Bits & Bytes
The Monthly Newsletter from Outsource2india
January 2009, Volume 11

How to effectively manage your outsourcing relationship?

You have started outsourcing but are not sure about how to effectively manage the outsourcing relationship with your offshore vendor. Here is a list of guidelines that can help you make your outsourcing relationship successful:

  1. Make sure that all the terms and conditions discussed with the outsourcing partner are written down. Ensure that you write down even the promises made by your offshore vendor
  2. Realize that the relationship between you and your outsourcing vendor is a partnership. Approaching the outsourcing relationship as a partnership can ensure success
  3. Keep on insisting on the things that you must have from your outsourcing vendor. In case, the promises made by the vendor at the onset of the project are not fulfilled halfway through the project, remind your outsourcing vendor
  4. Make your vendor understand about the way your business works and the processes you follow, so that they can serve you better
  5. Keep a few of your employees in charge of managing the outsourcing relationship. Make at least one of your employees the single point of contact between the vendor, you and your customers
  6. At the beginning of the project, meet up with your offshore vendor formally at least once a month to review issues, discuss the level of performance and also to find better ways of meeting your expectations
  7. Ensure that you schedule quarterly or half yearly performance reviews once the outsourcing relationship is in progress. During these reviews, make sure that you discuss about any innovations in the services that you require

5 questions that you must ask your outsourcing partner

  1. What are your staffing levels and how well are your employees trained?
  2. Do you use the latest in tools and technology? Are you willing to invest in new technology / software?
  3. How have you performed on projects of similar size & scope?
  4. Will you provide a dedicated project manager for my project?
  5. How fast can you deliver my services? What is your TAT?

Add that creative spark to your business

Do you want to spice up your website, catalogs or other marketing material? Here are a few services that you can use to add that creative spark to your business:

Creative DesignCreative services: Be it writing, design, music composition, storyboarding or printing, we can help you impress your customers with eye-captivating graphic designs, meaningful advertisements, convincing content or foot tapping jingles.

Digital image editing servicesPhoto editing services: Let the images of the products that you wish to sell do the talking for you. We can help you with image enhancement, image clipping or image manipulation. With aesthetically appealing images, you can be sure to see an increase in sales.

Online catalogsOnline catalogs: Managing an online store can be tedious, leaving you with no time to create eye-candy catalogs. Let us do the job for you. We can process, build, update and even index your catalogs. With creative catalogs that have the latest information, you can get more customers to hit the "contact us" button on your website.