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FAQs on Outsourcing: Risks Involved

FAQs on outsourcing: Risks Involved

What if the cost of the project shoots beyond my expectations?

O2I not only informs you about the cost of the first assignment, but also the lifecycle cost of the entire project which includes costs of training, infrastructure, management, etc. We have transparent policies, and send a cost estimate to the client before any new work begins. Our services are flexible so that you can ramp-down the team size to limit expenses, when needed.

How can I be insured against cost inflation and time delays?

Begin by fixing realistic deadlines. Ask the vendor for inputs while finalizing the deadlines, so that you are not disappointed later. Always keep a little room for delay during the project initiation phase. Sign service-level agreements to minimize delays in time-sensitive projects. You can keep the costs in check by agreeing to a fixed rate for a specified period of time.

What are the engagement models and how do I make the payments?

O2I offers fixed price model, hourly model, and development center model. You have to select the engagement model based on your project requirements. Most small businesses prefer fixed prices, hourly rates, or per-unit pricing for outsourcing as these offer flexibility and lower risk.

What if the quality of work is not satisfactory?

To avoid such situations test our services before you begin outsourcing. You may also ask for customer references to learn more about us. O2I is flexible to accommodate your concerns and requests. You may also select a performance and incentive based pricing model where you pay us based on quality achievements.

Will the team be able to handle fluctuations in workload?

If you expect workload fluctuations, O2I can help you with flexible service options. We ensure that process documentation and training material is in place so that new team members can start performing quickly.

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Decide in 24 hours whether outsourcing will work for you.

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