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Outsource 11 Benefits of Outsourcing Recruitment Services to India

Are you aware that out of 500 million plus white-collar working people, only 40 million have their name, company, and location available online; and only 20 million put their resumes on job boards?

That leaves over 440 million candidates that remain inaccessible to most recruitment companies; and this is where Outsource2india's expertise comes handy! We possess in-depth industry knowledge and maintain a huge database of extensive professional contacts, and are committed to finding only the best candidates for our clients (not just the ones who are easily available).

11 Advantages of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

There are many benefits of outsourcing RPO services to India, in particular to reliable service providers like O2I. Some of the advantages are -

  1. High-value sourcing solutions focused on targeted vacancies with professional and experienced sourcing agents who have knowledge and understanding of different job roles that accurately match your criteria, and are keen to hear from you.
  2. Identifying and recruiting right candidates that are not only employable for recent needs but for future opportunities as well
  3. Global recruitment team operating across different continents with an established network of potential candidates for your open positions. Our recruitment agents provide your recruitment team with 3-5 pre-screened and pre-qualified candidates (all matching your criteria)
  4. Comprehensive candidate identification and screening tailored to your vacancy needs
  5. No placement fee. Not being a recruitment firm, we do not charge placement fee for each hire, but on a fixed hourly rate. All pre-screened candidate information remains your property and can be loaded into your talent pool for future hiring
  6. No start-up costs, the investment is around USD 19.50 per hour per Sourcing Agent
  7. Hassle-free solutions. No employment, infrastructure, operational or staff burden costs
  8. Quick start. Sourcing Agents that can start working in as fast as 15-30 days
  9. Breath-in, breath-out volume based model to cope with hiring spikes / sudden increased hiring volumes as well as quick reduction in team size during quiet periods
  10. Increased savings due to lower sourcing costs (reduction in cost per hire)
  11. Enabling higher delivery and performance outcomes from your current team through an optimal and supportive recruitment model

10 Reasons To Outsource RPO Solutions to Outsource2india

We all know that 70% of the recruiters' time is utilized in finding the right candidate - this leaves with little or no time for the high-touch, high-value services your team could be providing to internal customers. Outsourcing candidate recruitment process management allows you to allocate valuable time and resources to your core business. This further enables your internal recruitment team to focus on customer's requirements, future planning, workforce management, capability mapping, etc. Outsource2india is a global RPO firm with well-demonstrated track record of delivering high-value, low-cost outsourcing process solutions across a full spectrum of businesses. Here are few reasons to outsource recruitment services to outsource2india -

  1. Clientele across four continents - North and South America, EMA, APAC, ANZ and South Africa and 38 countries
  2. Team of highly qualified sourcing agents who can speak over 18 languages working across six global delivery centers
  3. 25 years of proven experience across multiple major industry sector including Health Services, Information Technology, Finance, Insurance, Logistics, Medical, and Engineering
  4. Specifically tailored sourcing programs to focus on your key search criteria (candidates who are pre-screened and pre-qualified for your position and organization)
  5. Selective and targeted candidate sourcing to improve efficiency and effectiveness so you can deliver a better level of service to your customers
  6. Significant reduction in talent acquisition costs through streamlined operations and focus on best practices
  7. Develop and cleanse your ATS or Talent Pool application/technology to ensure candidate information is always accurate and up-to-date
  8. Low-cost and low-risk with single-point accountability, an unmatched delivery track record, and a financially stable global partner
  9. Volume-based scale to manage hiring fluctuations
  10. Focused on delivering results by combining our extensive network, tools, and methodologies into lasting partnerships with our clients

We Deliver the Best in the Market, Not the Best Available

Given that we are not a recruitment agency - you will never receive a "placement fee" invoice from us. We are completely service-based and our team becomes an extension of your internal recruitment with the sole focus on providing pre-screened and pre-qualified shortlisted candidates that remain yours for now and for the future without paying any unfair overheads.

Outsource2india is a global leader in Recruitment and Staffing services with a track record of successfully supporting the organizations increase their recruitment productivity. Additionally, we aid in lowering the delivery cost by eliminating high dependency of using recruitment agencies. Our strategic staffing services deliver financial, operational, and strategic benefits to our customers worldwide.

We believe that organizations excel when armed with superior brains, and we work towards providing you the best resources for your company. Contact us to outsource recruitment services, our team will be glad to assist you.

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