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Outsourcing to India

Outsourcing to India

Types of Outsourcing

The Outsourcing Hotspots in India

The Indian outsourcing industry is expanding beyond Bangalore to smaller cities and towns in order to retain its competitive edge.

New Areas in Outsourcing

BPO is no longer restricted to back office work, and outsourcing processes as varied as e-governance to Healthcare are rapidly gaining popularity.

Global Giants are Bullish on India

Looking at India as a possible outsource destination? Welcome to the gang. Sun Microsystems, LG, Cisco, Ford, GE, Oracle all have announced plans to scale up their operations in India. This article compiles recent announcements by some of the top global companies on their strategy regarding outsourcing work to India.

The ITES Revolution

India's largest software house Tata Consultancy Services has tied up with finance company HDFC to provide IT enabled services to overseas customers. This is just one of the many such deals as more customers look seriously at India's low cost high quality talent. Call centers and back office processing centers are just two of the many avenues open for outsourcing IT enabled services.

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