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Outsourcing From UK and Europe

Outsource From UK and Europe

We are seeing an increase in customers coming from the UK, Netherlands and Scandinavia. It looks like outsourcing to India is spreading. Of course, England has known about the potential of India and after all, they are the reason India has the English language advantage over China.

Perhaps because the Euro is strong and since Europeans have been behind the Americans in outsourcing, there is a pent up need to outsource. We don’t know the reason but it seems they are no longer waiting in the wings watching the Americans.

Forrester is reporting Outsourcing in Europe is a rising trend. They say Outsourcing continues to accelerate in Europe, with the level of deal activity rivaling that in the US. The UK still stands out as Europe's dominant market, but outsourcing has gained ground in Germany, Spain, and France.

With this trend will come the need for Indian vendors to be able to employ people who can work in languages other than English. So far it seems German and French will be required more than Spanish, Italian, Russian or Greek. Outsource2india is discovering this demand from recent customer contacts that need German speakers in our call center.

So let’s watch this trend and see if some places in India flourish because of their European historic influence. There are lots of people in Goa who speak Portuguese; and Pondicherry was once a French colony. And of course Indians can learn languages fast so let’s see if language schools start opening in Bangalore.

We already know Infosys, is teaching German on their campus in Bangalore. These guys are smart. Perhaps we can just watch them to learn the trends? Perhaps the Europeans will go to some other country but I don’t see China as able as India in multiple languages. The outsourcing sage continues. Please come back to this page every month or so to peer into the future of outsourcing to India.

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