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Outsource 8 Advantages of iBridge Workflow Software

When workflow and deployment of tasks is managed poorly, it can directly lead to major errors, costly delays, reduced productivity, and in certain cases, overspending on projects. The best workflow software should ideally allow you to coordinate, standardize and streamline the delegation of tasks enterprise wide, maximizing productivity and reducing costs.

iBridge workflow software developed by Outsource2india has been successfully deployed by global businesses, and can increase your workflow system productivity while pruning away process inefficiencies. With iBridge, you gain access to user-friendly software which allows you to manage rejections, track employee assignments, view latest project status, review reports etc. on a real-time basis.

Advantages of iBridge Workflow Software for Your Business

iBridge can assist businesses of any size with automating, designing, and deploying business processes and workflows. It is extremely efficient, light-weight and intuitive, and can provide several value-added benefits such as -

  1. Complete Job Management Solution

    iBridge is a complete workflow management software, right from assigning tasks, attaching and editing task details, updating status, checking progress, to final project completion. All processes are carried out smoothly leading to quick and effortless task completion.

  2. Anywhere-anytime Access

    iBridge workflow management software is delivered to you as a SaaS module (Software as a Service), and also has a smartphone app for anytime-anywhere access with strict authorization protocols. This makes the whole process of task assigning and status management seamless and instant, leading to more effective workforce utilization and optimization.

  3. Real-time Status Updates and Job Control

    As information is updated instantly, managers or supervisors can get real-time status updates about task progress and manage the workflow accordingly. This gives them better control over the tasks, make changes when required, and give instant feedback on the status leading to more effective and controlled task completion.

  4. Robust, Customizable and Scalable

    iBridge workflow automation software is robust and scalable to accommodate necessary changes when needed to give you the most relevant job control application. You can also customize it to meet your specific and control-loop based needs to make it more effective and in-line with your task completion practices.

  5. Task Options

    iBridge comes with lot of smart options that are designed to make the entire workflow process easier, quicker, and error free. For instance, you can reject a job or request for changes on a completed task, and your feedback will be immediately noted and sent to the delivery center as a new task, while following the assigned workflow. Likewise, you can also request for clarifications on a job, and its status immediately changes to "awaiting clarifications", demanding attention from the respective departments or personnel.

  6. Reduced Managerial Burden

    As the status on every task is visible to authorized personnel, everyone can keep an eye on the tasks at hand and the current status leading to effective participation in the task completion process and better workforce and time management.

  7. Directly Deployable

    If you do not prefer iBridge as SaaS you can directly deploy it on your native server and get the best out of it. You can also customize its look and feel to make it resemble your brand.

  8. Frequent Software Updates

    As our iBridge management and development team is on a constant endeavor to improve its efficiency and effectiveness, we deliver frequent and timely software updates which will help you get the best and the latest from our development and R&D centers.

iBridge - The Best Workflow Management Software in India, and Abroad

The iBridge workflow automation software enables your organization to become more effective and efficient by eliminating legacy paper based processes, and reducing process inefficiencies. Our easy-to-use interface enables you to view and even model processes graphically, and does not require any advanced IT resources.

If you are manually supervising multiple jobs in a small business, or managing a delivery center with loads of deliverables per day, or looking for any workflow software in India, then iBridge can seamlessly fit in and make things easier, efficient, and quicker for you.

Have a look at our entire software portfolio, and Contact us now and see how we can help increase your business efficiency through iBridge.

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