensure 100% data security?

O2I takes serious care of managing all aspects of data privacy such as multi-level security protocols, firewalls, access controls, data encryption, non-disclosure agreements, and more. O2I offers 24x7 managed security infrastructure, which includes automated breach detection, control, and response; secured VPN and network; enterprise access system; workstation security; 100% redundancy; and backups.

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