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The Monthly Newsletter from Outsource2india
March 2009, Volume 13

10 tips on Outsourcing to India

  1. Do some research: If you have decided to outsource a few of your business processes, research on the net to find service providers in India who can handle your services. Once you have decided on a few vendors, meet up with them, if possible. Ask them for references. Speak to these references and find out about their experience of outsourcing to the vendor you are planning to choose.
  2. Evaluate your vendor before outsourcing: Before finalizing on a service provider, ask the vendor questions about security, quality and turnaround time. If necessary, ask for a free trial on the service you want to outsource. Speak to a few customers who have used this vendor's services before. You could also ask the vendor for a few work samples.
  3. Choose an experienced vendor: A vendor who already has experience in handling a service similar to yours will be a much better service provider when compared to a service provider who has never provided the service you want to outsource. Choose a vendor with experience in providing services similar to yours.
  4. Don't go only by price: Although cost-effectiveness is a key factor in outsourcing, don't choose a vendor offering the lowest price. Choose a vendor based on their level of quality even if their pricing schemes are a little more expensive.
  5. Define your core business functions: Decide which of your business functions are best outsourced and which are best conducted in-house. Non-core functions are best outsourced as you can save on time, money and resources.
  6. Start by outsourcing a small project: If you have finalized on a vendor, outsource a small portion of your project. This would give you a fair idea on whether your vendor has the capability to carry out your work.
  7. Define your business processes & project schedules: Clearly define your project and tell your vendor what you exactly expect from them. Set up schedules at the onset of the project, so that the required turnaround time is maintained.
  8. Agreements: Make sure that all the agreements you make with your service provider is written down and signed by both you and the vendor. A written record of pay schedules, project goals or any other agreement can go a long way in avoiding confusions between you and your vendor.
  9. Don't make haste commitments: Before making a 5 year commitment with your vendor, check their level of quality, efficiency and TAT. Start with a 1 year or 2 year commitment and if you are happy with the work, continue with the same vendor.
  10. Ask for support: Ask your vendor for support after the completion of your project. In most cases, you might require support after your project is completed.

Save on valuable time by outsourcing non-core processes

Here are 3 business processes that you can consider outsourcing to Outsource2india:

Transcription ServicesTranscription services: Transcription is something that every organization needs. Save yourself the trouble of hiring and training an in-house team for transcription. At Outsource2india, we can transcribe your interviews, conference calls, discussions, seminars, meetings, podcasts or webcasts. You can get error-free documents at a cost-effective price without the trouble of managing a team of transcribers. We can transcribe files from dss, mp3, wav, mov, mp4, aiff, mpeg4, wma and ra.

Call Center ServicesCall center services: Instead of setting up a customer support division in your office, why not consider outsourcing it? You can save on both time and cost and provide customers with the support that they require. Outsource2india can provide you with inbound call center services, outbound call center services, telemarketing, appointment setting, or live chat support. With happy customers, you can be sure to see an increase in your bottom-line.

Software DevelopmentSoftware Development: Do you want to build a software solution to address a requirement but don't have the resources to build it? All you have to do is tell us your requirements and we can build a software in no time. We have an experienced team of software professionals, who have expertise in building different types of software for different businesses. After we build your software, we will provide you with support until you are comfortable using it.