Bits and Bytes

Here's the September edition of Bits and Bytes.

In this edition of Bits and Bytes, get information on how your organization can benefit by investing in file format conversion, forms processing and document scanning.

Convert your old files into a new format

Convert your old files into a new formatDo you have large volumes of files that contain valuable information, but the only reason you cannot use these files is because they are in old file format that is no longer useable? If you are facing a similar situation, then your answer is to outsource file format conversion services to an expert. At Outsource2india, you can take your pick from a wide array of file format conversion services. We are adept at HTML, text, tiff, image and mp3 conversion services amongst others. Start using your information by converting your old files into useable file formats. Read more about outsourcing file format conversion services to Outsource2india.

Easily access information from your forms

Easily access information from your formsDo you have to sift though thousands of forms for information? We can simplify your job by converting your handwritten forms into electronic documents. We can also automate your information and save you the trouble of finding out information. Outsource2india is one of India's leading providers of forms processing services and has years of experience in providing this service. Outsource2india can help you process your medical forms, application forms, payroll documents, warranty cards, insurance claims and order fulfillments amongst others. Read more about outsourcing forms processing services to Outsource2india.

Make your old documents useable

Make your old documents useableDoes your organization have information stored in hardcopy documents? You can easily access the information in your hardcopy documents by scanning your documents and converting them into an electronic format. Outsource2india can help you with document scanning. Our document scanning services are efficient and at the same time very affordable. We follow a three-step document scanning procedure where the documents are first organized, scanned and then checked for quality. Once the scanning process is complete, the documents can be either emailed to you or uploaded to a secure FTP server, from where it can be downloaded. Read more about outsourcing document scanning services to Outsource2india.

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